Mar 052018

Former Los Alamos, New Mexico resident Doug Parson has been selected by the Newport Port Commission to be the new Port Manager. Parsons has been a Lincoln County resident for the past three years and is expected to start on the job on March 14th.

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Doug Parsons
New Manager of the Port of Newport

Doug Parsons: New Port of Newport Manager

The Port of Newport Commission voted 4 – 0 today to approve the employment contract for Doug Parsons to be the Port’s General Manager. Mr. Parsons will begin his new role with the Port on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

The recruitment process for General Manager began in autumn 2017. The process included multiple interviews, Port facility tours and a community meet and greet event held at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center in Newport. The Port Commission wishes to thank all the community members who attended the meet and greet and/or volunteered their time helping with the recruitment.

Doug Parsons, of Los Alamos, New Mexico; was most recently General Manager of Carlisle Energy Services, and lived in Lincoln County, Oregon from 2014-2017. Parsons was previously Managing Director of SteriGenics (Thailand) Ltd., CEO of SunEnergy Power Corporation, and held leadership roles in both the nuclear and solar energy industries.

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Mr. Parsons was an undergraduate at Oregon State University; was in the U.S. Navy’s nuclear propulsion program; and has advanced degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Adult Education, both with honors, from The Pennsylvania State University. Parsons took an extended break from all business activities, and spent most of the last 4 years acquainting himself with life on the Oregon Coast, fishing recreationally full-time while living on the Siletz River.

“I’m looking forward to leading the Port of Newport team, as well as working with and supporting the Port Commissioners.” Parsons adds, “I am drawn to the General Manager position based on the diversity of the Port of Newport’s activities and the wide range of the job tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, the opportunity to concurrently help address the Port’s issues, capture new business opportunities, and increase community economic development are each exciting challenges.”

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