Jun 122018

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Lights out during July for repairs.

Visitors who visit, and seafarers that sail by Haceta Head Lighthouse, should probably do it more in the daylight because the Haceta Head Lighthouse will be shutting down for the whole month of July for repairs.

Visitor access to the interior of Heceta Head Lighthouse will be temporarily closed starting July 1st. The work, which is expected to be finished by the end of the month, will repair several cracked interior metal columns on the upper floor. The lighthouse lens will be covered and the light will be temporarily out of service to protect the lens during the renovation work.

However, the grounds surrounding the lighthouse will remain open and visitors may walk up to the lighthouse and enjoy the grounds during the closure. But the lighthouse itself will be closed to the public during the work. Interpretive programs will be conducted on the grounds surrounding the lighthouse.

The project will cost an estimated $135,000. Most of the $75,000 in funds were donated by park visitors. The remaining $60,000 is funded with Oregon Lottery dollars dedicated by the voters.

The historic assistant lighthouse keeper’s house, which the U.S. Forest Service operates through a concessionaire as a B&B, will remain open (hecetalighthouse.com).

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