Jan 122018

Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon is exchanging Gift Cards for unwanted, working guns in a “ No Questions Asked” Buy Back on February 3rd from 10 am-2 pm at the Newport City Hall, 169 SW Coast Hwy, Police Department Entrance (northeast side).

Firearms must be unloaded and in working order. They should be transported in the trunk of your car or comparably secured in your pickup truck. The Newport Police Department will determine whether the firearm is in working order. Weapons are removed from circulation and melted down. Antique or unique weapons will be donated by the NPD to an appropriate historical museum. Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon is providing Fred Meyer, Safeway, Thriftway Gift, and Arctic Circle Gift Cards in the amount of $150 (assault or assault-like rifle), $100 (handgun), $50 (long guns, such as a rifle or shotgun). Although multiple guns can be turn in to be melted down, Gift Cards are only available for three firearms.

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Since 1994, Ceasefire Oregon has conducted turn-ins, collecting almost 10,000 firearms. When does a gun become “unwanted” and why would someone voluntarily give up a gun? Young, curious children are at your home. Someone in your family, friend or neighbor is suffering from depression. The firearm cannot be properly stored. You inherited the gun. You no longer hunt. An earlier occupant of the house left the gun. Regardless of the reason to ensure the gun is out of circulation bring it to the Newport Police Department on February 3rd, 10am – 2pm.

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