Dec 052018

Newport Warming Shelter
Off NE 3rd
Google Maps photo

From the Newport Warming Shelter:

The Hazardous Weather Shelter will continue to be open tonight and Tomorrow night.

We need more Volunteers with the all of the cold weather we have had this week the more community support the easier it is for everyone!!

Tonight we are having Taco’s. Below is a list of fixin’s we are still in need of. If you are going to be dropping off anything in the lists below, please call them so they don’t have to buy that particular food.

The shelter is inside the Lincoln County Fairgrounds exhibit hall inside the fairgrounds, just off NE 3rd, just east of Newport High School.

The shelter needs:

15 lbs of hamburger
3 heads of lettuce
15 pkgs of taco seasoning
5 tubs of sour cream
4 large jars of mild salsa
200 soft taco shells
8 large cans of refried beans
20 pounds of shredded cheese

Thursday morning we are having a pancake and french toast breakfast. We need

Tomorrow night we are having a ham dinner and we are still in need of:

200 servings of mashed potatoes
salad fixin’s
salad dressing

We are always in need of:

Hot chocolate
apple cider
Creamy peanut butter

Thank you for showing your support and caring for our local homeless.

Traci Goff Flowers
Shelter Director

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