May 172010

A young Siletz woman led police on a harried chase through the streets of Corvallis over the weekend. The Corvallis Gazette Times reported that a Linn County Sheriff’s deputy, on his way home from work, said he spotted Amber Dawn Goodell, 24, driving a ’94 Subaru going the wrong way on a one-way street. The deputy said he flashed his lights but that she kept coming. He said she sped up and swerved around him.

The deputy flipped a U-turn and took off after Goodell, full lights and sirens. He and several other Corvallis and Linn County Sheriff’s deputies pursued her along at least eight local streets until she and her three passengers bailed out of the car in Sunrise Park. They say Goodell tried to climb over a nearby fence but was brought down by a single Taser shot.

Goodell was cuffed and taken to the Linn County jail. Her friends were let go. Goodell was booked for reckless driving, trying to elude police officers, and attempting to flee once out of the car. After they ran a regional check on Goodell, they learned she had an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to appear on an unrelated charge, as well as two holds for probation violations. Her bail was set at $200,000.

  7 Responses to “Young Siletz woman leads cops on a chase in Corvallis, lands in jail”

  1. And what color is her hair?

  2. What does the color of hair have to do with the story?

  3. Dear RONDA ,

    Richard forgot his /sarcasm .

    Darn first thing that came to my mind was what bottle # did she do.

    Most men with a sense of humour would say.
    She’s Guilty.

    Now I will go back and read the article.

  4. Guilty.

  5. She’s a redhead. Her grandparents live a few acres up the road from me. I hope she gets tuned around. She was a nice kid when she was young.

  6. Oh my poor sister.. doubt she’s gonna get anything turned around anytime soon..

  7. this is me people are talkin about and im not a bad person just miss understood….. now i need to clear one thing up im in the middle of a trial and am innocent until proven guilty so please stop all the emberissing chat