Jun 062016

dollar.sign.goldTrying to bring up the tax standings of some of the biggest corporations in Oregon, a group who thinks big corporations should pay higher taxes has won a place for their higher-taxes measure on the ballot this November.

A major tax increase for corporations that sell more than $25 million a year in Oregon (and there is about 1,000 of them) has been placed on the ballot for this fall’s election.  If passed, it would raise an additional three billion dollars a year in tax revenue to help the state with K-12 education, roads and highways, the state’s PERS deficit and a myriad of other challenges the state faces due to it’s lowly rating among the states on how big a chunk it takes out of corporate profits.   Even with the increase, supporters say it puts Oregon only in the middle of the tax ladder compared to other states.

Here’s more from The Oregonian.  Click here.

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