A message from the Central Oregon Coast Fire-Rescue District Board

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Apr 292016

central coast fire logo


Too often we take for granted the services of our emergency first responders – the brave, dedicated Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who respond within minutes to offer their skilled assistance, whether it’s a medical emergency, fire, auto accident or a welfare check. We are proud of our well-trained, dedicated VOLUNTEERS and paid staff.

But right now our local fire district is in a financial crisis. We lost two of our four paid fighter/paramedics recently because we didn’t have the funds to meet the payroll.

The Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue District operates on a tax levy of just 82 cents per $1000 of value of taxable property in the district. Eighty-two cents was adequate in the early years of the district, but today our funding is now in the bottom 1/3 of fire districts in the state.

Overall operating costs have increased substantially since the district was created in 1998. Training requirements for VOLUNTEERS and staff have become much more involved, and many people can no longer invest the time required to be an active volunteer firefighter or EMT. Our budget is stretched beyond its limits with the cost of vehicles, insurance, fuel, wages, training, equipment, dispatch fees, utilities, supplies….the list goes on and on.

A ballot measure has been drafted for the May 17, 2016 election asking for a 5-year serial levy of $1.27 per $1000 assessed value of property within the district to help fill our large budget gap. This would produce a property tax increase of $127 per year on a $100,000 house to ensure that our fire district will be able to continue responding to medical calls, accidents and fires in the Waldport and Tidewater areas.

Please talk to your friends and neighbors. Feel free to ask questions of our fire board. And above all, imagine what you would do in an emergency without our local firefighters and medical first responders. This CRISIS affects not only those of us in Waldport, but everyone along Highway 34 to the 23-mile marker. In addition, the level of fire protection available determines the cost of insurance for our homes and businesses.

Equally important is quick response by trained medical professionals in life or death situations. Although Central Coast no longer provides ambulance services, Pacific-West Ambulance, which already provides ambulance service in many areas of Lincoln County, has stepped in to provide those services and are already operating out of our fire station. Literally nothing has changed in terms of response times or quality of medical services.

Again, please help us maintain and improve our fire fighting, fire prevention and the level of first responder (EMT) medical assistance to Waldport and Tidewater area residents. Please vote yes on measure 21-167.

The Central Oregon Coast Fire-Rescue District Board

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AARP Offers “Smart Driver” Class in Newport

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Apr 292016

aarp.logoThe AARP refresher class for all licensed Oregon drivers will be held in Newport on May 3 (Tuesday) from 9 AM to 4 PM at the Oregon Coast Community College campus in South Beach. Room #140.

The new 6 hour course has been totally upgraded with a new curriculum that addresses updated driving technologies as well as medical aspects of the aging driver, and other research-based information. Successful completion of the course may entitle you to a discount on your auto insurance.

Through the use of videos and discussions, the instructor will cover many topics, including the new driver and pedestrian laws; changes in vision and hearing as we get older (the aging human brain) and tips for handling these changes; reaction times; driving in inclement weather; collisions and how to avoid them; modern vehicle technologies; and many more subjects helping those attending to become more effective and smarter drivers.

Class size is limited, so reservations should be made. For reservations contact RSVP at 541-574-2684. There is a fee of $20 (to cover supplies). If you are an AARP member (bring AARP card), the fee is $15. The check should be made out to AARP.
Thank you.

Don Ashley – POB 1623 – Waldport, OR 97394 – 541-563-3074

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Need a little work down around the house? – Call Rosetta!

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Apr 292016

Rosetta says:

Just a reminder •~• I need some work! WIDE OPEN for Saturday • Sunday • Monday •~• I have basic gardening tools (sorry, no weed eater). Weather is supposed to be nice! Would love to find some yard work this weekend, pulling weeds, trimming, cutting back the berry bushes. Or… organizing the garage, tool shed… WHAT DO YOU NEED DONE? Call Rosetta 541• 999 • 7162

dragon fly rose ad

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Climate Change and Salmon…

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Apr 292016
Spring Chinook Cooks Creek east of Toledo

Spring Chinook
Cooks Creek east of Toledo

Survival in times of change: climate and salmon of the Oregon Coast Range
Thursday, May 5th @ 6:30pm
Central Lincoln Peoples Utility District
2129 N Coast Hwy, Newport, OR 97365

The public is invited to a talk by researcher Rebecca Flitcroft at the MidCoast Watersheds Council meeting on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at 6:30 pm in Newport, to learn about salmon and climate change. The meeting will be held in the public meeting room at the Central Lincoln PUD building, located at 2129 N Coast Hwy in Newport, across from the Safeway complex.  Refreshments will be served.

Dr. Rebecca Flitcroft is a Research Fish Biologist with the USDA Forest Service at the Pacific Northwest Research Station in Oregon.  Her research focuses on aquatic systems from the headwaters to the ocean. She uses both statistical and physical representations of stream networks and estuaries in analysis and monitoring to more realistically represent system complexity and connectivity for aquatic species.

In her work, Rebecca has collaborated with federal, state, private and non-profit organizations.

Native aquatic species are adapted to survive in the range of environmental conditions present in their natural habitats. This adaptation reflects past survival and reproduction by members of the population. In the Pacific Northwest, few species have such diverse behaviors as salmonids. This reflects the complexity of their genetic lineage and allows them to survive in remarkably variable and dynamic stream conditions.

One questions scientists are asking is how well salmonids will survive under future climates that may affect their habitats from small headwater streams to salty tidal channels. In this talk, Dr. Flitcroft will discuss the development and adaptation of Pacific salmon to Northwest stream environments, and some of the changes we may expect to see in the future.

Please join us Thursday May 5th at 6:30 for this presentation.

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Newport Public Works returns! Finds the leak!

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Apr 292016

Water leak under Eads @ 9th in Newport.  Second time was the charm.

Water leak under Eads @ 9th in Newport. Second time was the charm.

Quick fix and they were good to go...

Quick fix and they were good to go…

Newport Public Works crews were out to 9th and Eads a couple of times this week, trying to figure out just where, under many square yards of asphalt, a water leak was coming from.

Initially they wrote it off to high ground water. But then it kept getting worse. So they returned today and crews decided to check where there was the LEAST water and that was the source! Go figure.

One neighbor described it this way: “They finally did find a water leak in the main line on the other side of the street. It was a two inch crack in a plastic pipe. It’s funny that the side of the street with the smaller water leak was the side it was actually leaking from.
Today they are patching the holes and everything is good!”

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200th Food Handler’s Card awarded at Lincoln County Jail

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Apr 292016
200 inmates have earned a food handlers card to enhance employability.

200 inmates have earned a food handlers card to enhance employability.

The Lincoln County Jail recently awarded its 200th Oregon Food Handler’s Card to a member of the Culinary Work Crew.

Since 2012, inmates working in the kitchen have been given the opportunity to study for and take the Oregon Food Handler’s test. Upon passing the test, inmate workers are given a copy of their earned Oregon Food Handler’s card. When released, this card is a valuable asset in attaining full-time employment in the community.

The cost of the card and testing is $10, however, the funds used to pay for the card comes from the revenue of the inmate commissary purchases so there is no cost to the taxpayers of Lincoln County. Several inmates have taken the experience they gained while working in a high volume, commercial kitchen at the Lincoln County Jail, and sought employment with service and hospitality businesses in our community.

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Major accident at Otter Crest Loop and 101

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Apr 292016
Truck and trailer dodges oncoming car, jack-knife's and dumps crane.

Truck and trailer dodges oncoming car, jack-knife’s and dumps crane.
Rexanne Payne Winters photos

otter crest crane crash 2 rexanne payne winters

From the south, Lissa Parker photo

From the south, Lissa Parker photo


Truck looks pretty beat up and mangled...

Truck looks pretty beat up…Kathy Clint photo



The mini-lift looks sorta bent... photo

The mini-lift looks sorta bent

Depoe Bay Fire issued a full response to a semi versus vehicle on highway 101 at the south end of Otter Crest Loop. The semi was hauling a small crane, and swerved to avoid a sedan, to no avail. The sedan was hit and the semi flipped on its side. A witness believes there is one person trapped in the semi.

Arriving Pacific West Ambulance crew saying there is no one trapped in the semi. The crane detached from the trailer and knocked out a guard rail. Also saying the southbound lanes are completely blocked.

The southbound lanes are blocked by the accident and the northbound lanes are being obstructed by fire and medical apparatus.

2 other medical calls are taxing the resources of Depoe Bay Fire and Pacific West Ambulance. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police have been called on to provide additional resources to assist with traffic control.

ODOT has arrived at the scene of the crash to take over traffic control from fire personnel and sheriff’s deputies.

The driver of the semi is being taken to PCH in Newport, no lights, no sirens.

CALL FOR CITIZEN PHOTOS: Email to: Dave@NewsLincolnCounty.com

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Judge rules initiative against pesticide spraying in Lincoln County okay to put on the ballot – Immediately challenged by forestry companies

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Apr 292016

Herbicide and pesticide spraying in Oregon forests. Archive photo

Herbicide and pesticide spraying in Oregon forests.
Archive photo

A non-profit group trying to stop pesticide spraying in Lincoln County forests, because, they claim, it gets into all the creeks and rivers that people are exposed to, as well as people and their properties being contaminated by the spray, have had their efforts to put the issue before the voters ratified by a circuit court judge.

The group Citizens for a Healthy Lincoln County celebrated the court’s permission to allow voter signature petitions to be circulated in an effort to get the issue on the Lincoln County ballot this November.

But the celebration was cut short.

Attorneys for the Oregon Small Woodlands Association stepped in and, at least temporarily, turned out the lights on the anti-pesticide group’s movement. The association’s attorney convinced the court to consider whether the association’s ballot title was legal. The woodland’s attorney contends the ballot title is both unfair and insufficient and should be sent back to the drawing board.

A spokesman for the Citizens for a Healthy Lincoln County disputes the claim pointing out that the Lincoln County District Attorney authored the ballot title and that the initiative itself was deemed qualified to be on the ballot after a review by the Lincoln County County Clerk.

Attorneys for both sides are reportedly negotiating the situation. But proponents of the measure going onto the ballot in November feel they have the higher ground and that the ballot issue will be there this fall.

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