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Waldport’s Great Garage Sale: “One Hundred Years of Clutter!” (and it could all be yours!)

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May 022011

Celebrate Waldport’s 100th Birthday as it tries to rid itself of “100 Years of Clutter!”

It’s Waldport’s Great Garage Sale, Saturday, May 7, 8-5, going on all over town, with timeless treasures galore at the original Central Oregon Coast Community-Wide Garage Sale! Scavenge our attics, basements and barns during this all day event! Maps are available in the late afternoon on Friday, May 6 at: Ray’s Market, The Waldport Chamber of Commerce, the Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center, 620 NW Spring Street & Hwy. 101 (milepost 155.5), Pacific Office Solution, 250 NW Hemlock (Hwy. 34),
and select locations around town!

For more info:, or call 541-563-2133

Domestic violence protections soon to be applied to pets?

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May 022011

SALEM – Domestic violence victims that fear for the safety of their animal companions may find comfort with a bill passed this morning in the Oregon Senate. Senate Bill 616 will allow judges to include pets under domestic violence restraining orders. Twelve independent studies have reported that between 18 percent and 48 percent of battered women delay leaving abusive situations out of fear for the safety of their animals.

“This change may encourage some victims of domestic violence to seek help sooner,” said Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland), a chief sponsor of the bill. “Cruelty to animals can be a serious part of the cycle of family violence. The fear that something could happen to a loved animal can be paralyzing and prevent a partner from leaving an abusive relationship.”

Currently, Oregon’s statute on whether a judge can include an animal in a restraining order is ambiguous. SB 616 clarifies Oregon’s existing Family Abuse Prevention Law to ensure that all judges know that they are able to include animals in protective orders.

“This bill addresses the uncertainty in our current statute and lets our judges know that animals can be included in a protective order,” said Senator Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene), member of leadership. “The need for this legislation has been well-documented. It is clear that many victims are afraid to leave an abusive relationship and leaving behind a loved animal that could be hurt or even killed makes the decision to leave even more difficult.”

The relationship between animal abuse and domestic violence is well-documented. In a Wisconsin study, 68 percent of battered women reported that their animals had been the target of violence. Of these incidents, 87 percent occurred in the presence of the victim in order to further intimidate and control them.

“A cherished pet can be an easy target for an abusive partner,” said Senator Jackie Dingfelder (D-Portland), who carried the bill on the floor. “Animal violence is strongly linked to person-on-person violence and it’s not surprising that some abusers use the threat of hurting a pet to scare a partner into staying.”

Oregon would join sixteen other states with laws protecting animals in domestic violence situations if SB 616 is passed. The bill now goes to the House for consideration.

FBI provides more details of bin Laden attack. Briefing at the White House.

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May 022011

More details have been released from the attack on a Pakistani residential compound northwest of Islamabad Sunday that finally brought down the leader of al-Qaida. Osama bin Lad has been confirmed killed, and DNA samples prove it, according to reports.

Here is the full text of a White House briefing given during the night. Click here.

Osama bin Laden is dead – White House

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May 012011

Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was reported tracked down today and executed by American Special Forces inside Pakistan. There was no involvement by Pakistan’s military. President Barack Obama reported that American forces entered a residential compound inside Pakistan, engaged in a firefight with bin Laden protectors, and shot Osama bin Laden in the head. Brain tissue DNA from bin Laden’s body was verifed that it was bin Laden’s remains that were snatched by American forces. His body remains in American custody.

President Obama said the operation began last August on a tip to American interests in the region. The President said that Pakistani officials helped along the way in providing crucial information that led up to the attack. It was carried out in an isolated area near Abbottadad, well north of Islamabad.

(Click image to play video)

Here are some thoughts from a few Newport area residents on the death of the al Qaida leader in Pakistan.

Updated information as to the assault on bin Laden’s hiding place Click here.

Comment on the death of bin Laden from Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley:
“I salute President Obama and his exceptional team on bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. The President’s resolute determination and the hard work, perseverance, and bravery of so many in the United States intelligence community and military ensured that attacks on Americans would not go unanswered. We will never forget the more than 3,000 American lives that were lost on September 11, 2001 and in other al Qaeda attacks, and this is a welcome measure of justice for their families and our nation. As we continue the offensive against al Qaeda and terrorist extremists wherever in the world they may be, this milestone will serve as a reminder that when America commits itself to a goal, it will prevail.”

From Oregon’s other U.S. Senator Ron Wyden:
“Osama bin Laden was more than a killer, he was the founder and leader of a terrorist organization determined to make a name for itself by taking thousands of innocent lives and spreading chaos and fear around the globe. I congratulate the service members and intelligence professionals who made the operation that led to his death yesterday possible, as well as the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have fought and sacrificed for a future free of that fear.

“While killing bin Laden can not bring back the innocents whose lives he took, it is my hope that the news of his death will bring some measure of peace to their loved ones. But it is important for the world to understand that the operation that led to bin Laden’s death was not an act of revenge – it was an act of war.

“Al Qaeda has now lost its founder and leader at a time when the organization is under intense pressure and is already in crisis. The peaceful revolutions that have been spreading throughout the Middle East directly refute bin Laden’s core claim that violent terrorist acts are the only way to bring change to the Muslim world. It is my hope that bin Laden’s death will be seen as a milestone, as people around the Middle East continue to push forward on their path towards freedom and opportunity, while al Qaeda continues on a path of decline.”

Suicidal person on center span of Yaquina Bay Bridge –

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May 012011

Police and ambulance personnel are on scene at the center span of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. They have just stopped a man from jumping off the bridge. The subject is highly intoxicated.

Police have removed him from the bridge and are dealing with his problem. Intoxication is a complicating factor.

Slightly more information made available on the double murder near Philomath

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May 012011

Gustavo Martinez, 20

Friends are beginning to come forward to the news media in an attempt explain what may have contributed to the horrible double murder of a 19 year old mother and her 1 year old son at their home just south of Philomath. The young woman and her 20 year old boyfriend had broken up two weeks earlier. Friends say they seemed happy and were always smiling but something obviously happened to change all that.

The story is in the Corvallis Gazette Times. Click here.

Loyalty Days continue in Newport

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Apr 302011

(Click image to play video)

FOUR very lovely and very intelligent young women vied for the coveted title of Loyalty Days Queen in Newport Friday night. The video sets up the competition on stage at Newport’s Performing Arts Center.

(Click image to play video)

And when the competition was over, it came down to the judges, a distinguished panel who agreed that one member of the Senior Court Princesses stood out the best on poise, speech and answering pop questions before a large audience.

(Click image to play video)

(Click image to play video)

The Siletz Tribes Charitable Foundation contributed generously to the Loyalty Days celebration. They invited Lincoln City Police Officer (3rd picture, left) to be part of the American Flag entry to the Loyalty Days Queen Coronation. The tribe and honored guests honored the warriors of their ancestors as well as American military men and women. Here are the open and closing passages.

(Click image to play video)

There were performances by Teri Jernigan’s Dance and All That Jazz

(Click image to play video)

And of course there was the Loyalty Days Parade along with the big runners event prior to the parade itself. Lincoln City Police Officer Steven Dodds was the parade’s official Grand Marshall. And you might notice that a fire truck and a police car came roaring through the parade route early on. They were on a real call to help a distressed boater in the harbor.

Here are the parade entry results provided by Patty Louisiana, Loyalty Days:

Parade results for the 55th Annual Newport Loyalty Day Parade help Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Grand Sweepstakes – # 39 Shangri-La Corp.
Queen’s Trophy – # 62 Oregon Coast Community College
Newport Loyalty Days Court Trophy – # 79 Fred Meyer
Judge’s Trophy – #27 Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians / Siletz Royalty
Committee Trophy – # 54 Rogue Brewery
Best MountedCourt / Individual – # 41 Philomath Frolic and Rodeo
Best Mounted Group – # 63 Old Broad’s Riding Club
Bands 1st Place – # 21 Newport High School Marching Band
Bands 2nd Place – # 66 The Dalles High School Marching Band
Best Pre 1930 – Bob Undly in his 1928 Model A
Best Pre 1950 – Tommy Thompson
Best Pre 1960 – Paul Clayton
Best Pre 1970 – Charley Black
Best 1970 to Present – Lou Lane
Special Award – # 41 Newport Farmers Market
Special Award – # 77 The City of Newport / Cletic Festival
Special Award – # 59 Waldport Beach Combers Court
Special Award – # 43 Lebanon Starwberry Festival Court
Special Award – # 61 ME Fitness

Philomath area man arrested for stabbing deaths of his girlfriend and their 1 year old son

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Apr 302011

Benton County authorities report that they have arrested a Philomath area man after he stabbed his 19 year old girlfriend to death along with their 1 year old son sometime Saturday night. Charged with aggravated murder is Gustavo Martinez Aquepuncho, 20, who was arrested sometime after the crimes and was immediately lodged in the Benton County Jail.

Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson said he expects to file Aggravated Murder charges in Benton County Circuit Court on Monday on grounds that the crime involved more than one victim in the same episode and that one victim was under the age of 14.

Aquepuncho is set for arraignment on the charges Monday afternoon in Benton County Circuit Court.

Fleet of Flowers trolling for volunteers!

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Apr 302011

Volunteers for the Fleet of Flowers ceremony are needed for making wreaths and donating flowers. The 66th Annual Fleed of flowers will honor those lost at sea or who have lost their lives trying to save others.

This year’s Fleet of Flowers theme is “The Sea’s Toll.”

Anyone wanting to volunteer their time making wreaths may come to the Depoe Bay Community Hall on Bay Street, Tuesday 5/24 thru Sunday 5/29, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Even an hour of your time volunteering helps a great deal.

Those wishing to donate flowers for the wreath-making may do so Saturday 5/28 and Sunday 5/29 mornings. Please make sure to have adequate stems on the flowers. Any and all flowers are sincerely welcome.

To volunteer for wreath-making or donating flowers please contact Debby, 541-765-2150 or Tanya, 541-270-1508.