May 172010

The pilot who died in a single engine plane crash at Redmond’s Roberts Field Friday morning has been identified as Sheldon Arnett, 87, a Redmond resident. He was the only one aboard.

Redmond radio station KBNW reported Arnett’s aircraft went down just beyond the end of the runway at around 7am Friday morning. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators were on scene later in the day to determine what may have caused the crash. In such crashes when an aircraft goes down right after take-off there are several common causes including lifting off with too many people or too much cargo aboard, forgetting to turn on the gas flow from the fuel tank, banking too hard at too low of a speed, sudden downdraft or pilot inattention. And Arnett being age 87, there is also the distinct possibility of a medical issue.

An NTSB report can take weeks or even months.

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