Jan 142019

Dedication of Blue Line Safety Zone on south side of Lincoln County Courthouse!
L-R: Doug Hunt, Kaety Jacobson, Claire Hall, Sheriff Curtis Landers

Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers got the blessing of the Lincoln County Commission Wednesday to launch an experiment on the south side of the County Courthouse and Jail area.

They’re calling it the Blue Line Safety Zone – a place where people selling things on the internet can meet up with interested buyers who might otherwise feel unsafe meeting a stranger selling something. Within the Blue Line Safety Zone, the Sheriff’s Office has cameras aimed at the zone, under full bright lights, so that if anything goes wrong, law enforcement can video record what happened or actually run down there and keep order. Landers says child custody exchanges are especially welcome. Sheriff Landers said at an earlier County Commission meeting that other “blue line” areas seem to be working across the country. Sheriff Landers says he wants to give it a chance to work in Newport as well.

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