Jan 082019

10:15pm Preliminary information is that the fishing vessel Mary B II was in the jaws of the Newport jetties when it capsized, tossing three persons into the rough seas. Rescuers pulled one person from the water. CPR was performed on him all the way to PCH in Newport. Details on the other two aboard were not immediately available.
Surf Rescue launched off Newport’s North Jetty. Person(s) off Newport’s North Jetty. Newport Fire-Rescue is enroute to the scene. Coast Guard notified.

Newport Fire is on scene at Yaquina Bay State Park. Multiple Fire-Rescue units on scene.

More Newport Fire personnel enroute.

Three people are said to be inside the North Jetty. Ambulance is staging at Yaquina Bay State Park.

Weather conditions: Raining, temperature 46, wind gusting to 25.

Coast Guard helo hoisting one victim. CPR in progress. Victim is being transported to Nye Beach Turnaround.

One victim arriving at PCH.

Second victim pulled from the water.

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