Feb 162017

North Lincoln Hospital
Lincoln City

Samaritan Hospice seeks volunteers – training planned in March

Hospice volunteers provide valuable support to patients and their families. Currently, there is a need for more volunteers locally, said Sherrie Flinn, hospice volunteer coordinator for Samaritan North Lincoln Hospice in Lincoln City and Samaritan Pacific Hospice in Newport. “Lincoln County is a rural community,” Flinn said. “I feel we have a responsibility to take care of our neighbors.”

When someone is sick, family and friends want to take care of their loved one, but often they need a break to take care of themselves. Hospice volunteers are trained to step in, she explained.  Volunteers receive more than 20 hours of annual training and they are matched to a patient and situation that make both feel comfortable.

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Military veterans and people from smaller outlying communities including Beaver, Rose Lodge, Siletz, Logsden, Blodgett and Yachats are particularly sought. Most volunteers work an hour a week, and up to four hours if they want to be more involved. Through actions big and small, the effect volunteers have when someone is going through a difficult time is unmistakable, Flinn said.

“It’s just a beautiful thing,” Flinn said. “I believe that we all want to find purpose in our lives and sometimes that overflows into the lives of others. That is why we keep doing what we do.”
Those with an interest are invited to attend a free hospice volunteer training course that provides the tools to support patients and families as a hospice volunteer.

Training begins Thursday, March 9, in Lincoln City and Monday, March 27, in Newport.
For complete details and to register, call Flinn at 541-996-7328.

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