Oct 102018

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Some would think it impossible to recruit environmental activists via a letter to the editor, but I am going to try it anyhow.

I am doing this not just because the Earth calls out to me for help or because my grandchildren along with all prosperity plea to me to help leave a more healthy world behind. Mostly I am doing this to let you in on a big secret.

Activism works!

It is not only important for me as a citizen fulfilling my civic duties like voting does, activism is interesting, empowering, productive and fun. The best part of it, though, is being in the company of people who care. I cannot tell you enough how good it makes me feel to be working with caring souls regardless of what we achieve, which actually is a lot and worthy of another letter.

There is a pervasive negative thought pattern running through our land called cynicism. I hear so often, “Why bother? The system is rigged. There is nothing you can do.” NOT TRUE! My experience is that by participating in the democratic process things are beginning to change. A new eco-consciousness is dawning – legislatively our State is crafting a new clean energy bill, our cities and counties are forming a public/private partnership that will address climate change and seeking actions that will mitigate the effects of climate change and seek solutions.

Finally, let me say just how very improved my mind, spirit and body have become as a direct result of my environmental activism. It is a win-win opportunity this activism business; don’t count yourself out of a really good deal. Join one of over 40 active groups in Lincoln County. I am a member of 350oregoncentralcoast.org If nothing else, VOTE.

Bill Kucha 541.765.2451
Depoe Bay

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