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If you like what you see, tell your friends. If you want to participate by adding news tips or community group information, call Dave Morgan at 541-351-1408. You can also e-mail information to: is the Newport area’s undisputed leading source for local news and information for the greater Lincoln County area. It is owned and operated by veteran news reporter Dave Morgan. With over 35 years of local news reporting experience in communities in Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California, Dave brings an “issues-oriented view” to community news and information. He writes not only about what happens but also why things happen and what communities can do to improve outcomes.

Dave recently re-located to Newport after 20 years of reporting news and events in the capital of Nevada, Carson City. There, he covered state politics and local news in Carson City and operated his own local news TV news channel, then later expanding to his news internet website, is a pioneering TV/Internet combination that harnesses the visual impact of video with the enduring power of the printed word to inform and bring about constructive change in communities.

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  1. I just discovered LincolnCountyToday and think it’s a great concept for local communities. It will be interesting to see how many people plug in to this website. I hope it takes off to the point that Lincoln County residents use it to report up to date (and minute) local news. While I totally support and read the NewsTimes, it is not capable of reporting the most up to date news and events in the county. Good luck LincolnCountyToday!

  2. Thanks Fadra. We’re putting in the hours and are keeping our ear to the ground. Being new it will take time to build the 24/7 news product we want to build. But thanks for the shout out. Feel free to call in any news tips or issues you feel should be given more coverage. 541-351-1408. Dave

  3. Finally a news organization that posts fresh news on Lincoln county. One radio station does it once a day and the other posts nothing. This is great. Although I got caught in the traffic on Hwy 20 this afternoon, I didn’t find your site till tonight. Usually we don’t hear about traffic problems until the News Times comes out on Wednesday or Friday.

    By the way, the Ferrari suspect was arrested this afternoon in Grand Ronde.

    Great website now in my favorites list. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Kate: I don’t put my e-mail out on my site because of the hordes of advertising robots out there recording readily accessible e-mail addresses. If I had my e-mail address out there, I’d get hundreds of e-mails a day…all of them spam or dangerous viruses looking for a place to curl up in.

  5. Just received your flyer in the mail today so this was my 1st of many visits to come to your news site! I found it to be very informative and well written. Our community needs this information, the local newspaper is great entertainment but falls way short on community news that we all need to know! Thanks again, well done!

  6. I got your flyer in the mail and had to check it out, Nice!!! I second what Dan K wrote. Lincoln County has needed a site like for a long time!

    thank you

  7. You have a very clean, nice-looking website with what appears to be up-to-the-minute news. I am really impressed with the depth and timeliness of your product and the addition of in-line videos is great. I don’t see any advertisements. How is your organization funded?

  8. I received the flyer today and just had to check it out we have needed a site just like this and I am glad that it has come!

  9. Dave, Great post card insert in mail this week. Wishing you great success in your endeavor. Frank

  10. Welcome,needed and now here.Good job,and I`m on board.Good luck with the reporting,see ya here.

  11. Dave,
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Really enjoy reading your stories and the way they are conveyed. Went back starting at your first page and learned a great deal I didn’t know. Great Job!

  12. Love your site. Ever since you started it I have stopped buying the local newspaper. The RSS feed makes for good daily access to your posts, but would eventually like to follow your blog posts on Twitter.

  13. Thanks for the compliment. As for the News-Times I know their two principle reporters Larry Coonrod and Terry Dillard are very thorough and put a lot of work into their stories. It’s just that vital community news and information are just too important to be held back due to a business decision by an out of town corporation. I am quite sure that both Larry and Terry would love for their newspaper to be 24×7 like, but they are not running the show. Newspapers nationwide are struggling with declining readership and advertising revenue. Newspapers that put the news first ahead of squeezing out every penny of profit in their operations will endure, but most likely as an internet entity. It really is an exciting time.

    We will be adding every element we can of interactivity here on It’s all coming! It won’t be long. In the meantime you will notice that the number of stories, locations where they emanate from and their quality will continue to grow and expand. Again, if you like what you see, tell your co-workers, family and friends!

  14. Very nice and sorely needed! The press out here is horrific, and critical real time events like accidents, road closings weather, it’s hard to find out what’s going on. Beautiful site too. You might add widgets for all of the movie theaters, entertainment, ongoing, although the Newport Performing Arts center could use a few upgrades to online 2010 media as well.

    Gotta get the word out and your flier was very effective. Maybe the radio for a few spots.

  15. Thanks Roberta. We have been putting 90% of our energy into making a product that will sell before we actually join the river of other ad sales armies already prowling the streets, LOL! But yes to all your suggestions. Thanks for taking time to give us feedback. Please check in often with suggestions!

  16. Keep up the good work, Dave.

  17. Have enjoyed your site ever since you dropped by the jail and gave me your card. No, I’m not an inmate – rather one of the receptionists! Now I’m enjoying the new look (for which my daughter is responsible). It’s going to be interesting to watch you grow and succeed. I have one question . . . do you ever sleep? I see that your stories come out in the middle of the night as well as the middle of the day!

  18. You indeed have a fantastic web-site. Very thorough, and with it being so up to the minute, it’s a great service and much appreciated.
    It also looks as though you’ve changed the format slightly, and it looks even better. Keep up the good work!

  19. Been finding out things I couldn’t find out elsewhere. Checked it this morning to see if you had posted anything about the sirens I heard last night around 9:30PM, for about 30 mins going South on 101. Could see the lights flashing from my deck but not what or where they were going. Hospital? Fire? Sounded big! Was hoping you would have an explanation.

  20. There was some sort of medical call that required mutual aid. Nothing serious as I recall.

  21. Hey Dave,

    We just did the “test of Love” run on the New Bayfront a WC runners/walkers.

    It was a nice balmy evening and not so many other foot traffic so we were able to do a good test run.

    Very nice, no more WC tip overs due to extreme un even ground or having to Wheel out in traffic.

    The stores and such are or will never be accessible and thats cool as locals we will spend our $$$ else where.

    Looking forward to summer as such and mingling with tourists so we can have that awesome social ineteraction.

    Wish we had venues such as local produce on the bay front (not all of us can physically make it to Sat. Farmers Market, to bad) and more flowers ect like a Pike Market.

    We would surely be more inclined to come spend in that way.

    Oh BTW I wish more folks would comment it makes for good fun and community interaction don’t cha think.

  22. Dave,
    Met you at the Board of Commissions meeting on May 12th. Been following your reporting and I just wanted to send you KUDOS. In the Navy, we give “KUDOS” for a job well done. Thoroughly enjoy your site. Keep up the great work.

    John Reed
    Lincoln County Veteran Services Officer

  23. Dave,

    Thank you so much for this site. I love being able to search for what news I am looking for and not getting the run around. Your website is great and up to date information. Thank you.


  24. This is a great site. It is the first news site I look at in the morning. You are doing a wonderful job.

  25. Howdy! My wife and I discovered this site not too terribly long ago and it is GREAT. We appreciate the prompt and informative news. A resource like this has been sorely lacking in Lincoln County. Keep up the good work.

    We will definitely spread the word. Thanks!

  26. Thank you. It’s ruffled enough feathers to fill a Carnival Cruise Ship with chickens, but I’m plowing ahead. Lincoln County residents are no different than any other community. They deserve a level of information that is timely, engaging and helps move the community forward.

  27. I really enjoy this website. You keep us update on information that we otherwise would have to wait for…Thank you and keep up the good work

  28. Thank you for doing this site. It was nice to see information about the Siletz Boys championship and homecoming on here. I guarantee no one else will have this kind of coverage. It didn’t even make the news of the networks that I saw. I’m sure if a 4A/5A/6A school won a state championship there would even be highlights.

    Thank you again – this is now my go-to news site for the county.

  29. I enjoyed the welcome celebration you covered for the Siletz basketball boys when they won the state championship. It was a very pleasant surprize that we were able to show the people who couldn’t be there that day. I am putting together a memorabilia box for my nephew who was on the team. Is there a way to purchase a copy of the video.

  30. I like the web site, but I was a little dismayed at the article about Meth that appeared to say that Rob Bovett had not really done the job of getting rid of Meth. No one has said that Meth is not around, but Mr. Bovett’s focus was on the labs which were extremely dangerous for emergency personel as well as the user/dealers. I think the story was a little mis-leading.

  31. I praised Mr. Bovett. I lauded him for his valiant efforts to fight meth. The whole point of the story was that meth is still getting into Oregon because labs are alive and well in parts of California and Mexico over which Mr. Bovett has NO juristiction. And for that we still have a problem and they still have work to do as the scourge of meth continues to plague our communities. No criticism whatsoever of Mr. Bovett was intended or implied.

  32. I found your website today and I am very happy that I did! I can see whats happening in town and I do not have to wait until Wednseday and Friday for the newspaper to come out. Most of the time the news in the papers are not from around my town. do you do sports?. thank you.

  33. Thanks for your web site. It’s nice to have up to date news along with the local papers.

    Great job. Thanks.

  34. I’ve been reading and watching your site for almost a year at this point and enjoy it immensely. Beginning to wonder why I even buy the local paper twice a week. Thank you for the up to date local and state news.

    Just a short note/question, look at the picture you use for Newport City Hall. Do you see the US flag on the flagpole? Me neither. Last week, the flag was only run up the pole on one day. Is there anybody in City Hall that sees this as a necessary function? Or, have we seceded from the Union?

    Maybe somebody in City Hall will read this. Phone calls don’t seem to help.

  35. Quick question:
    On March 25th at around 5:30pm I was heading East from Lincoln City and came upon a multiple vehicle head on collision that blocked OR 18 at around milepost 14. It looked quite serious. Since then I have seen nothing about it in the news except for this comment in the Lincoln County News:
    5:30pm Friday
    A multiple vehicle crash is blocking OR 18 at milepost 14, approximately 11 miles west of Grand Ronde. Motorists should avoid the area or expect delays. OR 22/130 can be used as an alternate route.

    Anyone know what happened?

  36. It wasn’t much, sharpie. The OSP issued a “road back open” advisory. Had the accident taken a life they would have issued a second advisory indicating as such. Never be surprised by the life-saving powers of seat belts. It doesn’t just happen at the Indy 500!

  37. Thanks for this great article on Waldport – Cell phones & Chickens!

  38. Never mind, Dave. Just read my NIXLE email.

    The 100 extra police cars in town are for the spring conference of the Oregon Police Canine Association.

    Like I said, sure slows down the traffic. Keep up the good work. The site is great.

  39. Dave, just found your site, really enjoy it, what is the TV side of it ? Would you be interested in running a weely music scene write up ? We have some great local venues, and some truely great local talent, My wife & I have been doing free PR for several acts in the area, and know the owners of most local venues, & you have a great way to get the word out. Thanks, Bear

  40. It sounds interesting. Send me an e-mail.

  41. I just wanted to say how much my husband and I really enjoy your website. We just moved to Waldport last year. We found your site a couple months ago and now I check it daily. Its wonderful how you have such up to the minute reporting for the area, and news on important happenings. Thanks so much for creating this website!

  42. You’re welcome. Tell your friends!

  43. Dave:
    RE: Newport City Council & Vacation Rental
    Mr. Tokos specious arguments for VRDs insults the average persons intelligence. His job was formerly titled Director of Planning. Thanks to the current City “Manager”, it is now “Business Development & Planning”. Right! It is not about the MONEY, it’s the MONEY! BS is not R rated. In addition to Presidential wannabe Rick Santorum’s use, a learned Princeton University Professor penned a book on the matter which was a best selling treatise on the matter. See:
    Your dedicated Newport Real Estate Broker
    Steve Salisbury

  44. The article on ODOT still makes me wonder why no one from the state has been held accountable. The original engineering company hired by ODOT brought in drilling rigs to test soil samples and told ODOT the project could not be built as designed. ODOT fired the company and hired another one that would tell them what they wanted to hear. Now taxpayers are spending millions and millions more on a failed project being run by the same failed ODOT personnel. I do appreciate News@lincolncounty keeping us informed.

  45. I go to your site several times per day. I appreciate the quality of the content and count on you to help me stay informed . I wonder if you have ever considered adding a PayPal donate button. I support all the sites I use and would be glad to add my support to Newslincolncounty.

  46. This morning we were maybe 15-20 min behind a heartbreaking accident involving a horse from C&M Stables and an auto on Hwy 101. Car was being towed off, animal was in a ditch, alive, but awaiting I am sure, euthanasia. Around 7:30 a.m. Why the horse was loose??? The fact we drive south in this area frequently leads me to believe a driver going to fast – regardless. The flat stretch of this section of 101 is entirely frontage of this stables. People, irregardless of the signs that state Stables-Horse Crossing are still driving too fast and ODOT in their wisdom?? have made this a passing stretch. Should be double-yellow, flashing signs and OMG maybe a cop once in awhile. Me – I will have nightmares for some time having seen the eyes of this animal pending put down. Really people is that 5+ mph worth this?

  47. Hello. We live in Lincoln City. We are a family of 8 and my 15 year old son relapsed with Leukemia for the 3rd time on May 26th 2014 (Memorial Day Weekend). We have been staying @ Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House, and Seattle Children’s. Life has been turned upside down and we are unable to work during this time. We still pay our rent in Lincoln City and have our normal everyday bills. Gas has been quite a big issue since the drive is long. We do have a web page set up for those that want to donate. Dylan is an amazing boy, who attends Taft High School and is a big part of the Student Government there. Our daughter attends the University of Oregon and 3 of our smaller children go to Taft Elementary. We still have one not yet in school. We appreciate any help and prayers and we are thankful for the support of our community. Stephanie and Michael Lyon & Family

  48. I split my time between Yachats and Coos Bay, and write for a news desk in New York. I just read that the New York Times is eyeballing dramatic cutbacks. In the 21st Century, by the time it hits the pages of the New York Times it’s history, not news.

    News Lincoln County is what the news is going to look like going forward..a managed, moderated, organized, streamline, interactive, geographically coherent web-based presentation of facts and developing events. Some of the national/international news organs will survive, but we definitely will not be looking for their content under the evergreen bush.

    My congratulations on your useful, likeable service. I hope there is a living in it.

  49. Nurse Practitioner Meg Portwood of Lincoln City recently received an award:

    Be nice if as many people as possible learn of it–she and her office have provided good quality health care to many people on the coast for years.

  50. In response to your request for input on the news we want covered….
    The daily weather post is informative and often clever, however, it completely ignores the existence of the inland half of the county. There is frequently a BIG difference in temp and weather from Newport to Toledo, where I live. It would be nice if you could mention Toledo and Siletz in the forecast.