Nov 222014
Blue Heron Ken Gagne

Blue Heron
Ken Gagne

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Nov 222014

vac reception

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Nov 222014
Pond up the Alsea Ken Gagne

Pond up the Alsea
Ken Gagne

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Nov 222014
If you've seen Wilbur call

If you’ve seen Wilbur call 970-901-8889

Wilbur is missing! He is a 50 pound white dog with light brown patches that went missing from South Beaver Creek Road near Bayview Road in Waldport. Wilbur not wearing his collar.

Please call 970-901-8889 with any information.

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Nov 222014

surplus sale

School District Surplus Sale Extended
Sunday, November 23rd 10am – 4pm!!!

To raise funds for the Waldport High School small engines class and racing program, Lincoln County School District is EXTENDING the surplus sale at the Arcadia School in Toledo.

Items to be sold include equipment and supplies from the school building, located at 1811 NE Arcadia Drive, in Toledo!

Daniel Wirick, the shop and technology teacher Waldport High, says his small engines and racing program is buzzing with activity. Plans for a Mow Down racing event in the spring are underway with excited students ready to take on the challenge. The program is looking to grow with after school activities and clubs. The surplus sale will help to fund these programs, giving students with an interest in engineering a place to apply themselves.

Everything must go!!

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Nov 222014

An old battered sign comes down in Waldport Saturday, 101 @ Hemlockl

An old battered sign comes down in Waldport Saturday, 101 @ Hemlock

Old sign - headed for the old sign burial ground.

Old sign – headed for the old sign burial ground.

Ahhh...much better! Leslie Souza photos

Ahhh…much better!
Leslie Souza photos

Leslie Souza and hubby opened their Waldport Chocolate Frog store some months back. And they really did a nice job renovating the inside of the place, right there on the southeast corner of 101 and Hemlock (34). The only blemish to the outside seemed to be a bent and weather-beaten sign on top of the building that, to its credit, has probably survived as many wind storms as Terry Thompson has out at sea.

Ramsey Signs came out, got on the roof, unbolted the sign and gently lowered it down onto the parking lot.

Instant urban renewal!

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Nov 222014
Coast Guard  File photo

Coast Guard
File photo

The Coast Guard received a call last evening that someone on the beach at Roads End heard cries for help coming from somewhere beyond the surfline. On the beach were some shoes with footprints leading to the water.

A Coast Guard helo and motor lifeboat searched last evening and resumed their search this morning from Roads end northward to the mouth of the Salmon River. Lincoln City Police say there have been no reports of anyone missing.

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Nov 222014

Chris Burns Weather

Saturday, Nov. 22nd – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday’s storm really packed a wallop. It was a classic fast-moving Autumn tempest with vigorous southwest winds and buckets of rain. The peak wind gust in our Central Coast communities was at Yachats where the anemometer spun-up to 63 mph. Other top gusts in the area were 70 mph on the Yaquina Bay Bridge, 82 mph at Sea Lion Caves, 90 mph atop Mary’s Peak in the Coast Range east of Newport, and the highest recorded in Oregon was 123 mph on the south side of Mt. Hood. Locally, thermometers homed-in on 60F and total precipitation amounts were up to an inch and a half. The breeze and rain reached their zenith in the late afternoon and began trailing off through the evening. It was basically all over by midnight. This morning, the southwest wind had fallen to 10-15 mph, it was mostly cloudy, foggy in spots, showery and temps were in the low-50s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 58F/53F/46mph/1.50”
Depoe Bay: 58F/52F/58mph/1.42”
Newport: 57F/52F/56mph/1.21”
Waldport: 58F/50F/50mph/0.88”
Yachats: 59F/51F/63mph/1.51”

Forecast: While the storm has passed, we’re not out of the wet woods just yet. The breeze will be considerably lighter today at 15-20 mph but gusting to 30 mph in heavy showers and possible thunderstorms; high about 55F. Tonight, look for a WON SHOWERScontinued threat of showers and a chance of thunderstorms, light winds and the mercury dipping to around 45F. Rain is likely again tomorrow as another front comes in with sou’westers 15-20 mph gusting 30 or better and high temps again of 55F. Outlook is for mostly cloudy skies and a 50-50 chance of showers/rain during the week ahead including the holiday period Thursday through Sunday.

Thanksgiving Day… Chance of showers, high 55F, low 45F.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, showers and breezy with temps around 50F. Highway 34 has standing water on the pavement at Alsea Mountain summit, near Milepost 38. Valley destinations are expecting showers and highs of 50-55F. For the Cascades, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for 5-10 inches of snow on the highways through tomorrow. There are already numerous areas of snow and ice on the pavement this morning; the snow level is at 3,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is showers and wet pavement at the lower elevations, but significant snowfall on the Cascade highways continuing tonight and tomorrow. Carry chains or traction tires, and be prepared to use them, if you plan to cross the Cascades.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 3”, a loss of 2” since yesterday; an overall loss of 4″ during the past seven days.

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Hoodoo 0”/4”/Closed
Willamette Pass 0”/3”/Closed
Mt. Bachelor 0”/15”/Opens Monday
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 0”/6”/Tubing Hill open today and tomorrow
Mt. Hood Meadows 0”/11”/Closed today, possible opening tomorrow
Timberline 0”/6”/Bruno’s Lift open today, limited terrain

Marine: The breeze is down to SW 10-15 knots with gusts to 20 this morning and seas are square 10 footers at 10 WON SCAseconds. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay bar is closed to all recreational vessels, and to uninspected passenger vessels 36 feet and less. Yaquina Bay bar is closed to recreational vessels 34 feet and less at Buoy 7. A Small Craft Advisory for winds is in effect through this afternoon. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas is in place until late tonight. Winds veering to westerly 15-20 knots gusting 25 today along with very rough seas 13 feet at 13 seconds, and there’s a chance of thunderstorms. Tonight, expect a SW breeze 15 knots occasionally gusting to 25 and seas hovering around 13 feet. Another front pushes through tomorrow bringing sou’westers 20-25 knots with rough square seas remaining around 13 feet at 13 seconds. Outlook is for southerlies 15-25 knots through Wednesday and seas slowly subsiding from 12 to 8 feet.

On the Beach… Showers, breezy, surf 12 feet (high).
* Stay off of jetties and offshore rocks, and be extremely watchful on rocky shores or sandy beaches today. These areas may be periodically inundated by surf, especially during this morning’s high tide. Be aware of sneaker waves that will be significantly higher than those that precede or follow them. Never turn your back on the ocean.
* Tides
11/22 Sat 11:15 AM 9.43 H
11/22 Sat 06:11 PM -0.96 L
11/23 Sun 12:49 AM 7.39 H
11/23 Sun 05:53 AM 3.07 L

In Short: Showers, possible thunderstorms, moderate wind, then showers.

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Nov 222014

North Lincoln County Fire was rushing to a report of flames seen on the east side of Devils Lake. It’s a slash burn. State Department of Forestry burn. All fire units returning to base.

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Nov 222014

Deputies find driver and friends trying to winch the vehicle back up to the road. Driver uninjured.

A vehicle has been spotted off road and down an embankment in the Deer Creek/Baber Road area south of Highway 20. No sign of anyone around. Looks to be an old accident according to initial reports. Sheriff’s deputies are enroute.

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