May 052015
Smoking ban in all city parks Coast Park Nye Beach

Smoking ban in all city parks
Coast Park Nye Beach

It’s official – it is now illegal for anyone to smoke in any and all Newport City Parks, including this facility at Coast Park just south of the Performing Arts Center.  The ban includes smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars even vaporizer cigarettes.  Smoke will however be allowed in park parking lots.

All city buildings, including City Hall, Newport Public Library and others are also smoke free.

A letter read into the record indicated that smoking should also be banned in park parking lots because cigarette smoke aggravates asthma which is very hard on young children who routinely frequent parks.  Councilor Dean Sawyer commented he agrees with the citizen and said the issue ought to be taken up again in the future for further debate and discussion.

Smoking is also banned inside all city buildings including the city library, city hall, recreation facilities and and other work areas.

The vote was four to two (Councilor Saelens absent) with Councilor Ralph Busby saying he opposed a ban it because people have a right to smoke. He also said there’s nothing stopping a citizen from asking the smoker not to light up.  Councilor Swanson said she prefers educating smokers rather than adopting an outright ban.

Newport's newest police officer Sam Clark, former Idaho resident.

Newport’s newest police officer Sam Clark, former Idaho resident.


And the city welcomed Officer Sam Clark, a former officer in Idaho.  City Clerk Recorder Peggy Hawker administered the oath of office to Officer Clark, his wife pinned on his new badge and Chief Mark Miranda snapped the picture to make it all official.

Officer Clark has been a law enforcement officer in the state of Idaho for over ten years and was recently promoted to sergeant there.


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