Nov 252014

Over two tons of food donated to Food Share

Over two tons of food donated to Food Share

Food to be distributed throughout the county in time for Turkey Day

Food to be distributed throughout the county in time for Turkey Day

Thriftway Helps “Bag Local Hunger”

Thriftway stores in Newport, Lincoln Beach and Toledo joined together this month to Bag Local Hunger in Lincoln County. The three week event raised 4,344 pounds of food for emergency programs throughout the community.

“Although pantries and hot meal sites operate year-round, the need for food assistance increases in the winter months, when seasonal work decreases and the holidays are upon us”, states Nancy Mitchell, Executive Director.

Food Share’s network of partner agencies provides emergency food and hot meals to over 1800 families each month. “We’re grateful for the support of our community Thriftway stores, local shoppers, and for other generous partners such as Bigfoot Beverages, who transported the food to Food Share for distribution to multiple agencies.”

For more information regarding Food Share of Lincoln County, call 541-265-8578 or go online to

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Nov 252014

North Lincoln Fire is enroute to a report of a dumpster fire at Water’s Edge Condos at 5201 SW 101. Heavy smoke in the area.

First fire unit on scene says flames coming out of the dumpster.

Fire is building, consuming plastic recycling bins.

Fire’s out.

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Nov 252014

Chris Burns Weather

Tuesday, Nov. 25th – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday tracked on the forecast with a little sunshine in the morning and rain developing between lunch and dinner. About a quarter inch of precipitation was accompanied by sou’westers 15-25 mph with a few higher gusts and the thermometer was in the upper-50s. Yachats pulled off a trifecta with the most rain, the highest wind gust and the warmest temperature. The steady rain turned to showers in the late evening and continued dripping on us through the night. Low temps were little different from the highs. This morning it was cloudy, showery, foggy in spots and the southwest wind was still gusting 20-25 mph.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 58F/49F/22mph/0.16”
Depoe Bay: 57F/48F/31mph/0.25”
Newport: 55F/45F/31mph/0.17”
Waldport: 58F/46F/24mph/0.17”
Yachats: 59F/49F/36mph/0.33”

Forecast: Your turkey’s feathers should start to dry out later today as rain diminishes and the breeze eases with highs of 55-60F. Areas of fog are expected to develop this afternoon and tonight under mostly cloudy skies, the mercury settles to a low of about 50F. Tomorrow is projected to be WON SHOWERSmainly dry with a high near 60F and light winds.

Thanksgiving Holiday Period… So you don’t have to pluck wet feathers, coax the bird into the coop by tomorrow night before rain returns. Windy and rainy on Thanksgiving Day, and then more rain is likely through Sunday, highs of 50-55F, lows near 45F.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, a chance of rain with 50-55F. Valley destinations are also expecting some rain and highs of 55-60F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast is rain with temps near 55F. For the Cascades, rainy and breezy; the snow level is at 8,000 feet.

Outlook for Holiday Travelers… Rainy with wet pavement Wednesday night through Sunday night at the lower elevations. Spots of ice are possible in the Coast Range Saturday night and Sunday night. The Gorge may also have icy areas Saturday through Sunday. Cascade highways should be wet until sometime Saturday when the snow level plummets to 3,000 feet and then snow remains likely through Sunday night. Carry chains or traction tires, and be prepared to use them.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 13”, a loss of 2” since yesterday; an overall gain of 7″ during the past seven days.

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Hoodoo 0”/3”/Closed
Willamette Pass 0”/6”/Closed
Mt. Bachelor 0”/21”/Open, packed powder
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 6”/18”/Tubing Hill open Thu-Sun
Mt. Hood Meadows 10”/19”/Open Fri-Sun
Timberline 7”/17”/Closed

Marine: Rough seas continue this morning, 10 feet at 8 seconds, and winds are SSW 15-20 knots gusting to 25. A WON SCASmall Craft Advisory for hazardous seas is in effect until 9:00am. Seas are expected to subside to 8 feet and lengthen to 13 seconds later today; SW winds should be fairly steady around 15 knots with gusts to 20. Ditto tonight. Tomorrow and Thursday, another weather system impacts local waters producing a southerly breeze of 20-25 knots gusting 30 with seas 7 feet building to 10 feet on Thanksgiving Day. Outlook is for W wind 20-25 knots on Friday; swells 10 feet. An easterly breeze of 10-15 knots and seas about 8 feet are predicted for Saturday.

On the Beach… Showers, breezy, surf 8-10 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
11/25 Tue 07:25 AM 3.27 L
11/25 Tue 01:20 PM 9.22 H
11/25 Tue 08:19 PM -1.07 L
11/26 Wed 03:09 AM 7.58 H

In Short: Showers ending, moderate winds, drying, patchy fog, then rain returning.

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Nov 252014
Coast Guard Air Rescue Helo

Coast Guard Air Rescue Helo

News Conference – public invited: Newport City Hall, City Council Chambers
1pm, Tuesday

Fishermen’s Wives, Lincoln County, the City of Newport, and the Port of Newport have joined in a lawsuit to stop the Coast Guard from closing down their air rescue helicopter facility at the Newport Airport. They’re filing the request for an injuction tomorrow, Tuesday, in Federal Court in Eugene.

The lawsuit will ask a federal judge to put a hold on the closure until the Coast Guard goes through all the legal steps required before they can take such action. The lawsuit adds that one of those steps is to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that takes into account all the impacts that such a base closure would create – something the Coast Guard has not done. In short, a letter to the community saying goodbye doesn’t cut it.

Unless otherwise exempted, the Coast Guard must comply with the NEPA requirements. Fishermen’s Wives attorney Michael Haglund, a well known maritime attorney in Portland says, this is not the first time the Coast Guard has been caught trying to cut corners on an important decision. He says the only exemption from complying with NEPA is if it’s specifically stated in an appropriations bill, which does not exist in this case.

Haglund says there are hundreds of legal cases in which the Forest Service, the BLM, the military and other federal agencies, have been stopped from taking certain actions because to do so would violate NEPA provisions. Haglund says he fully expects the federal judge to issue a court order to cease facility shutdown proceedings until the NEPA requirements are fulfilled and fulfilled properly. Haglund added that the process would take at least six months which will allow enough time for Oregon’s Congressional Delegation to take the situation to Congress and find the money to keep the base open. A similar request is being sought by the state of South Carolina which is also protesting a similar closure of a Coast Guard facility on its coast.

Many Central Coast communities have protested the impending shut down of the helo station. Anyone falling overboard from a commercial or charter fishing boat, from a cliff or simply swept out in a rip current would face a near-certain death sentence because of the time it takes for a Coast Guard motor lifeboat to get to them. Without the air rescue capabilities which can pluck victims from the cold waters off the Oregon Coast, or to lower a water pump down to a leaking vessel to keep it afloat until it reaches port, lives and property would be lost as a matter of routine. Insurance rates for fishermen and other marine related activities would rise substantially in light of a near-complete abandonment of the Coast Guard’s rapid response mission to protect the coast and all those who live along it or make their living just offshore.

These and other points would have to be evaluated and proper attention paid to them before an agency could act on a closure as contemplated by the Coast Guard.

The filing of the request for an injunction against the Coast Guard will occur Tuesday morning at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene, followed by a news conference at the Newport City Council chambers Tuesday afternoon at 1pm.

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Nov 252014

Getting Devils Lake Sewered

Efforts to provide city sewer service to portions of Devils Lake continued last night before the Lincoln City City Council – and it was a bit bumpy due to the fact that part of the area the city wanted to include in its first installment decided they didn’t want to give the city an easement to lay more pipe. The city had originally included the Lake Cove Drive area of the lake but homeowners wouldn’t grant the city the easements for the pipes and pump stations.

Although Lake Cove was included in last year’s plans the number of homes they would add to the larger area being sewered was not all that significant, according to city staff. The project could go on without their 15 homes because there are over 50 other homes in the NE Voyager, Lake Drive and 15th street area that want the sewer extended to their properties – and they’re ready to move forward.

So to prevent any stalling in the city’s efforts to get the lake sewered, and hopefully restore higher water quality by reducing sewer inflow from old, tired or broken septic systems that predominate around the lake, the council decided to go with the area that wants sewer service and leave Lake Cove on their own until they request to be hooked up to city sewer service. Under the revised plan approved by council, those 15 homeowners will have to pay their full fair share when they eventually hook up.

City staff seemed happy with the decision in that they’ll be able to install city sewer to replace old and/or failing septic systems that are leaking into the lake. After the homes are hooked up, the city will be able get more experience with the hybrid system they’re using to extend the service to those 50 or so homes. If it works out as well as city staff believes it will, it will likely entice other homeowners around the lake to get off their septics and join the effort to get the whole lake sewered.

Approving Medical Marijuana Sales in Lincoln City

After months of discussions and a lot of “back and forth” with various community leaders in Lincoln City, the City Council approved rules regulating medical marijuana dispensaries inside their city limits. Although the council had tossed around the idea of keeping the dispensaries one thousand feet away from churches, pre-school facilities and 2,000 feet from another dispensary, the council threw them all out. They reasoned that there are over 20 churches in Lincoln City, and to honor a 1,000 foot radius around all the churches would ensure no medical marijuana dispensaries could legally set up shop anywhere in the city. The same reasoning was used to eliminate the 1,000 foot spacing between preschool and day care facilities because history shows that such operations move around all the time and would, if the law was taken literally, bump dispensaries out of business altogether by being so mobile. And the idea of no dispensary being allowed to set up within 2,000 feet of another dispensary also appeared onerous to those who are licensed by the state and are, by law dispensing medicine. So the Council threw that out too.

However, the council did approve some regulations that are more strict than those originally handed down by the state legislature. Dispensaries wanting to set up shop in Lincoln City will be limited to strictly commercially zoned properties and they’ll have to properly dispose of any marijuana “waste” that is generated inside the dispensary. The owner of “Pipe Dreams” dispensary said those provisions should not be a problem for his or other dispensary businesses.

New medical marijuana dispensary applicants will soon be able to seek a city license and be ready to set up shop after January first, when the city’s current dispensary moratorium expires.

Citizens sound off in latest city wide survey

City Manager David Hawker reported to the council that the latest city-wide citizens survey was complete and returned to city hall – 42% of all registered voters filling them out and ensuring the surveys got back to city hall. Hawker said in some ways nothing has change – but in others there has been some new wrinkles.

Here’s a quick graph showing how respondents feel about the way they want to see Lincoln City grow, or not grow in the foreseeable future.

Courtesy Lincoln City

Courtesy Lincoln City

As you can see respondents fully support the construction of more affordable housing for lower income families – that they want more apartments being built to accommodate lower wage earners but also more single family homes. But they want less vacation home rentals, hotels and motels.

When it came to subject areas that are the most important to the respondents the big winners were Quality Health Care, Lower Crime, Quality Neighborhoods, Family Wage Jobs and Lincoln City’s beaches and ocean.

How to fund repairs to Lincoln City’s aging streets

City Manager David Hawker then pointed to the survey’s confusing tabulation about how city residents want to fund street improvements and repairs. As you can see from the list below, everybody wants better streets, but the town looks evenly split on how they disagree with each other over how to fund it all. It prompted Hawker to admonish the council that funding street repairs is going to be a tough job for the next city council.

All want the streets fixed but can't agree on where the money should come from...

All want the streets fixed but can’t agree on where the money should come from…

Hawker reminded the council that when streets are not properly maintained or renovated, they deteriorate all the way through to the road bed. At that point, he said, things get really expensive. It’s much better to maintain your investment than to neglect it, lose it, and have to pay for everything all over again.

The full citizens survey is available for public viewing on line on the city’s website. To take a look just click here.

Lincoln City to add “flexibility” in approving stores exceeding 60,000 square feet

And the city council put the kabosh on plans by the owner of Lighthouse Square properties to expand his facility for the likes of Fred Meyer or other so-called “Big Box” stores. The owner wanted the city to modify city codes to allow him to create a store larger than 60,000 square feet by modifying some of the buildings he already has on site. The council said it wants to keep a lid on excessively large stores that would diminish Lincoln City’s hometown feel and smaller, human scale shopping experiences. They said they didn’t want giant stores with huge concrete walls surrounded by acres of parking bereft of landscaping.

But the council did come back half-way to say they would be willing to discuss strategies for property owners to expand their stores involving second stories, among other things, as long as they give something back like landscaping, attractive architecture and other “softening amenities.” They said the city’s current system seeks to maintain the city’s traditional small town feel and its small town shopping experience. The council instructed staff to refer the issue to the city planning commission for further study. When the commission has a proposed re-make of how to accommodate larger stores they can send it back up to the council for review and possible approval.

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Nov 252014
Port of Newport Administration Building being put on back burner...

Port of Newport Administration Building on Bay Boulevard being put on back burner?

Newport Port Commissioners will be asked Tuesday evening to strongly consider not moving ahead with the long planned construction of a new port headquarters building – that is – until the port’s finances are a bit stronger.

In a memo to his port commissioners, Port General Manager Kevin Greenwood said the port’s main income generator to help pay for the renovations to the International Terminal, log exporting company Teevin Brothers, is forecasting a continued slow down in Chinese demand for raw logs from the U.S. Greenwood said that Teevin Brothers predicts a continued slow down in shipments to China so there likely will be substantially fewer ships being loaded at the International Terminal bound for the Orient. Therefore income to the port will be appreciably less than earlier envisioned.

Greenwood said after evaluating the port’s financial reserves and the impact of a prolonged log export slow down, now may not be the time to be adding a million dollar administration building to the port’s debt service. But at the same time, Greenwood said he believes the export slowdown will be temporary and that the port will pull through just fine and that the administration building will be built eventually.

Greenwood adds that the future looks bright for the port in that tourism cruise ships can be added to the terminal’s list of mooring customers and that other industries will certainly be using the terminal.

The Newport Port Commission will be talking about this and other issues coming before the commission Tuesday night, 6pm at the South Beach Marina Activities Room. The public is always cordially invited to attend.

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Nov 242014

lazer calendar text 1lazer calendar flyer 2

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Nov 242014

seal rock garden club xmas poster

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Nov 242014

newport most wanted

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Nov 242014
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weekly real estate report 11-23-14

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