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Manhunt in Oregon for accused Arizona murderer in double homicide

 Oregon State Police  Comments Off on Manhunt in Oregon for accused Arizona murderer in double homicide
Apr 062011

Wesley Hubbs, 50 and similar van
Photos: Click to enlarge

Arizona authorities have put out a law enforcement bulletin saying that a suspect in a double homicide that occurred Tuesday night in Prescott, Arizona may be heading for, or traveling through Oregon. He’s Wesley Hubbs, 53, who is accused of shooting a 53 year old man and a 63 year old woman at a home at Prescott Canyon Estates last evening. The victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Hubbs is driving a van very similar in appearance to the photo, that of a 2000 Mercury Villager with Arizona license plate 722-BMP. It is red in color with a gray under panel running the length of the van.

Hubbs is described as scruffy looking, and walks with a limp, due to a club foot. He’s 6-2, 170 pounds with balding brown hair and brown eyes. He’s said to be very fond of wearing bandanas. Hubbs is said to be armed with a gun and knives and is considered very dangerous.

Anyone who thinks they’ve seen Hubbs anywhere in Oregon, they should call Oregon State Police at 800-452-7888, or Yavapai County Detective Mike Poling at 928-771-3278.

FREE Open House at Newport Recreation Center, April 9th

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Apr 062011

Photos: Newport Parks & Rec

FREE Open House April 9th.

The Newport Recreation Center is celebrating 10 years of service to the community, and we are inviting everyone to join the celebration for FREE. Entry to the Rec. Center is free all day on Saturday April 9th. We will also have class demo’s running from 9am-1pm, including the explosively popular Zumba workout exercises!

Search continues for missing Canadian couple

 Daily News  Comments Off on Search continues for missing Canadian couple
Apr 062011

Courtesy RCMP/OSP

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Oregon State Police and Central Oregon authorities continue to comb the route they believe a missing British Columbia couple took while enroute to a trade show in Las Vegas. They were last photographed by a surveillance camera in a gas station in Baker City March 19th. Despite the time lag, a Baker City police sergeant told reporters he’s optimistic they will be found.

The story is in the Oregonian. Click here

Coastal residents want reapportionment to go north-south along the coast

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Apr 062011

Now that the 2010 Census is in, and we all know how many people live in Oregon, the ten year exercise of re-drawing federal and state legislative district boundaries is in full swing. A recent re-districting meeting was recently held in Coos Bay. And the opinions seem to be of a like mind. Keep it coastal by keeping it vertical.

The story is in the Coos Bay World. Click here

Tsunami sirens, marine reserves, changing their minds, and fixin’ the dock!

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Apr 062011

Depoe Bay City Councilors Tuesday night started getting more serious about seeing what their money might buy in terms of tsunami sirens. The town’s planning commission turned in a report recently that showed that they’re about $20-30,000 a copy, and that Depoe Bay will need five of them if everybody in Depoe Bay is to awakened from their sleep if a tsunami warning comes during the night.

City Councilors initially set a $100,000 cap on sirens but then backed off that figure, deciding instead to simply go out to bid and see what they get back in terms of offers from siren makers. So the town awaits for the bids to come in.

The council also got a report from local charter boat captain Loren Goddard that during a long public hearing at the legislature about proposed marine reserves off the Central Coast the testimony was predictible with the exception of one south coast legislator who said he has a very long list of amendments to the marine reserve establishment bill. Such a statement sent nervous chills among many coastal representatives in the crowd for such statements likely raised the stern attention of environmental groups like “Our Ocean” which will interpret such a move, if adopted, as an effort to sink the bill. The coastal caucus, made up of many coast representatives and senators, has been trying to ensure that the bill, designed to establish scientific study areas without active fishing or very limited fishing, is as least intrusive as possible on the coastal economy. Goddard reminded the council that political conditions have not changed since the bill’s inception, which means that Oregon’s extremely powerful environmental groups, would drop their support of the bill’s four coastal marine reserves and resort to a statewide initiative to establish marine reserves by a public vote that would number a great deal more than four, with much heavier economic impacts. More hearings are expected before some sort of marine reserve bill is, or is not agreed to.

The Depoe Bay City Council Tuesday decided to cancel a contract with MSS, Incorporated which had won the bid to build street and sidewalk improvements along Bay Street from Highway 101 to the east. The council learned that MMS could not supply a one million dollar liability insurance policy as required by the city. Councilors talked it over, coming to the conclusion that the city has good reason to have such a substantial liability insurance requirement in this day in age when litigation is so prevalent. The council told City Recorder Pury Murray to notify MSS that they no longer were qualified to do the work. No decision was made as to whether the city will re-do the project bid or award it to the next highest bidder.

And the council declared an emergency as a parallel move in asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide Depoe Bay with money to fix Dock Number One in the harbor that was damaged during the recent tsunami. Since the city is insured, all that FEMA would be covering is the town’s deductible of $100,000. The Depoe Bay public works director indicated that FEMA is likely to grant the city’s request for federal assistance since the amount of damage puts the town in qualified standing based on population to monetary loss. The public works director said he expects FEMA’s answer in the affirmative within a week or two. He says it’s important that the dock be fixed in time for the start of charter boat and sports fishing during which the dock brings in significant rents and other fees to city coffers.

In the meantime public works was directed by council to spend up to $4,999 dollars to get the dock back into service on a temporary basis, pending a later permanent fix using FEMA money. The $4,999 will acquire a long gangway to put across the gap in the dock, and to install temporary electrical power that is part of the dock’s normal function and billable services. The total expenditure allowed is one dollar less than five thousand, a point at which the project would, by city law, have to be put out to bid.

And the Depoe Bay City Council wanted to make sure that somebody tells the county that Depoe Bay wants the car that the county announced it was offering up as surplus-no-longer-needed. City Recorder Pury Murray said she’d get right on the phone in the morning.

Eden Bailey dog bite victim has fund set up for her at West Coast Bank.

 Daily News  Comments Off on Eden Bailey dog bite victim has fund set up for her at West Coast Bank.
Apr 052011

Eden Bailey and her father Gailon Bailey

According to Eden Bailey’s family, Eden, who was mauled by a 100 pound American Bulldog yesterday in Otter Rock, is now listed in stable condition at OHSU in Portland. The Eden Bailey Fund has been established at West Coast Bank. Donations are being accepted at West Coast Bank branches, at Rogue locations, Ossie’s Surf Shop and at Newport Bay Coffee Company.

Any business wanting to post a collection jar for Eden’s fund can acquire one by calling Greg Harlow, 541-351-8331, or e-mail at EdenBaileyFund@gmail.com. A website for the Eden Bailey fund is being set up.

America: It’s broke, FIX IT!

 Sen. Ron Wyden, Taxes  Comments Off on America: It’s broke, FIX IT!
Apr 052011

The headline reflects a lot of people’s view of the country’s economy. They look around what has been called the biggest miracle in human development short of the Garden of Eden. But our post-World War II “City on a Hill” has been brought to its knees by what many have called the biggest heist by Wall Street since Jesse James was in bank robbery school.

Rep. Kurt Schrader was in Newport the other day talking about reform to the country’s tax code which he claims is so infested with tax breaks and loop holes that our economic recovery remains dead on arrival. He said he and other conservative leaning democrats in the U.S. House are trying to get a tax code reform movement going, but they can’t get it out of the legislative starting gate.

Enter Senator Ron Wyden.

Wyden has similarly teamed up with those with conservative views in the U.S. Senate who emphacize “conserving” the country. Wyden and Republican Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana have offered a tax code renovation package of their own that actually proposes a heavier investment by the country’s wealthy in America’s recovery. The following is a long read, but well worth the effort.

Provided by Sen. Ron Wyden:
Wyden, Coats Team Up to Make the Tax Code Work for Businesses and Families

Comprehensive Tax Reform Will Grow the Economy, Create Jobs and Make It Possible for Most Americans to Do Their Taxes in Under an Hour

Washington, D.C. – While a partisan battle over cuts to government spending threatens to shut down the federal government, a bipartisan pair of senators took a page from President Reagan’s book today and offered legislation that experts say will reduce the federal budget deficit by growing the economy. The “Bipartisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act of 2011” – being offered by U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Dan Coats (R-Ind.) – would simplify the tax system, hold down rates for individuals and families, provide tax relief to the middle class and create incentives for businesses to grow and invest in the United States. Wyden-Coats updates the tax reform that Reagan signed into law 25 years ago by streamlining the tangled web of nearly 10,000 exemptions, deductions, credits and other preferences currently cluttering the U.S. tax code to create a simpler and fairer system for American workers and businesses.

“Cutting spending isn’t the way out of the budgetary hole. Congress can grow its way out and right now, the federal tax code is doing anything but promoting economic growth,” said Wyden. “Senator Coats and I want a tax code that encourages businesses to devote less time to tax avoidance and more time to growing their companies. That means eliminating incentives for shifting jobs and capital overseas and creating incentives for investing in the United States. It means creating an understandable and predictable tax environment for small businesses and it means eliminating loopholes and special breaks that allow one group to pay less than another. It also means simplifying the individual tax code so that Americans can find better things to do with their time than fill out tax forms. Because unlike health reform, I think you would be hard-pressed to find any American who loves the tax code they have.” Continue reading »

Newport Senior Center renovation officially complete

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Apr 052011

A very proud Newport Parks and Recreation Department Director Jim Protiva showed off a slide show of the city’s new Senior Center additions to the city council Monday night. The $600,000+ project began last Summer and was officially complete April 1st (no foolin’).

Seniors now have a facility that will offer more fun doing what they’re used to doing, and even more fun with activities they never had, like a huge new aerobics and dance floor, suitable for keeping fit and for parties. There is a room devoted just for pool players. No more moving heavy pool tables around and trying to figure out “level” is moment to moment. More room for ping-pong.

There will also be a lot more space for computers and computer classes and for general education. A Wellness Center is added and it’s all ADA compliant. The facility, we’re told, will also be able to rent meeting and exhibit space for special events and meetings.

The only twist in the story is that the city is expected to raise fees for senior center users by the CPI or three percent. That will be announced a little later, according to the Newport City Council.

Popularity of Newport’s Bayfront over-stressing available parking

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Apr 052011

Ever since Newport unveiled it’s new and improved Bayfront look, it’s grown in popularity as well as stressed its parking supply. Following in the footsteps of Nye Beach and City Center merchants, the Bayfront Merchants Association have asked the city to assess Bayfront merchants to pay a $100 annual surcharge on their business licenses to help provide more parking. Some businesses may pay as much as $150 a year more depending on their circumstances.

Under a proposed Bayfront Economic Improvement District, the city would apply the business license surcharge revenues for better organizing of parking options along the ENTIRE Bayfront, to include leasing private parking lots for public use, improving signage, better striping, enhancing street scapes and sidewalks east of the recent Bayfront upgrade area, seasonal “pay for parking” areas, and time limitations in select areas.

A public hearing on all this is set before the city council, 6pm, on May 16th. If the council is convinced that the plan ought to move forward they will tentatively establish the parking area boundaries and schedule another public hearing. If there is sufficient support for the plan, the council can launch the business license surcharge and parking improvement project. However, if 33% of the businesses affected by the plan oppose it, it’s dead.