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Sen. Merkley urges Obama Administration to jump-start small business lending

 Sen. Jeff Merkley  Comments Off on Sen. Merkley urges Obama Administration to jump-start small business lending
May 092011

Sen. Jeff Merkley

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley today jointly sent a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner asking that he jump-start small business lending by making funds available to those banks that do most of the country’s small business lending; small town banks that know the most about small businesses. He contends its the home town banks that have done the lion’s share of small business lending for decades. And for that Sen. Merkley wants Geithner to kick loose the funds contained in a credit stimulus program that has yet to be activated. Sen. Merkley’s letter in its entirety is found below:

The Honorable Timothy Geithner
Secretary of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Geithner:

On September 27, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, one of the most significant pieces of small business jobs legislation in over a decade. A central element of the Act was the Small Business Lending Fund. Inspired by the Bank on Our Communities Act which we originally co-sponsored, the Small Business Lending Fund uses the lending network of the community banks to make capital available to Main Street businesses.

We write now because more than six months after the authorization for the program, not one dollar has been issued. This is against a backdrop that shows small businesses face continuing challenges accessing capital. In fact, from the end of 2009 to the end of 2010, bank small business loans declined by 10 percent (and likely more given the sharp decline in personal lines of credit). A range of factors affects this decline, but the Small Business Lending Fund was intended to be one more tool to help ensure that worthy small businesses can get the capital they need.

The Small Business Lending Fund is different from other small business lending tools previously made available because it utilizes community banks whose strength is small business lending. In fact, this 7,000-strong network of small, Main Street lenders makes small business lending the centerpiece of the business. Take 2009, one of the toughest years on record: banks with less than $1 billion in assets held 11 percent of the nation’s assets but made 48 percent of small business loans, and banks with less than $10 billion in assets held 23 percent of assets but made 67 percent of small business loans. Clearly, one of the best ways to ensure small businesses have access to capital is to utilize the community banking network has serves them on a daily basis.

Finally, we wish to remind you that the purposes of the Small Business Lending Fund are to provide capital to community banks which are in a position to increase small business lending, while protecting the safety and soundness of the financial institutions and the taxpayer. It is critical that the program be implemented keeping those Congressional priorities in mind.

In conclusion, we urge you to speed the availability of capital to small businesses and fully utilize the range of tools authorized by the Small Business Jobs Act.


Senator Jeff Merkley
Senator Barbara Boxer

Fund for mauled little girl holding another fundraiser for her June 5th, Shilo Inn, Newport

 Daily News  Comments Off on Fund for mauled little girl holding another fundraiser for her June 5th, Shilo Inn, Newport
May 092011

Eden Bailey, attacked by large dog at Otter Rock

“Eden’s Garden” Fundraiser for Eden Bailey, Set for June 5
Donations are needed for silent auction

Newport, Oregon – The Eden Bailey Fund Committee presents “Eden’s Garden,” an evening of food, live music and a silent auction to raise funds for two-year-old Eden Bailey of Newport. The public is invited to the event, Sunday, June 5, from 4 to 9 pm at the Shilo Inn, 536 SW Elizabeth Street in Newport.

The daughter of Gailon Bailey and Kari Wallace, Eden was severely injured when a dog attacked her on April 4. She was hospitalized until April 27, first at Doernbecher and then at Emmanuel Legacy, both in Portland. She has made remarkable progress but will require much care in the months and years ahead. Her family is grateful for the support of the community.

The fundraiser will feature live music by several popular local groups, including Rick Bartow and the Backseat Drivers and the Sons of the Beaches. Food has been donated by Local Ocean Seafoods, Nana’s Irish Pub & Kitchen, Bay 839, Ocean Bleu @ Gino’s, Panini, and Newport Bay Coffee Company, among others.

The silent auction will offer a variety of items, including a night’s stay at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, a surfboard, a wetsuit, original artwork, sunset cruise for two, fishing trip for two to three, gourmet seafood and many more items yet to be announced. Beer and wine will be available, and the event carries a suggested donation of $10 per person or $15 per couple.

For more information, please email Donations for the silent auction will be gratefully accepted. To make a donation contact Nairne Dickey at 541-265-4774 or email

The Eden Bailey Fund Committee was formed by a group of friends and concerned members of the community to raise funds to aid in the healing of Eden Bailey.

Letter to the Editor: School Bond, May 17th

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May 092011

Dear Editor:

The Lincoln County School District has placed a $63 million construction bond measure on the May 17th ballot. After reviewing the proposed projects, I have to admit that there are some components that I do not agree are absolutely necessary… however, I do agree that our school buildings are in poor condition and need our support to fix and repair them.
As a graduate of Toledo High, I am most familiar with the schools in that area. There is no doubt that the students attending Toledo Elementary are housed in 11 portable classrooms that are old and deteriorating. These young students must walk in the wind and rain to the main building for lunch, P.E., to use the computer labs or the media center, and go to the office. These students need a real building that is safe and conducive for learning!
Toledo High school uses seven very old portables that I am very familiar with. I attended class in some of those portables over 25 years ago. Students there continue to move from class to class in our coastal weather without covered walkways as I did all those years ago. When they do have classes in the main building, they are often in a room that is very hot and then move to an adjacent room where the heat is not working. The locker rooms can only be described as dungeons and are in desperate need of remodeling. The middle school students are crammed into a single hallway. This system of educating students was tolerated all those years ago because we lost a school to fire but it is an inefficient way of educating our youth today!
I do not have children so am not directly involved with the Lincoln County schools and I do not agree with all the components of the proposed projects, but I will be voting YES for the Lincoln County School District construction bond. We need good solid buildings for our staff to provide a solid education for our youth of Lincoln County.
Marnie Branstiter, Toledo

It’s a doggone shame if you don’t have one of these…

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May 082011

Sheriff Dennis Dotson

Provided by LCSO

Buying a license for your dog isn’t just about being the law–it can save your dog’s life. Anyone who has experienced the panic and sorrow of having a lost dog knows how important it is to license your pet.  Our dogs are our friends and companions, and they look to us for nearly everything: food, shelter, water and love.  They also need us to bring them home after they have wandered.

One of the best and most basic things we can do for our dogs is to license them.  Last year, only 42% of the lost and stray dogs brought to your Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter were redeemed by their owners. Our goal is to be able to reunite all lost dogs with their families, and you can help us reach that goal with increased dog licensing. When Good Samaritans or Animal Services Deputies find stray dogs that are licensed, they can call the Lincoln County Animal Shelter for your information, and your pet may never even have to come to the shelter.

While happy reunions are the most important consideration, failure to obtain a dog license can result in a $287 fine. All dogs in the county are required to be licensed within thirty days of residence, whether or not you live in the city and whether or not your dog leaves your property.

While cat licenses are not required, they help the animal shelter reunite families with their feline friends, too.

You may easily purchase or renew a license by mail, at the Animal Shelter, or at many local veterinarians’ offices. Applications and additional information are available online at

Please keep your pets safe with a license, ID tag, and microchip, and remember to search for your lost pet at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter at 510 NE Harney St. in Newport and by calling 541-265-6610.

For more tips and other information, visit your Sheriff’s Office website at

People! This is a test video. How is the picture? Feedback please!

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May 082011

[stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=dbboat.360p.flv hd=dbboat.720p.flv mp4=dbboat.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=560 height=315 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

We’re adding HD video to but we want to make sure we’ve got the settings correct for most viewers. Click on the video and let us know how quickly it started for you and the overall picture quality.

News Lincoln County’s videos are now also viewable on many of Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices as well though they will work best on those devices when connected to a WiFi network.

Notice that when you put your cursor on the video screen a sign comes up “HD on” or “HD off.” Try them both and tell us how they perform on your computer. E-mail me your comments.

Dave Morgan

Rita Chretien spends Mother’s Day with family

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May 082011

Albert and Rita Chretien

Stranded in her Astro Van for over 40 days in a Nevada wilderness, Rita Chretien of British Columbia Canada, spent Mother’s Day in a Twin Falls hospital, feeling lucky to be alive and grateful to see her family again. The story is in the Oregonian: Click here.

Second day of searching for missing Canadian man in northeastern Nevada

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May 072011

Albert and Rita Chretien

Provided by Elko County Sheriff’s Office

Here is an update from the Elko County Nevada Sheriff’s Office on their efforts to track down Albert Chretien who left his wife in their mud-stuck van in the middle of the Jarbidge Mountains north of Elko. They got lost following their GPS and they wound up in an extremely isolated corner of Nevada. Rita was found two days ago still in the van, where she had hold up with little food but abundant snow melt around her. She had been in the van 49 days and had lost 30 pounds when hunters found her. She said her husband Albert decided to walk toward the west to intersect a highway where he hoped to get some help. He hasn’t been seen since he left March 22nd.

Prior to their discovery by hunters in the Jarbidge Mountains, Royal Canadian Police and Oregon State Police spent over ten days scouring highways and byways of eastern Oregon trying to come up with any leads or signs of them.

Here’s the latest info on the search for Albert Chretien.

On May 7, 2011, members of the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office (ID) and the Elko County Sheriff’s Office started a ground search for Albert Chretien. Overcast weather prevented the use of an aircraft that was scheduled to fly the area as well.

Search party members began at the Chretien van searching the roadway west of the vehicle with no signs of Albert. Searching the area was made more difficult as many of the roads/trails near the van are washed out due to snow melting, making them impassable.

The search team plans to continue searching until dark this evening, resuming first thing Sunday morning May 8, 2011. The team will be searching areas east of the vans location.

As additional information becomes available from the search teams it will be provided.

Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury on the Port of Toledo Green – Now Playing!

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May 072011

Ye Merrie Greenwood, Port of Toledo grounds

A bit of jolly olde England and a taste of everything hand-made and hand-crafted right before your eyes is only part of the fun and interesting experiences you’ll enjoy on Toledo’s Port Green, right on the Yaquina River. You’ll see how primitive technology laid the ground work for what we take for granted today. Lots of great arts and crafts as well as an extremely well done puppet show. It’s really good. Lots of belly laughs from kids and adults.

There are bawdy and clumsy fighters, weighted down with steel and iron regalia that still manage to stay upright and bash each other silly. There is the compulsory fire eating woodsman who insists that although it looks dangerous, it really is. Watch craftsmen fashion shining armor for knights dueling for a faire maiden’s honor. Jewelry, cabinetry, clothing construction, singing by the Madrigal Singers, the Renaissance Singers, the Monger’s Guild, entrancing storytelling that enthrall kids and adults, and of course, Renaissance Dancing.

Its all going on Sunday, 10am-4:30pm on the Port of Toledo Green, right next to the RxR Museum. Tickets are $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and kids, and children under 5 are free. You can literally spend hours there and be totally entertained with all the knight fighting, fire eating, Chamber Music, choirs and all the craftsmanship breaking out from one end of the performance area to the other. An all day fun excursion if you pay attention to the schedule.

Fun stuff in Toledo!! Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury, Port of Toledo Green, 10-4:30 Sunday. And yes they have food. And it’s really good!