Feb 132018

Current Lincoln City Police Department
Lincoln City

It’s well known that Lincoln City Police Officers, their 9-1-1 Dispatchers and other staff, work in some pretty cramped and out-moded surroundings. But they and top city officials are trying to change all that by building a new up to date law enforcement center that is good to work in and welcoming to the public.

The City Council Monday evening took a bold step to see that the town gets busy producing such a facility by deciding to move ahead with a brand new public safety center that will give current officers and staff plenty of room to do their jobs while also accommodating the growing population in the north end of Lincoln County, not to mention its throngs of visitors every year.

The council voted to move ahead with the new police facility with a starting price of $10.5 Million. The price might go a bit higher depending on the final design and any new features the council may want to add to it. But suffice it to say it will be nearly 20,000 square feet with dedicated spaces for 9-1-1 Dispatch, evidence storage, discreet areas for interviewing criminal suspects and victims, group meeting and training rooms – even some space for public gatherings. But no local jail. Too expensive.

The plan, so far, is to build the new police facility at the same location as the current one just north of the mall off E. Devil’s Lake Road. But if it doesn’t fit they’ll have to go shopping for land, either city-owned or otherwise. All that’s to be determined.

The council learned that the consultants will need a little more time to refine the final design and how that might affect the project’s final price. City staff and the city council made it clear that they want to be conservative because such projects usually end up costing more than originally estimated. They especially don’t want the financial burden to weigh too heavily on the city, because Lincoln City needs more than just a new law enforcement center.

After approving the $10.5 Million “starting point,” city councilors decided to meet again February 27th with the consultants and construction officials to nail down the final FINAL design and pick a date to break ground.

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