Aug 132018

Pacific Seafood can’t find housing for its workers, so it wants to create its own.

Pacific Seafood processing is asking Newport City Hall to allow them to create their own worker housing because their workers can’t find affordable housing in Newport.

Pacific Seafood will be sitting down with city planning commissioners August 13th to work out some changes to the city code to allow the company to provide workforce housing for its workers by acquiring properties on, or near, the Bayfront so their workers can have a place to live and not have it cost them an arm and a leg.

City planners seem to be in agreement with Pacific Seafood’s idea, but in order to make it all happen, city planners must propose a change in the city code that still has a thirty day limit on room rentals in commercial and industrial zones. The city planning commission will be considering a change to allow rentals for longer than 30 days.

Pacific Seafood has 430 fish processing workers during the height of the fishing season. Company officials say if the planning commission and city council go along with their request, the company could create much needed workforce housing for Pacific Seafood without worsening an already critical shortage of similar housing throughout the Newport area.

If the city planning commission adopts the changes the issue would be handed up to the City Council for their review and probable approval.

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