Nov 062018

Lincoln County Courthouse

Early returns on Oregon races, incumbent Governor Kate Brown has out paced challenger and
former State Representative Knute Buehler 50% to 44%. Governor Brown enters her first full four years of service as Oregon’s governor.

Of the statewide initiatives, Measure 102 appears to have gotten the green light which will make affordable housing easier to finance and build. It allows local governments to partner with non-profits and other third party developers to build lower cost housing because governments are able to produce lower cost financing. So we could very well see a major uptick in affordable housing development in Oregon.


State Representative Dave Gomberg won another term to serve in Salem by a wide margin. Farther down the beach in Newport, incumbent County Commissioner Doug Hunt won a full term as a county commissioner. But it was almost close. Hunt beat challenger Jenny Demares by only 691 votes.

The County Treasurer’s job was won by Jayne Welch…by a huge margin. In Lincoln City, City Councilor and former Mayor Dick Anderson appears to have re-taken the Mayor’s job on the city council, although second place finisher and City Councilor Sue Wahlke came close to catching Anderson – coming within 45 votes at the latest count. That may be a question-mark photo finish once all that ballots are counted. In the contested Ward 2 Lincoln City City Council race Diane Kusz won the Ward 2 seat. Rick Mark won the Ward 3 seat on the council.

In Newport, current City Councilor Dean Sawyer bested challenger Dietman Goebel for Mayor…but only by 372 votes. We’ll have to see if that holds up, with 15% of the vote still waiting to be counted.

Among Newport City Council candidates the three top winners were David Allen, Ryan Park and CM Hall. And in Siletz a two man race produced a winner in the form of Siletz’s man-about-town and GP worker Willie Worman.

There were a lot of races with only one person running for office who won, of course.

We are told there will be a “close to final” vote count released around 10:30 this evening. So, c’mon back about then and we’ll see if any win-loss issues change.

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