Dec 062010

La Maison, Newport

Although Newport Police Chief Mark Miranda reported that the new owners of La Maison restaurant had too many brushes with the law to be recommended for a liquor license, the city council, after hearing pleas from the new owner Kate Brown along with patrons and friends that Kate and her husband be given “a second chance,” the council relented and voted to ask the State Liquor Control Commission issue them one. Councilor Terry Obteshka added that he wants the Browns to pay all delinquent traffic tickets during the coming year.

Chief Miranda’s report to the council showed criminal convictions on both Kate and her husband. For her, serving alcohol to a minor. For him, repeated traffic offenses and convictions for property crimes and theft. However, Kate Brown said her husband would not be managing the restaurant. Only her. And that she and her husband deserve a second chance to get their lives straight. She said La Maison is a boutique restaurant that serves only beer and wine with dinner. It doesn’t have a bar where people hang out. It’s strictly fine dining.

Although the council voted ‘thumbs up’ on the license application, it’s strictly up to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission as to whether the Brown’s get a liquor license and their “second chance.”

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