Dec 052018

The December 12 PFLAG meeting will celebrate the Holidays with a Dessert Potluck. Bring a dessert to share if you’re able, otherwise there will be plenty. We’ll celebrate with LGBTQ family and friends and be a support to those who have difficult holidays. Many LGBTQ people have lost touch with family members who rejected or harassed them and are especially lonely during the holidays. They will be warmly welcomed and fully accepted by the PFLAG Family.

The December 12 PFLAG meeting will be held from 6:30-8 pm at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church at SW 9th & Hurbert, just downhill from the Kite Shop.
PFLAG is a national organization established to support the LGBTQ community, their families and friends through its mission of Education, Support and Advocacy. Research shows that LGBTQ students who receive support from their families, schools and communities are able to survive the stress and challenges far better than students who don’t have that support.
PFLAG provides factual and helpful information and personal connections for families whose children or teens believe they may be among the minority in gender identity or sexual orientation. For more information, call 541-265-1904.

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