Jan 062019

1/6/19 Showers today-tonight, 1/4″ precip, SSW winds gusting 20mph, high 45-50F, low 40F, a chance of rain/showers tomorrow, high 45-50F. Outlook: rain Tue-Wed, chance of rain continues with some brief clearing periods possible Thu-Sat, temperatures rising a bit above normal, highs 55F, lows 45F.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..16 to 20 ft.
Weather………………Mostly cloudy with showers. Highs around 50.
Wind…………………Southwest 15 to 20 mph with gusts to 25 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…7.6 ft at 01:01 AM PST.
Low tide….3.9 ft at 06:01 AM PST.
High tide…9.1 ft at 11:58 AM PST.
Low tide….-0.4 ft at 06:49 PM PST.
Sunrise – 7:54 AM PST. Sunset – 4:50 PM PST.

Weekend Travel: Wet pavement in the Valley, Gorge and Coast Range through tonight; for the Cascades, the Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until midnight, several inches of new snow expected in the highway passes, the snow level 2,000′-2,500′

Peak Wind Gusts Last Night:
Cape Foulweather 65 MPH 0915 PM
Newport (Yaquina Bay Bridge) 61 MPH 0951 PM
2 S Otter Rock 60 MPH 0940 PM
Gleneden Beach 58 MPH 0915 AM
Lincoln City 53 MPH 1022 PM
Yachats (Ocean/Marine Dr.) 51 MPH 0816 PM
Newport (Airport) 49 MPH 0835 PM
Yachats (Ocean/7th) 48 MPH 0809 PM
Waldport 48 MPH 0935 PM
1 SSE Heceta Beach 47 MPH 0845 PM
Lincoln Beach 45 MPH 0846 PM

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