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Double fatal accident between Seal Rock and Waldport

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Feb 012011

Hwy 101 MP 152

A northbound van on Highway 101 just south of Seal Rock Tuesday morning left the road, rolled over and down a steep embankment. When the van stopped at the bottom, two men were dead, and the driver was terribly injured.

Oregon State Police say that the 1997 Chrysler van with three inside was negotiating a left curve in the road, drifted right and went over the side. At the bottom of the embankment their van hit a tree. One of the men side was ejected. He and the other passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.

The van’s 24 year old male driver was pulled out of the wreck and transported by REACH air ambulance to the regional trauma center in Corvallis with serious injuries. Names of the three are expected to be released on Wednesday. OSP says alcohol may have played a factor in the accident.

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Biz Blurbs from Newport Chamber of Commerce

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Feb 012011

February 1, 2011

United Way Has Prescription For Immediate Savings!

Lincoln County’s United Way has partnered with FamilyWize to provide a community service to the public: FREE prescription drug discount cards. This card saves an average of 30% or more on the cost of prescription drugs for people without insurance and for medicine not covered by an insurance plan. For more information and to print a free card for yourself, family members, friends and co-workers go to Questions? Contact Katelyn Hordichok at

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Cellular Phones: From Star Trek to Tomorrow (Part I)

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Feb 012011

Part two of this article is now available at this link.

Hello, readers! My name is Josh Johnston, and I’ve been fortunate to have been working with Dave Morgan on his website and technology needs for the last three or four years, starting when he was over (and up) here in Carson City, Nevada. Yesterday, he gave a phone call out of the blue from with a surprising request:

“Hey, can you write an article about where cell phone technology is going to be in the next five years?”

Dave knows that I enjoy spending far more time than I should be able to manage while retaining my sanity, keeping up on current technology and events.  He also knows that my home office looks like a Radio Shack (circa 1991) exploded in it. So, when Dave came to me with this request I decided to give it a go. What follows, is my inaugural article in the “I Don’t Have a Column Title Yet” series, that should help to inform people of where the near-term evolution of cellular phone technology is going. If people have questions about technology trends or devices on the market, I’d be glad to take suggestions as to any further columns I might do as a follow up. So please feel free to mail me at, and I’ll see what I can do.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints and my distance from the lovely scenery of Newport and the rest of the Lincoln County area, I won’t be able to help with pure technical questions such as “My computer is broken, how can you fix it?”

I hope you enjoy the article that follows behind the “Continue Reading” link, and please let me know if you have questions or suggestions for future postings!

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“Newport’s 3-cent gas tax increase is important to keep” – Newport City Manager Jim Voetberg

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Jan 312011

City Manager Jim Voetbert told his Newport City Council Monday that although there are many citizens in Newport who are calling for the repeal of the city’s recent gas tax increase, such a move would dramatically hamper the city’s ability to keep up on street repairs and upgrades. Voetberg said without the 3-cent a gallon hike June through October, and the 1-cent a gallon hike November through May, the city’s street repair fund would be cut by more than half. Even with revenues from the tax hike, the city is barely keeping up, according to City Public Works Director Lee Ritzman. Ritzman points to many problem spots around town where crews have only enough money to do patch jobs, which he says often do not last very long. Ritzman said the town needs nearly a half million dollars a year to truly keep up. He says the street repair budget is just $100,000 a year. Add to that the recent gas tax increase of $140,000 a year and it’s barely half of what the town needs to properly maintain its streets.

Voetbert said the city doesn’t want to get into a position where streets deteriorate to the point they have to be rebuilt. “That,” he says, “is very, very expensive, a lot more than if we just maintained them properly in the first place.”

Voetberg added, “If we rescind the gas tax increase, the state would bar Newport from raising gas taxes again until 2014. Then what would we do?”

Voetberg and the council agreed that those who demand that the recent gas tax increase be rescinded should express their concerns and possible options for the city during upcoming budget sessions when these and other money items come up before the council and the city’s budget advisory committee.

Reading aloud at Newport Senior Center is sheer poetry!

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Jan 312011

Newport Senior Activity Center

Come feel the joy one receives in sharing poetry with friends. The Newport Senior Center is having a community poetry reading Tuesday February 8 at 2 pm. The session will be conducted by Lefteris (Lefty) Lavrakas, PhD who invites those attending to bring their best loved poems and read them aloud. For those who don’t have their own poems to read, he has a number of poetry books that are rife with engaging, amusing, and insightful poems. These poetry readings are held at the Senior Center every month on the second Tuesday at 2 pm. The Senior Center is located at 20 SE 2nd Street in Newport.

Homeless warming shelter to set up Tuesday, February 1st, 5:00pm at Nazarene Church

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Jan 312011

Tuesday, 8:35am
The warming center is in need of take down volunteers. This shift begins at 6:30 and can be completed as soon as 7:30 if we have enough people. Please forward this to anyone interested, thank you!

This message is to notify the community about the next Emergency Warming Shelter of the winter, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 1. The Newport Nazarene Church is now the venue, which will open at 5:00pm. The warming center is open to families as well as individuals.

Volunteers are needed to staff the center which requires a minimum of two volunteers for every shift. A dozen eggs and a gallon of milk are needed for breakfast. The breakdown shift is especially in need of volunteers (6:30am – 8:00am).

Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Leah Moore with the Nazarene Church at 541-270-7876. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone else you think might be helpful in spreading the word, both to potential volunteers and to the homeless population. Thank you for your support.

Lola Jones
Americorps *VISTA Homeless Coordinator
Lincoln Commission on Children and Families
Yaquina View Elementary School

Big public rally for Oregon schools coming up February 21st, in Salem.

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Jan 312011

Oregon’s Stand for Children is organizing a President’s Day state capitol steps rally February 21st that is expected to be in the thousands as education advocates and parents gather to tell lawmakers Oregon schools need a boost, not a cut in budget. Advocacy officials contend that there will be more serious legislative activity surrounding K-12 education this legislative session than during any session in the past twenty years.

Federal stimulus funds that saved Oregon’s educational budget this year and last will not be re-appearing on school district balance sheets starting in the 2011-12 school year, a worrisome fact for many.

Lincoln County residents who will be traveling to the rally, February 21st, 9am at the Capitol can climb aboard buses that will be departing Newport High School at 9am, and Taft High at 9:45am.

For even more information about the rally, click here!

Ski Doo rider NOT in distress offshore, at Fogarty Creek State Park

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Jan 312011

Coast Guard pulled along side the ski doo rider and the rider told them he was fine. No trouble. Coast Guard returned to Depoe Bay as well as other rescue responders on shore.


Depoe Bay Fire and the Coast Guard are enroute to Fogarty Creek State Park on a report of a Ski Doo rider that is apparently in distress off shore.

FBI puts $10,000 reward bounty on David Durham. Officer Dodds expected to make full recovery.

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Jan 312011

The FBI has issued a ten thousand dollar reward for information leading to the location of and arrest of David Durham, 43, wanted for gunning down a Lincoln City Police Officer January 23rd in Lincoln city. Durham (left picture) was last seen driving his green dodge SUV at high speed ahead of pursuing law enforcement on Highway 101 through Newport and Seal Rock, coming to a stop after road spikes disabled his vehicle just north of the Alsea Bay Bridge in Waldport. The FBI warrant was issued because there is reason to believe that Durham may have crossed state lines in his continued attempt to elude authorities. They say Durham could be in California, the Caribbean or Thailand, all areas that he has expressed an interest in. Durham is 6-3, 180, long brownish hair, frequently tucked under a beret or other hat.

Lincoln City Police Officer Steven Dodds’ (right picture) condition continues to improve at a Portland hospital. Authorities report that Dodds has been taken off his ventilator, has been awake, alert and in good spirits. They say he is expected to make a full recovery.

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Waldport schools back to normal. May 2nd picked for missed day due to local manhunt.

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Jan 312011

From Lincoln County School District

Both Waldport High School and Crestview Heights School in Waldport will be operating on a normal schedule Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Bus service will also be back to normal, both north and south of the bridge.

“The safety of our students and staff has been paramount in our decision making. We have been coordinating with law enforcement throughout this past week. Thanks to all of our students, families, staff and community members for their patience,” said Superintendent Tom Rinearson.

Schools in Waldport will make up the school day lost last week due to police activity in the area. The missed day will be made up on Monday, May 2, 2011 according to Lincoln County School District officials.

“We do not want to reduce any more instructional days for our students,” said Superintendent Tom Rinearson. “This announcement is in keeping with our plan to make up any additional days of school missed. I hope this will help families and staff with their planning.”

The South Area LCSD school calendar will be updated to reflect the change in the next two days, and will be posted online at, under “District Calendars.”