Jan 202018

Kathy Fairchild, 68
Succumbs to cancer
Family needs help to get back on their feet….

Kathy Fairchild of Siletz passed away recently after a heroic fourth attempt at beating Cancer. The first three were successful. The fourth wasn’t. Kathy, a loving wife and mother, succumbed to the dreaded disease at the age of 68.

Kathy and her husband Jim were married for decades, raising children and contributing to the local economy – not only in Toledo, but in Lincoln City as well. For years they operated a pizza restaurant which helped support them. Eventually Jim decided to become a full time barber with his shop on Toledo’s Main Street. Kathy went to work for a non-profit that helped people get off drugs.

Kathy and Jim were very much devoted to each other and to the community, and now Jim and the surviving family are turning to the community for help with the very high costs associated with the last weeks of life for Kathy. Big medical bills, funeral costs, and helping the family get back on their feet again due to all the lost time tending to Kathy rather than to their jobs.

If you’d like to help – even just a little – it would be deeply appreciated. No donation is too small. If a lot of people give a little, it would help restore some semblance of normalcy to the Fairchild family.

If you’d like to donate $5, $10 or $20 (or more), just click here and it’ll take you to Kathy’s Go Fund Me page.

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