Nov 072018

Report of a person on a kayak in trouble off the mouth of the Salmon River north of Lincoln City. Possibly near Three Rocks. Man is calling for help. He’s been said to be in the open ocean – outside Salmon River Bay.

One firefighter with binoculars reports he can’t see anyone in the water at the last location mentioned by a phone caller to 9-1-1. Spotters are changing positions to get better views of the area.

Still no sign of anyone in trouble offshore.

Caller now says the person is drifting south from the mouth of the Salmon River. Caller says he can see him with binoculars.

Command is launching two jet skis.

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Rescuers have intercepted the victim. They’re trying to load him aboard a jet ski and then bring him back to shore.

Coast Guard is four minutes out.

One jet ski is back on shore with one victim aboard. Waiting for second jet ski to report back to the command post. Don’t know if there might be a second victim.

Coast Guard is on shore in the area.

A second victim, a female, has been rescued. Male kayaker appears to be in good shape. May or may not be transported to the hospital. His call. Situation of the female victim sounds very similar to the male. Doesn’t sound like anyone is going to the hospital.

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