Aug 162017

Stephanie Vivoda
Fighting for her life at OHSU – Family has set up a Go Fund Me account hoping the community to come through.

To donate to Stephanie’s Go Fund Me account: Click here.

Update from family: Saturday

I don’t have the time to thank everyone individually but again thank you to everyone who has shown support, brought us food, visited my mom, made donations, and took time to show my family love. My mom is stable and enroute to ICU at OHSU should arrive around 10:00-10:30 when I get a confirmation I’ll let everyone know. The fight isn’t over but she’s a trooper.


Update from family: Friday

Mom keeps slipping in and out of a coma. At first it was a sedated coma. The doctor just said she is now normalizing into a medically induced coma, which is a good thing. Her Ammonia levels are normal and she has produced 40 cc of urine today which means her kidneys are working again. As soon as a bed opens at OHSU she will be flown there. Could be tonight or tomorrow. In the morning they’re going to try and wake her up and see how she does off life support but if she doesn’t hold up they will put her back under.

Pray Pray Pray she’s improving!

You got this momma!


Stephanie Vivoda of Siletz is very well known and deeply loved. She always has a big smile, a big heart and has been devoted to helping others her whole life.

But this time her family needs help. Despite organ failure and going into cardiac arrest, the doctors recently brought her back to life and she is currently in the intensive care unit in Newport, trying to recover enough to survive a Life Flight to OHSU in Portland.

Obviously her family lost a major source of income. Stephanie is unable to work and the possibility of her not surviving has prompted her family to reach out to the Lincoln County Community. Bills, medical expenses and, unfortunately, possible future funeral expenses, are crushing the family emotionally. Half of the home’s income is gone. The family is scrambling to keep things together.

If you can donate, send good vibes, offer any work, or point in the direction of work, the family will do anything and everything they humanly can.

As soon as Stephanie is stable enough, she will be Life Flighted to OHSU where she can receive more advanced life-saving treatment. Although both ground ambulance and medical helicopter transport are pretty high tech, neither can provide the medical stabilizing required at this moment for such a long journey for someone in Stephanie’s dire condition. She’s got to make some progress where she is, according to her family.

Please help. A little or a lot – both are deeply appreciated. To donate click here.

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