May 152018

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Hi. I am Russ Baldwin, your candidate for Circuit Judge, Pos. 3

I would like to thank the voters for going on this journey with me.

The final votes will be cast on May 15th. Please drop off your ballots before 8 pm Tuesday, at any official drop box. They are listed on your ballot envelope. Caution: it is too late to mail ballots to arrive in time to be counted.

It takes courage to challenge the status quo, to put yourself out there for the right reasons to bring about a positive shift for our courts to function better.

If elected, I intend to use “pre-trial orders” much like our federal courts use to budget court time. Simply, the judge decides the timelines along with the parties to an action, so that cases move through the court system smoothly with both sides knowing the timeline to complete all phases of a case. That way litigants know how long their case will take in most situations. Secondly, I will always show you my work when making a ruling. I will give findings of fact and conclusions of law for full transparency. That way, if any litigant desires to seek appellate rule, that process should also be fair and transparent. There will be no “back room deals” or hidden “agendas.”

When running for office, things can be said that are untrue or are grossly exaggerated to dissuade voters. That is part of politics. I have endeavored to make my campaign about ideas rather than a popularity contest. Thank you for participating!

I have really enjoyed meeting many of you and hearing your concerns. It has meant a lot to my family and me to feel so included in our coastal communities, in a more personal way. After the election, I want you to know that I will keep an open and neutral mind. As your judge, I want you to know that I will remain accountable to the voters for my decisions. I will uphold the law fairly, remaining impartial. I hope to be your public servant. It is our court house, and I will work for all of you.

We can rise up and overcome obstacles with positive change. I am reminded how loving and kind most people are, and how and why our democracy has been the envy of the world for most of our history. I hope to work constructively with our local law enforcement and social services agencies, in partnership with community groups to uplift our communities.

Mahatma Ghandi famously said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Imagine if we encouraged one another in this way, our politics would quickly improve. I have seen this positive side on our ride together. Thank you for that reflection.


Russell Baldwin, attorney
Candidate for Circuit Judge, Pos. 3

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