Jan 102019

A bad head-on crash has obliterated two vehicles, blocking Highway 101 at Marsh Street – about a third of the way from Seal Rock to Waldport. Very serious injuries. Fire-Rescue personnel are on scene and are calling for numerous ambulances. At least one person is trapped in a vehicle.

Life Flight air ambulance is enroute to the scene. But their flight time to the scene is the better part of an hour since they’re flying in from Portland.

Rescue personnel says Life Flight should land at the Newport Airport where they’ll meet up with ambulances administering trauma treatment.

Rescue personnel say they can handle the situation with just two ambulances on scene. The third inbound ambulance can cancel and return to quarters.

Highway 101 completely blocked. OSP will try to figure out work-around detours.

First ambulance northbound to PCH hospital in Newport. Life Flight is inbound from the Portland metro enroute to Newport Airport to airlift the most seriously injured to a trauma center, likely in Corvallis.

Life Flight is landing at Newport Airport. Seriously injured patients are at PCH. No word if both will go by Life Flight, or if one will go ground ambulance to Corvallis Trauma Center.

Fire-Rescue says hospital to contact Life Flight dispatch to determine whether Life Flight will be transporting anyone to the valley.

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