May 172018

Susan Wahlke
To file candidacy for Mayor of Lincoln City

Lincoln City City Councilor Susan Wahlke announced this week that she’ll be running for Mayor of Lincoln City this November. She said she would like the role of Mayor to be more collaborative and cooperative with all the councilors in order to move the community forward in a smart and coordinated way.

Wahlke, who has worked for the city attorney’s office as well as the police department, and now the Bay Area Merchants Association, says she wants the council to feel more optimistic about the future of the town. She’s also determined to provide housing for those who work in the community’s tourism industry – call it workforce or affordable housing – “We need a lot of it,” she said. Wahlke says she’s most encouraged by the council’s intent to take empty city owned land and use it for work force housing. But she adds, it’ll take some time. She also said she’d like to take a cautious look at mixed use construction, with commercial on the ground floor and residential on the second to fourth floors. Typically such mixed-use makes low-to-moderate income housing more feasible. The commercial ground floor can shoulder not only the bigger portion of land costs but also property taxes.

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Wahlke also says she’d like to see Lincoln City’s economy diversify – be a bit more aggressive at business recruitment as well as recruiting community volunteers tapped from the growing number of retirees in Lincoln City.

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