May 232018

Jose Gaeta
One of Tuesday night’s shooting victims in Newport. His wife and children have lost the breadwinner for a while.

An argument with a neighbor who resorted to gunfire has put two Newport men in the hospital. One of them has a family he still needs to take care of. But now, they need to take care of him and allow recovery from his THREE gunshot wounds.

A Go Fund Me account has been set on behalf of shooting victim Jose Gaeta who was shot in each leg and in one foot Tuesday evening. Jose has a long recovery ahead of him. Time that he won’t be working, putting tremendous financial pressure on him and his family.

If you can find your way to offer a little or a lot, please do so. Here’s the link to the Gaeta family’s Go Fund Me account set up by his friends. Just Click here.

IN ADDITION! US Bank in Newport has also set up a donation account for those who would like to help Jose and his family. You can donate to the US Bank account by stopping by their branch at 400 EAST Olive in Newport.

UPDATE: US Bank does not offer online donating. You must go in to one of their branches.

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