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November 29, 2018

Statement about future of Lincoln County Fairgrounds:

I voted for increasing the room tax in Lincoln County, but I had no idea it was proposed for an expanded fairgrounds which would not be economically viable and which would be an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars.
I oppose the proposal of an exhibit/convention/multipurpose center on the current Lincoln County Fairgrounds site. The fairgrounds and 4H facilities should be moved to a more rural location because county fairs are designed to promote country activities such as agriculture, animal rearing, carnival, and midway. Locations exist in our county which would welcome the fairgrounds.

As an educator, I have witnessed the need for and support the creation of affordable family housing. The current fairgrounds land is a prime location for family housing near public schools. I envision the area to offer well-insulated homes with solar panels, organic community garden, bike paths and walkways, and community center for meetings/music/the arts and crafts. Our county needs housing options for its workers and families which would be utilized 24/7, so much more than a fairgrounds area used sporadically.
I support putting this issue to a vote of citizens of Lincoln County.

Janet Elizabeth Johnson, M.Ed

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