Mar 022011

Wind gust at 4am, Wednesday morning Click on photos to enlarge

High winds that blew along the coast last night inflicted terrible damage on the tents that were used to hold last weekend’s Seafood and Wine Festival. TCB Security Services reports the wind gust came at around 4am, and took out a large area of the northerly tent used by the festival. Peter Corvallis Productions, which owns the tent, said said damage is in the tens of thousands of dollars. They said it was a few years ago that a similar tent had some flap damage that needed to be repaired before the festival could get underway, “so this is nothing new for us,” a spokeswoman said. Asked whether it will create reservations about providing tent services next year, she said, “No, it doesn’t. That’s what insurance is for. We’ll be there. It is what it is.”

This incident will surely spark more discussions about finding a permanent home for the Seafood and Wine Festival which is a vital component to the area’s local economy, and for the support of the Newport Chamber of Commerce and it’s many community booster programs. Chamber Director Lorna Davis said there has been lots of talk about it in the past. She said using the county fairgrounds would seem like the logical location, but there are a number of challenges with that, including available space. “We need several football field’s worth of space which the fairgrounds doesn’t have under roofs.”

Meanwhile Davis says they’re already planning for next year’s Seafood & Wine Festival which will have to be laid out differently to fit the footprint that the new NOAA/HMSC traffic improvements will require.

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