Nov 132017

Everyone is invited to the unveiling of the final design of the soon-to-be under construction Hatfield Marine Science Center’s new Marine Studies Building. The presentation is set for this Wednesday from 4 to 6pm at the west end of the Hatfield Marine Science Center, in the Visitors Center. The new building will be part two stories, part three stories high and will be of state of the art construction. In addition to furthering marine science studies the building will provide what is called “vertical evacuation” in the event of a tsunami. HMSC Director Bob Cowen says the building will be firmly anchored in solid soils and rock under the building site, which will make it able to withstand a major earthquake and following tsunami. And for that, it will be an evacuation site for HMSC personnel and other employees and visitors in the area.

But again, the mission of the building will be to enable students and faculty to further human understanding of the world’s oceans, coastlines, estuaries and atmosphere. It will provide the resources for large numbers of graduate and post-graduate marine science students to continue that quest.

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