Apr 142018

Lincoln County Jail


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Several letters have been sent in on the pro’s and con’s of the proposed Sheriff’s Levy (Measure 21-186). As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now Here’s the rest of the story.”

Jails are short term holding facility so recidivism is not an issue. The maximum time a person can be incarcerated is up to a year. Felony sentencing is sent to another facility. Recidivism or repeat offending when released is impacted by several factors. One is age, the other is substance abuse and maybe some type of self-worth. Most counties over the years have figured out they have little impact on these issues. Even in a State Prison they show little impact on these issues other than when folks get older, they tend to offend less.

This leads me to the question of why the Sheriff wants us to spend money on Mental Health and Counseling functions when there are other departments that already do this. Maybe the Sheriff wants to run mental health and the employment division since he is proposing funding positions to deal with these issues in the jail. This reminds me of when Berkley, CA police wanted Police Officers to wear Blazers to better connect with the community. No, this is not the new way to deal with complicated issues – but it is a sure way to Waste Taxpayer Money.

As far as the drug team, the Sheriff is proposing to put someone on the team again but wants to focus more on property crime. Drug enforcement, by its very nature, already does this since stolen property and burglary go hand in hand. The decision of how the drug team works is through a collection of local agencies not by one agency that thinks they have a better idea.

Sheriff’s Levy has some good ideas but it also comprehensively goes over the top with spending that is not well thought out. No, its not the wave of the future. It’s a sneaker wave to soak the taxpayers for unnecessary social programs.

Jim Harper

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