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Rainbow show near the bridge…

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Feb 152018

Captain says: “Forget the crab! Go for the pot ‘o gold under the end of that rainbow!!”

The Coast Guard radios the captain “Hey, you missed the gold, it’s back here by the bridge!”
Doris Posner photos

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Volunteering to improve Lincoln City

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Feb 152018

Lincoln City
Volunteers needed to help steer the city….


The City of Lincoln City is accepting applications for the below listed boards and committees volunteer positions. An application is available on the city website at, “Boards and Committees”, or contact Cathy Steere, City Recorder at 541-996-1203.

Budget Committee
(Meets in the spring – usually in April/May)
Prepares a biennial budget for Lincoln City and the Urban Renewal Agency.

Must reside in the City.

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Planning Commission
(Meets every 1st and third Tuesday of every month)
Generally, the Planning Commission is responsible for assisting the City Council in developing and revising the city’s comprehensive plan and development standards that implement the plan (such as the zoning and subdivision ordinances).  The Commission also makes decisions on land use matters such as subdivisions, conditional use permits, planned unit developments, and variances. 

Master plans, such as the Walking and Biking Plan and Transportation System Plan, are reviewed by the Planning Commission before the City Council considers them for adoption.  The Planning Commission occasionally participates in joint work sessions on special topics with the City Council.
Position available for a City or Urban Growth Boundary resident.

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OSU President Ed Ray requests additional student application transparency…

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Feb 152018

OSU Corvallis
Courtesy photo

Corvallis – Oregon State University announced Thursday a new policy that will require all new and continuing students to self-report past felony convictions and registered sex offender status before enrolling in fall 2018 classes.

The new policy also provides support for these students’ educational success and for community safety.

“This policy affirms OSU’s almost 150-year land grant mission to welcome all educationally qualified students, including those rehabilitated from past crimes,” said OSU President Ed Ray. “Equally important, this policy prioritizes educational support and success for all students, and the safety of everyone in our community.

“The purpose of this self-disclosure policy is not to prevent students with these histories from enrolling, but rather to support the safety of the OSU community, and to support these students’ success as they progress through their education onto graduation.”

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The university already requires students to self-disclose certain felonies to live in a residence hall. As well, full criminal history checks with law enforcement agencies are required for employment or volunteering in sensitive university programs, such as working with minors. Steve Clark, OSU vice president for university relations and marketing, said the university receives reports from Oregon State Police regarding registered sex offenders attending OSU and precludes those students from living in the residence halls or working with minors. Meanwhile, some university programs do not accept students with certain felony histories, such as counseling programs in the College of Education and programs in the College of Pharmacy.

“This new policy advances many years of programming and commitment by Oregon State in student success and community safety,” Clark said.

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Going forward, a university committee will conduct a confidential case-by-case review of each of the self-disclosing students’ situations. Clark said OSU’s dean of student life then will determine any extracurricular engagement and participation limitations or requirements needed for safety involving a self-disclosed student. The dean also will provide support to self-disclosed students in their engagement activities. Clark also said OSU’s director of Public Safety periodically will meet individually with each self-disclosed student.

“Where there is not a safety risk posed by the student participating in an activity, OSU will support the student’s participation in programs and activities, and their success,” Clark said.

The new policy was recommended by a task force that Ray charged last year to review OSU’s admission and attendance policies for prospective students with prior criminal histories. The task force was made up of representatives from faculty, students and university administrative offices.

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Clark said the university did not want to require the self-reporting of past felonies during the application process because national studies have shown that this could act as a barrier for many students, especially for students of color, to enroll in college. Instead, the university’s new policy enables students to apply; be admitted and continue as students at OSU; and only then self-disclose a felony history or registered sex offender status prior to enrolling.

“This policy is not about this university’s public image,” Ray said. “It is about serving OSU’s educational mission, supporting student success and prioritizing community safety. This policy and all of my decisions always will be in alignment with Oregon State’s mission, values and commitments.

“We want all students to have the knowledge of OSU’s strongly held belief in the power of education. We want all students to know the benefits that are provided all students by their engagement and participation in experiential learning opportunities. Moreover, we want them to understand that Oregon State promotes the opportunity for all individuals, including those who are rehabilitated, to develop their talents and contribute as members of society.”

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Traffic Crash on Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport – Southbound lane blocked

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Feb 152018

Northbound Yaquina Bay Bridge traffic backed up behind rear-ender accident at north end.
Dean Sawyer photo

Report of a rear-ender traffic crash on Newport’s Yaquina Bay Bridge. Southbound lane is blocked. Unknown if any injuries. Emergency responders are enroute.

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Oregon Legislature tackles guns and domestic violence issue…

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Feb 152018

State Capitol

By a vote of 37 to 23 the Oregon House of Representatives has passed and sent on to the Senate a bill that would ban gun ownership for those convicted of domestic violence, including stalking. The bill passed 37 to 23 and now heads for the Senate for its review. Here’s more from the Oregonian. Click here.

North Lincoln Fire Department: “We need new fire engines and equipment and HQ improvements…”

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Feb 152018

The North Lincoln Fire District Board Wednesday night decided to put a measure on the May Ballot asking residents of their district for a 19-cent per thousand property tax increase. The $6.3 million dollar levy would buy new fire equipment, including a ladder truck and fire engines to replace aging equipment as well as upgrading the district’s 25th Street fire district headquarters.

Fire Chief Doug Kerr told News Lincoln County that the levy request has been long-time coming and that there will be a concerted effort to talk face-to-face with the public and local community service groups to clarify what is needed and how it will make residents of Lincoln City and surrounding areas safer and more secure – whether they’re in their homes or out and about in the community.

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Chief Kerr says they’re refining their information on district needs, and will soon begin engaging north county residents to explain it all in specific detail. will be part of the fire district’s public outreach efforts which will involve written information to the public on what’s behind the tax levy increase, which, again, will appear on the May Ballot.

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Logger injured in logging accident northeast of Lincoln City

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Feb 152018

Thursday morning a logger was hit by a falling tree deep in the woods off Highway 22 northeast of Otis. Reports from the scene indicate that the logger suffered two broken legs.


Life Flight air ambulance has picked up the injured man and is now flying him to a Salem hospital.