Mar 092014
Lincoln City Cultural Center

Lincoln City Cultural Center

LINCOLN CITY – Are you an entertaining character? Looking for local fame and a chance to shine on Lincoln City’s top stage? Great! We need YOU! Performers of all ages are wanted, no experience necessary, to light up “The First Annual Spring Break Main Stage Top 20 Talent Show.”

Auditions for The Top 20 Talent Show will be held at The Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy 101, in two sessions: Wednesday, March 12th 6-9 pm and Saturday, March 15th 1-4 pm. Potential performers do not need to attend both auditions, but organizers prefer that they call in advance to schedule their time. To learn more and get on the schedule, call Dan “The Magic Man” Roberson, 541-614-0193.

This new community talent show will be a high energy, family friendly, annual showcase of Lincoln City’s most marvelous entertainers, who have talents, silly or serious, and the moxie to share it with a cheerful, cheering audience. The Talent Show closes the “Festival of Illusions” and gives spring break on the coast a great finale.

The talent show is sponsored by “Lincoln City’s Living Room”, The Beachtown Coffee Shop in Wecoma, to benefit The Cultural Center’s Main Stage Maintenance Fund. Proceeds raised from the talent show will go to keeping the Cultural Center’s main stage, theatrical lights, sound system and grand piano in professional order.

“Highly caffeinated and lots of fun!” is how Dan Roberson, director of the “Top 20 Talent Show”, outlines the new event. “Variety entertainers of all ages and experience, young or old, especially kids, please come and audition! You don’t have to bring your costumes or even all your equipment to the audition, just come by and check in with us. No need to be nervous, no need to be great, just be entertaining! Auditions are laid back, no fire tricks, but pie throwing is ok!”

The show will be three sets with two intermissions. Kids will perform the first set, then prizes are awarded for all young performers and they will be free to watch the rest of the show with their families. Intermissions will feature Longbottom Coffee and delicious munchies by Beachtown Coffee for sale, along with beer, wine, snacks and sodas. The top variety and musical acts will roll for the rest of the evening, performers will be showered with prizes and gift bags, courtesy of Beachtown Coffee, and what promises to be “Lincoln City’s Most Entertaining Band” will play the house down and out while folks go home, break down the show and close the center after a week of mind-numbingly awesome entertainment. It’s going to be wild good fun!”


Talent shows are legendary in Lincoln City, but it took the creative collision of three artists to jump start a community talent show that will become an annual Lincoln City Spring Break event.

Dan “The Magic Man” Roberson, Laura Green The Juggling Queen and Magician Jorjan Plimmer were teaching at The Festival of Illusions Magic Camp magic last year and realized the three of them made a great creative team. They first collaborated to produce a fantastical “radio play” for Theater West’s 2014 New Year’s Gala, and soon had the sparky idea of a starting an annual community talent show. Niki Price, executive director of the Cultural Center, was looking for a new show to follow the Cultural Center’s Spring Break “Festival Of Illusions”, and a community talent show rounded out the week of other worldly magic beautifully.
Great talent shows need great sponsors, and this is where Beachtown Coffee stepped in. Keri and Tim Zorich , owners of “Lincoln City’s Living Room”, as Beachtown Coffee is affectionately know by the regulars, were looking for an inventive and fitting way to promote their fine coffee shop and support the community. Beachtown Coffee “Regular Joe” Laura Green, producer of the hopeful new talent show, approached Carrie and Tim with the chance to be the sponsor the show and “Yes!” was the happy answer.

“The fit between coffee, community and theater is perfect!” says Laura of the sponsorship, “The need to raise money to maintain the Cultural Center stage offers Beachtown Coffee a solid , practical and much appreciated way to support the artists of Lincoln City.”

“After all”, laughs Tim, “Many of Lincoln City’s variety artists call Beachtown Coffee home, so sponsoring a talent show in support of performing arts makes good, caffeinated sense!”
Tickets for The Top 20 Talent Show are $4 kids 12 and under, adults $6 in advance. Prices go up $1 at the door. For more information about Spring Break at The Cultural Center, the Top 20 Talent Show, The Festival of Illusions and The Magic Camp for kids 8 to 18 call the LCCC at 541-994-9994.

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