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No. Lincoln Fire does “quick save” of home on SW Harbor

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Aug 052011

A young Lincoln City mother and her toddler were surprised by a neighbor’s knock on her door yelling at her to get out of the house – that smoke was coming out of her attic vents. The woman grabbed her daughter and purse and headed for the street. Shortly thereafter, North Lincoln Fire/Rescue units pulled up in front of the house at SW Harbor and SW 65th. They quickly got into the attic and found smoldering electrical wiring. They took care of the wiring and checked for any possible fire extension elsewhere in the attic. They found none. Firefighters say there are many old homes along the Oregon Coast whose wiring has gotten moldy over the years and therefore has become a fire hazard. They say if your home is an older “senior dwelling” it wouldn’t hurt to check your wiring, especially any strung through the attic, just to be sure.

Very loud fireworks set off at 640 NW 55th. Newport Police on scene.

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Aug 052011

The phones at Lincom 9-1-1 were ringing off the hook this evening at 9:40 with reports of very loud explosions emanating from the vicinity of NW 55th. Calls came in from throughout the area that explosions were occurring and were clearly heard all the way south to the Coast Guard Lighthouse at Government Park.

Police are on scene investigating. They say it’s a large party.

Washington man pinned between two cars in Newport

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Aug 052011

Willers Motel, Newport

A Washington state man was pinned between two SUV’s at Willers Motel at Case and 101 in Newport this evening. A witness said she saw a white SUV rolling backwards in the parking lot with a man behind it shoving hard, trying to stop it before it hit another car. But the SUV kept rolling and pinned the man to another vehicle. She said the victim wiggled free but fell to the ground. Assistant Fire Chief Rob Murphy happened to be in the area, heard the call and was on scene in seconds. He helped to keep the victim properly positioned until paramedics could arrive. Upon their arrival, paramedics and fire/rescue got the man onto a gurney for a very short ride to PCH, just a block and a half away. The victim was alert and talking the entire time but obviously in a lot of pain.

Newport Police said it appears that the vehicle’s transmission may have malfunctioned, allowing the vehicle to roll backward although in gear. No apparent damage was done to the other vehicle.

Port of Toledo sues former tenant for back rent

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Aug 052011

Former renter building yachat

Port of Toledo Commissioners apparently got tired of waiting for one of their tenants to pay back rent. The port has decided to sue them. At one point there was talk about laying claim to some of the value of a new yachat that Pacific Expedition Yachts was building in an adjoining building, a craft which they eventually moved outside. Then one day the company hauled the project off to Astoria where they have their own facilities. Port officials said they moved it without paying the back rent. Hence, the lawsuit.

The port is suing for back rent and damage to the building.

Port Station One, Toledo

On a more positive note, the port has finally moved into their new offices at “Port Station One,” the old Toledo fire station at the top of Business Highway 20. The port bought the old fire hall from the city and has since renovated it and has subleased part of it to a provocative new approach to community-supported arts.

Summer Sports Camps in Toledo!

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Aug 052011

Provided by City of Toledo

There are going to be four Sports Camps offered this summer in conjunction with the City of Toledo. Registration forms are available at the Toledo Swimming Pool, and they should be returned to the pool. Checks should be made out to City of Toledo. For registration questions please contact Joe Andrews at 541-336-3181 or by email at

Boomer Football Skills Camp:
Grades 7-12
Aug 8-11 (M-W 10a-12p, Th. 11-1) at Memorial Field
Cost: $10
Boomer Football Skills camp is for those athletes who wish to learn more about not only their position, but teamwork as well. Positions to be covered are QB, RB, WR, TE, LB, DE and DB. Players will have individual work, but the emphasis will be on team play on both sides of the ball. Please wear cleats and athletic attire.

Boomer Football Kids Camp

Grades 2-8
Aug 15-18, 3-5 pm at Memorial Field
Cost: $40
Camp shirt will be given out at end of camp. Basic Skills and Fundamentals of Football will be taught by the High School staff and selected HS players.

Boomer Football HS Conditioning Camp
Grades 9-12
Aug 15-18, 5-7 pm at Memorial Field
Cost: $40
Camp shirt will be given out at end of camp
Basic Skills and Fundamentals of Football will be taught by the High School staff with an emphasis on conditioning.

Volleyball Camp
August 15-18
Grades 3-6: 4:00p to 5:30p
Grades 7-12: 5:30p to 7:30p
Cost: $20
For more information about the Volleyball Camp contact Janet Johnson at 541-867-4226

Joe Andrews
Aquatics/Recreation Manager
City of Toledo, Oregon
541-336-3181 Pool
541-351-0054 Mobile

Need job training or more education to improve your “hireability” or make your current job safer?

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Aug 052011

OCCC Photo

Colleges and universities across the country are bulging at the seams for a good reason. It’s the old saying about “The old world is gone but the new one hasn’t been born quite yet.” That’s why so many Americans are taking time out from their unemployment or normal routines to return to school to learn higher end job skills or get totally re-trained for up and coming new industries and services. And Oregon Coast Community College is doing its part to help local residents be better prepared for the new world of employment emerging all around us and the country.

Here is a list of classes being offered at Oregon Coast Community College for the Fall Semester. Click here!

Registration for returning students and for non-credit classes begins on September 12. Registration for new students begins on September 15. Classes begin on September 26.

Prospective students should
*take the college placement test at the Central County Campus (Newport) or North County Campus (Lincoln City). Placement
test information can be found at
*make a new student orientation/advising appointment. How to schedule an appointment can be found online.
*check the class schedule at
*register for classes online (advising required) at the times listed above. Log in at

For projected dates of future online schedules, please refer to OCCC’s academic calendars at the following link:

OCCC now has a revised Facebook page. It is a work in progress. If you haven’t done so already, please “friend” Oregon Coast Community College. We hope to include timely updates on what is going on at OCCC.. There will be several references to the OCCC web page:

For additional information, contact OCCC at 541 867-8501 (Central County Campus) or 541 996-4919 (North County Campus).

So what are you waiting for?

Artist Lynne Taylor featured at Coastal Arts Guild Luncheon

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Aug 042011

Click on photos to enlarge.

Gaston, OR artist Lynne Taylor to speak at Coastal Arts Guild Luncheon, Thursday, September 1st.

The first Thursday of each month, the Guild holds a luncheon for members and guests at the Visual Arts Center from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and invites Lincoln County residents interested in the arts to attend.

Always fascinated by the beauty of nature, science and spirituality, Lynne initially chose the science path, studying biology at the University of Buffalo and at Binghamton University graduate school, receiving a Biology and Teaching Master’s Degree. Eventually, wanting to be more available to her growing son, she changed her career to the artistic path. She continued to be inspired by the mysteries of the natural world, and by integrating science with spirituality, and she reflects these ideas in her paintings. Lynne often creates paintings based on an insight, a mental picture from a visioning meditation, a scientific conjecture, or a dream. She has also been working on a series involving her Celtic ancestry, using Celtic symbols and the rose, her birth flower.

Each painting has the goal of giving the viewer a new way to look at the universe, either from a tiny corner, or an expanded vision. Uniqueness is essential. Her collection includes Celtic Rose heritage paintings, paintings that are incorporations of science, spirituality and ancient history, dream image spiritual pieces, environmental statements, and the integration of all peoples: a vision
for world peace.

Oregon’s trees suck up nearly half of the state’s carbon footprint

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Aug 042011

When the endangered spotted owl came along and caused huge reductions in forest harvesting back in the 1990’s, it left a lot of trees standing doing what trees do best; sucking in carbon dioxide and putting out oxygen. A recent survey finds that this imbalance in harvesting has worked better than anyone thought in getting the state’s carbon footprint reduced by nearly 50%. The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.