Sep 202016

We Need a Change of Direction
Ross Smith, Lincoln City

It’s time for a change of direction on Lincoln City’s Council and Planning Commission. Our county-wide housing crisis is not caused by VRDs, but rather by strict lending requirements, increased regulations, and more conservative appraisal practices. While property values nosedived between 2007 and 2014, property taxes have skyrocketed over 30% in the last 10 years! Many contractors refuse to do business here, due to burdensome regulations and an unyielding planning department.

We need city councilors and planning commissioners who’ve been in the trenches of development, and understand the building industry, the processes, and risks involved in creating housing. Government employees don’t understand the challenges, yet make the rules for those that do. They refuse to listen to developers willing to take the huge financial risks government workers would never consider in a million years!

It’s time for substantial change of experience and attitude on our city council. We need leaders with a working knowledge of private business, because piling on more and more regulations makes it next to impossible to get anything built in our town.

Our housing crisis can be solved by floating bonds to provide low interest loans so builders can develop affordable housing. Our government also needs to provide tax incentives, lower systems development fees, streamline permitting, etc.

Now’s the time for a change. Council candidates Jim Davis (Ward 1), James Scrutton (Ward 2), and Doug Wheldon (Ward 3) are builders with over 100 years of combined experience. They can and will provide the change we need.

Ross Smith, Lincoln City, 541.996.6232

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