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Head on crash on 229, just west of Siletz

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Feb 252011

(Click image to play video)

Official OSP report on the crash.
But correction on the OSP report on who was transported to trauma center in Corvallis

Three people were injured, one seriously, in a two vehicle head-on crash Friday afternoon on Highway 229 about six miles north of Toledo. Oregon State Police (OSP) is cautioning travelers to slow down and be alert for unexpected icy condition on roads that appear to be dry.

At approximately 1:55 p.m. a red 2007 Chevrolet Aveo driven by REBECCA JO WHELEN, age 52, from Siletz, was northbound on Highway 229 near milepost 26. WHELEN lost control on an icy stretch after passing another vehicles, fishtailed and then traveled into the southbound lane where her car collided head-on with a 1997 Subaru Legacy station wagon driven by BETTY L. CURRAN, age 76, from Siletz. After impact the Chevrolet came to rest against guardrail on the southbound shoulder and the Subaru came to rest in a ditch on the northbound side of the highway.

WHELEN was transported by Pac West Ambulance to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport with minor injuries. She was using safety restraints and her car’s airbags deployed.

CURRAN’s husband, Roy Curran, 79, was also transported by Pac West Ambulance to the Newport area hospital. Betty Curran was extricated from the vehicle by Siletz and Toledo firefighters. She was initially taken to the Siletz area by ambulance and then transferred to a REACH air ambulance to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis with very serious injuries, especially to her lower extremities. Both were using safety restraints and the vehicle’s airbags deployed.

OSP troopers from the Newport Area Command office are continuing the investigation. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and ODOT assisted at the scene as the highway was closed or restricted to one lane for about 2 1/2 hours.

The OSP estimated about 15 traffic crashes happened on area highways as heavy traffic came for the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival. Most were single vehicle non-injury crashes where drivers initially traveling on dry pavement suddenly came upon ice and lost control.

The accident was another in a series that is caused by black ice. Snow melt runs across the road in shaded areas…and because the ground is cold, the liquid turns to ice because the ground temperature is still at or below or below freezing. Law enforcement urges the public to drive extremely cautiously with an eye out for black ice that can appear out of nowhere.

Traffic on 229 had been stopped both ways since around 2:15pm. Long backups in both directions. It’s been since re-opened to normal traffic.

Reaching back and forward through history and sew on, and sew on, and sew on…

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Feb 252011


“Modern Blocks,” a quilt made in the late 1800s to early 1900s, is on display now through May at the Log Cabin Museum of the Lincoln County Historical Society in Newport. Brenda Baker of Waldport was given the quilt by her mother, Jane Baker, who received it from her mother, Mina Blossom. Mina received the quilt when Jane was born. The quilter is unknown. The quilt was made in New York or Missouri.

Despite its age, the quilt retains its bright colors and is in good shape. It is cotton, about 76 inches by 68.5 inches. It is made out of cotton scraps with a variety of patterns including paisleys, checks, dots, prints, and stripes in reds, blues, whites, and yellows. The top of the quilt is hand quilted.

A changing display at the Log Cabin Museum features historic or notable quilts. Quilts constructed prior to 1960 are documented by the Quilt Heritage Project of Lincoln County, which is sponsored by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild in partnership with the Lincoln County Historical Society.

The goals of the Quilt Heritage Project are to register all quilts made in or brought to Lincoln County; create a photo archive of quilts with the Lincoln County Historical Society; encourage proper care and storage of heirloom textiles; encourage families to enjoy and retain these special heirloom textiles; and heighten public awareness of quilts as unique pieces of American folk art, especially Oregon folk art.

The Oregon Coast History Center, which includes the Burrows House and Log Cabin museums, is located at 545 SW Ninth Street in Newport. The museums are free and open to the public. The Burrows House is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Log Cabin is open Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Oregon Coast History Center is administered by the Lincoln County Historical Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Lincoln County. For more information, call 541-265-7509.

Ice-skid, rollover accident between Moolack and Beverly Beach on 101

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Feb 242011

(Click image to play video)

Newport Fire Rescue raced to the scene of an all too often slippery section of road between Moolack and Beverly Beaches Thursday evening. It was around 9pm that a woman in a small car was headed north on 101, just dropping down into Beverly Beach when she hit black ice. The air temperature was 35 but the road was shiny black. She began sliding and crossed-over into the southbound lanes and slid off the shoulder into an embankment which threw her car up onto it’s left side.

Firefighters arrived and couldn’t get the woman out until they could stabilize the car. In about ten minutes they had the car tied into place which allowed them to get to her safely and lift her out a window. Moments later she was loaded into an awaiting ambulance. She did not appear to seriously injured. In fact she was very talkative with her rescuers thanking them for their help.

More from Lori, Click Here

A Sheriff’s deputy remarked that this particular stretch of 101 between Moolack and Beverly is notoriously treacherous in the winter, even when temperatures are five to eight degrees above freezing. It might be because it seldom gets any winter sunshine and is protected from direct warmer onshore ocean breezes, which allows the colder air to pool onto the road and form ice before other stretches of highway ice up. The deputy said “One thing’s for sure, when we get black ice on the coast, this stretch of road always gets one of the first accidents.

Big Barn Fire in Waldport – Off Range at Ocean Terrace

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Feb 242011

(Click image to play video)

New info: Cause of fire Friday, 11:25am

The owner of a large three story barn, with a loft in the upper rear on Ocean Terrace, reported the structure on fire late Thursday afternoon. Firefighters from Central Coast (Waldport), Seal Rock and Yachats Fire Departments rushed to the scene to find the large building’s interior on fire, sending billowing clouds of smoke into the cold late afternoon sky.

The interior structural bracing was already badly damaged so it was too dangerous for firefighters to get inside to fight the blaze. They were left with merely shooting water through holes in the walls they carved and hacked from the outside.

Firefighters said although the barn door cuts looked like they were made to accomodate a large boat and a large vehicle, firefighters said there were no vehicles inside. Just what appeared to be some stored odds and ends and personal effects.

Friday, fire investigators surveyed the interior and came up with a likely location where the fire started. But because they had to fight the fire largely from the outside, they had to pour a huge amount of water on it. And in so doing the water washed away the evidence that would have pointed to the exact spot where the fire ignited. They say the cause will probably remain undetermined.

United Way goes public with an open access discounted prescription drug program-no income requirements or limits of use

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Feb 242011

Provided by The United Way of Lincoln County

United Way has prescription for everyday savings: free drug discount card saves everyone money at local pharmacies

Help is here to lower the cost of medicine, thanks to a free drug discount card provided by the United Way. “No one should be forced to choose between paying for food, rent or medicine because of the high cost of prescriptions. That’s why we’ve partnered with FamilyWize to distribute free prescription discount cards to everyone in Lincoln County,” says Katelyn Hordichok of Lincoln County’s United Way.
FamilyWize cards immediately lower the cost of medicine by an average of 30% or more for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their plan. Just by presenting the FamilyWize card at their local pharmacy, customers save on the cost of their prescription medicine 80% of the time.

“So many people are struggling with the high cost of medicine and need help right now. We knew we couldn’t wait years for healthcare reform to be implemented. The FamilyWize card provides immediate savings on prescription medicines, with no paperwork or forms to fill out,” says Dan Barnes, Co-chair of The FamilyWize Community Service Partnership.

These cards can be used by everyone in the community, not just people without insurance. They can even be used by people with health benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare.

The FamilyWize card is complimentary, easy and can be used as many times as necessary. It is accepted at 95% of pharmacies nationwide and there are no age or income restrictions. No enrollment or personal information needed—savings are immediate!

FamilyWize cards can be found in Newport at the Newport Public Library, Fred Meyer Pharmacy, Worksource Oregon in the Community Resource area, Lincoln County Health & Human Services, and Oregon Coast Community College (Newport campus) in the commons area; in Lincoln City at Walgreens Pharmacy and the Cultural Center; and in Waldport at Pharmacy Express and Waldport Drug.

People with internet access can go to to print a card, look up drug prices and obtain a list of participating pharmacies.

Editor’s note: Participating pharmacies listed on the website are Fred Meyer, Rite Aid and Walmart.

And you think YOU’RE having a bad day…

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Feb 242011

Click to enlarge picture

You’ve pulled off the road to take in the rare experience of witnessing the beauty of snow at the beach pitted against the majesty of ocean waves. You’re lost in an exquisite moment of appreciation of the natural beauty laid out before you….. Then WHAMMMMM!!! CRUNCH!!!….a car hits yours from behind and bounces off, whirls by and continues sliding south on the pavement until it falls off onto the shoulder.

HOW could this happen, NOW!??

Lucky for you, you’re not hurt. You remove your seat belt. You open your door, and through the chill and the snow you slog down to find out if the errant drive has insurance.

Photo courtesy of Robyn Krohn

Snow at the beach…down near Waldport

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Feb 242011

Robyn Krohn was headed south to Waldport this morning and snapped a few pictures to show that the snow made it farther south than Newport. It is late February and March is right around the corner which may have encouraged these pretty little flowers to jump the gun on Spring decorating. Hopefully the brief cold of the snow won’t beat them back.

Why traveling fast can be slower than driving slow.

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Feb 242011

I-5 at Hwy 20 Interchange this morning. Click on photos to enlarge.

Oregon State Police report that the driver of this big rig was traveling too fast for conditions when he crashed it on Interstate 5 at the Highway 20 interchange. OSP says the driver, Fazeel Faiyaz Aiyub, 32, of Goodyear, Arizona lost control of his truck, which was hauling produce, and slammed into a concrete barrier and jack-knifed. Arriving paramedics checked Aiyub out and found him uninjured. However, as soon as they released him, troopers say Aiyub walked away from the scene. They say they found him about twenty minutes later on Spicer Drive, outside a local restaurant. Troopers say they cited Aiyub for careless driving, failure to perform the duties of a driver involved in a property-damage crash and for falsifying a commercial driver’s daily logbook.

Troopers also reported that the truck wreck spawned several other crashes as trailing motorists tried to slow down to avoid hitting the truck. One crash caused an injury, according to troopers.

Highway 22, just east of Lake Detroit shut down due to vehicles vs. semi accident.

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Feb 242011


A multi vehicle crash involving a semi has Highway 22 closed about seven miles west of Idanha (Milepost 61). Tows are in route to remove the semi. ODOT hopes to have at least one lane open within the next hour. There is no detour. Motorists should avoid the area. Expect long delays.