Feb 132019

Schooner Creek Pump Station Overflow

Due to a failed pump, the Schooner Creek Wastewater Pump Station started spilling at approximately 6 am this morning, February 13th and is continuing to spill. The Schooner Creek Pump Station is located at the end of NW 68th Street near the ocean.

Public works crews are bringing in bypass pumping to bring the station under control. NW 68th Street will be closed at the beach access until repairs can be completed. It is expected that bypass pumping will be in place by the end of the day.

The City is currently constructing a replacement for the Schooner Creek and NW 48th Street Pump Stations. Construction is underway and the new stations are expected to be in operation at the end of 2019.

Signs warning of the recent sewage overflows are posted at the affected areas and sampling is being conducted to determine when the water is safe for contact. Contact with water contaminated with bacteria can increase the risk of disease. Please avoid contact with these waterbodies until further notice.

Please contact the City of Newport Public Works at 541-574-3366 with any questions

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