Jan 072019

Earth heating up

As our calendars have turned over a new year we are faced with a new world. The degree and speed with which the earth is changing leaves us with feelings of urgency and disorientation. We are being called upon now to dramatically change the way we live less we forgo the gracious opportunity life offers us.

It is said that we are the first generation to face climate change and the last one able to do anything about it. This certainly has been underscored by our Fourth National Climate Assessment and the UN’s Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change Report which gives us about a decade to revise business as usual and create system changes from top to bottom that will begin to heal the damage already done.

I believe that not only do all of us have skin in the reclamation game but each and every one of us has an integral part to play in achieving the goal of a livable future. Our challenge, then, is to imagine harder why we are here and what we as individuals need to do.

The time of complacency is over.

It is now time to step forward as citizens of the world and reclaim what is deteriorating before our own eyes – our living planet.

On January 17, 7pm to the Oregon Coast Community College, I along with Evan Hayduk, will present a lecture and discussion on the topic as part of the William’s Lecture Series. Hope to see you there.

Bill Kucha
Depoe Bay
541 765 2451

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