DUII in downtown Newport

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Oct 252016

Car into power pole Angle at 2nd Newport   NPD photo

Car into power pole
Angle at 2nd
Newport NPD photo

Driver lost control and drove it up a set of guy support wires on power pole. NPD photo

Driver lost control and drove it up a set of guy support wires on power pole.
NPD photo

Newport Police Officers this week responded to a single vehicle crash near the intersection of SW Angle and SW 2nd. Luis Angel Landa-Jamie, age 19 of Newport, was operating his vehicle in the area and struck a PUD power pole. During the crash Landa-Jamie’s vehicle became entangled with the power pole support lines, and was hanging from the lines about four feet off the ground.

When Newport Police Officers arrived, they discovered Landa-Jamie had fled the scene. However, while Newport Police units were conducting their investigation, Landa-Jamie was transported back to the scene by an associate. When Landa-Jamie saw that the police were at the scene of the crash, Landa-Jamie jumped out of his associate’s vehicle and again ran off. Newport Police Officers gave chase overtaking Landa-Jamie two blocks away. Landa-Jamie was taken into custody.

It was learned that a female passenger in Landa-Jamie’s vehicle had hit her head during the crash, and was injured. Landa-Jamie had fled the scene without rendering any aid to the injured passenger.

During the investigation it was also determined Landa-Jamie had been drinking. A DUII investigation revealed that Landa-Jamie was impaired. He was transported to the Lincoln County Jail for a breath analysis, which he refused. Newport Police Officers received a search warrant to obtain a blood sample from Landa-Jamie. He was transported to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital where the blood draw was conducted. Landa-Jamie was cited and released to hospital staff.

He was cited on the following charges: DUII; Felony Hit and Run—Injury; Hit and Run—Property; Reckless Endangering; Minor in Possession Liquor.

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact the Newport Police Department. The Newport Police Tip Line is available at 541-574-5455, or Text- a-Tip at 541-270-1856.

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Weather or Not: 20 Out of 30

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Oct 252016

wxon-cbTuesday, Oct. 25th – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday kicked off with a bang as the most wind and rain for the day came before noon. Precipitation totals were around half an inch, though a cloudburst in Lincoln City produced nearly an inch. By afternoon, we were peeking out from under the overcast umbrella looking at a lot of blue off to the west. It was a little cooler with highs mainly in the upper-50s; Yachats hit 60F for the warmest temp on the Central Coast. Mostly cloudy skies prevailed after dark with a handful of light showers coming through overnight and southerly winds gusting 25 mph or so. This morning, clouds covered most of the sky, moderate winds blew from the southeast and more showers were on the radar. (No surprise that there are showers around this morning. It has rained 20 out of the last 30 October 25ths, 1986-2016).

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: scattered @ 3,200’, 4,000’ & 5,500’
Visibility: 10 miles/Wind: SSE 14 mph G 26/Pressure: 29.71”

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 58F/52F/34mph/0.86”
Depoe Bay: 58F/51F/33mph/0.51”
Newport: 59F/52F/32mph/0.50”
Waldport: 58F/51F/30mph/0.49”
Yachats: 60F/52F/32mph/0.30”

Forecast: We’ll look for a few showers today, but also some sunbreaks, high of 60F, and the southerly breeze shouldn’t be too stiff, albeit beaches and headlands could see gusts to 35 mph. Tonight, the next storm system slides by producing upwxon-sun-rain to a half inch of rain, south winds 5-15 mph gusting 25, and a low near 50F. The rain could be heavy at times tomorrow, maybe an inch total, and the mercury hits 60-65F with south winds 15-20 mph gusting 30. Outlook is for showers Thursday, a slight chance of showers Friday, rain likely Saturday and Sunday, and showers Monday. Seasonal temperatures are expected with highs of 55-60F and lows around 50F.

Halloween Night… Showers, light winds, temps around 50F.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, there’s wet pavement and 50F in the passes; showers, sunbreaks and breezy today, temperatures 55-60F. Willamette Valley destinations are expecting a chance of showers, the thermometer rising to 60-65F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for a slight chance of showers, light east winds, high of 60F. For the Cascades, highways are wet this morning, temps near 40F; showers this morning, partly sunny this afternoon, the snow level is just above the passes at 5,500 feet. * Motorists should always visit ODOT’s TripCheck website before hitting the road.

Marine: It’s rough out there this morning with S winds 25-35 knots and steep seas 18 feet at 14 seconds. A wxon-galeGale Warning remains in effect until noon. S wind easing to 20-25 knots by this afternoon but combined seas remaining 18-20 feet at 13 seconds. Tonight, a SE breeze 10-15 knots and swells subsiding to 10-13 feet at 11 seconds. Another weather system impacts local waters tomorrow with S winds 20-25 knots gusting 30, square seas 9 feet at 9 seconds. Outlook is for S to SE winds 10-20 knots and swells 7-11 feet Thursday through Saturday. * Make sure you check the latest Bar Reports before venturing offshore.

On the Beach… Showers, sunbreaks, breezy, surf 12-15 feet (high).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
10/25 Tue 09:45 AM 7.52 H
10/25 Tue 03:48 PM 2.39 L
10/25 Tue 09:42 PM 6.88 H
10/26 Wed 03:55 AM 1.19 L

In Short: Showers, then mainly wet and breezy.

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Lincoln City: Hard feelings and fireworks create hostile atmosphere at city council meeting – Mayor Williams threatens jail time for misbehavior

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Oct 252016

Mayor Don Williams Threatens to jail meeting "disrupters."

Mayor Don Williams
Threatens to jail meeting “disrupters.”

In what can only be described as a surreal atmosphere during Monday night’s meeting of the Lincoln City City Council, a visibly exasperated Mayor Don Williams at one point threatened to jail anyone who persistently disrupts the meeting.

Tempers were right at the edge of flaring as frequent city council critic Jim Hoover questioned whether certain city officials are properly participating in brokering a deal that could allow the former Elks Lodge to be converted to a community events center while another well known critic, David Elton, chastised City Attorney Richard Appicello for his involvement in the creation of the so-called Poppe Report – a report from an private investigative attorney hired by the city council to investigate Mayor Williams. Mayor Williams a few weeks ago apologized to the council for possibly having broken some city rules or policies as Mayor…allegations that triggered the investigation.

Councilor Chester Noreikis indicated that he was very upset that although Mayor Williams had apologized to the council, Mayor Williams told a local newspaper reporter that “Although I cannot comment on the report based on my agreement with my fellow city councilors, I can tell you there’s nothing in it.” With that Councilor Noreikis accused Mayor Williams of betraying his promise that if he apologized to the council for his behavior the council would not release the investigative results of the Poppe Report. And with that Councilor Noreikis made a motion to release the report to the public. Mayor Williams immediately gaveled Noreikis “out of order” thereby killing Noreikis’ motion. At one point City Attorney Richard Appicello advised the council that he was declaring that despite the back and forth he could not advise the city council on the matter nor could he defend his motivations on his involvement with launching the Poppe Report. “Because the Poppe Report remains sealed I cannot legally comment or defend myself on this issue because to comment would mean I would have to divulge confidential information.” His plea was obviously aimed at Mayor Williams who had allowed remarks by citizen David Elton that characterized Mr. Appicello as a “bully” in his role in coordinating the city council’s order that an investigation be launched. Elton also announced to the room that the city charter should be changed to eliminate the city manager’s position in favor of a “strong man” city government. The mayor gaveled him silent before he could elaborate.

Then Councilor Kip Ward chimed in on another issue – referring to the way top city staff were trying to negotiate parking for a revitalized Elks Lodge through a lot line adjustment and a parking agreement with the city. Ward observed that a particular candidate for city council was unjustifiably dragged into the controversy. Ward complained that the candidate, Riley Hoagland, who voted with the rest of his fellow city planning commissioners to grant the old lodge a zone change, to allow it to become an event center, was accused of helping to gift city Public Works Director Lila Bradley and her contractor husband a $400,000 boost to the value of their recently purchased property. City planning staff had earlier recommended the zone change saying the building was always used as an Elks Lodge event center and that a commercial use of the property was in keeping with the historical use of the property.

By now an increasingly frustrated Mayor Williams gaveled Councilor Ward quiet saying Ward’s comments on the election races were not appropriate under “council comments.” Mayor Williams then announced that in light of the tense comments that had been flowing back and forth between himself, the council and citizens, that he would have nothing more of it. He reminded everyone that he, as Mayor, can order the police to arrest and jail anyone who is disruptive to the council meeting.

Earlier in the evening the council approved two local road projects to improve NW 50th between Logan Road and NW Jetty, and NW Harbor from NW 18th and NW 21st.

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Community Radio KYAQ in desperate financial straits – director says may have to shut it down

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Oct 242016


An open letter to the Lincoln County community from the KYAQ Board

KYAQ has received official notice from one of our major creditors that our lease is up for renewal on December 31 of this year, and unless all arrears are paid and the full monthly amount is paid each month, the lease will be terminated. KYAQ currently only has enough revenue to pay half the monthly lease amount. The arrears that must be paid are in excess of $10,000.

This is the greatest existential crisis that has faced KYAQ radio. We have been working hard to increase local programming and are proud of the progress we’ve made in the past year.

* We now have 3 locally produced music programs, one of which features local musicians, with another in development.
* We have 6 locally produced talk programs, including Furious George, FYI with FTD, Talk of Toledo, Latina Corner, our first Spanish language program, and the new program with Bernie Levy, “Everything in the world”.
* We have forged partnerships with many local service organizations, giving air time to allow groups to get their message out to the community.
* We air local news and weather daily, and host a monthly live broadcast of music by local musicians, “Club KYAQ”.
* In addition to more local programming, we’ve increased programming from various public radio sources in an effort to reduce and eventually eliminate repeat airings of programs.

In spite of all these accomplishments, our monthly revenue has increased only slightly. We hold pledge drives and fundraisers twice a year with meager results. Sustaining members who make monthly donations number in the 20’s. As a result, we have been falling behind on our bills virtually from the day we began broadcasting.

So, this is it. If you want a local community radio station, you must help us out financially, or we will have no choice but to close the station and liquidate our assets to pay our creditors.

To donate you can go to KYAQ.org and click on the “DONATE” button. This allows you to set up a monthly donation through Paypal using your credit card. You don’t need to have an existing Paypal account to donate.

(Please note that today, October 21st, paypal and other major internet sites are experiencing a denial of service attack and may not be available. If you can’t reach the Paypal site, try again later.)

You can also donate by sending a check to:

P.O. BOX 1664
Newport, OR 97365

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Truly liveable, durable and AFFORDABLE housing – steel frame housing at less than half the cost of conventional construction

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Oct 242016

960 sq. ft. $132,850

960 sq. ft.

640 sq. ft. $89,400

640 sq. ft.

320 sq. ft. $75,450

320 sq. ft.

160 sq. ft. $49,635

160 sq. ft.

320 sq. ft. 79,950

320 sq. ft.

960 sq. ft. 124,900

960 sq. ft.

960 sq. ft. $139,850

960 sq. ft.

160 sq. ft. $46,980

160 sq. ft.

320 sq. ft. (includes garage) 149,950

320 sq. ft. (includes garage)

Typical interior rooms

Typical interior rooms

Typical Interior Rooms

Typical Interior Rooms

Typical Interior Rooms

Typical Interior Rooms

Sponsored Content:

Durable, affordable steel-frame homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than stick built (wood frame) housing. It’s the future of affordable homes.

Stick built (wood frame) homes are expensive, take a long time to build and are the number #1 reason why over half the American public is having trouble making monthly rent and/or mortgage payments. The median to average cost of a home in the US today is $284,000 to $353,600 compared to $17,200 in 1963. It is also one of the main reasons there is a record level of homelessness in this country. A large number of students who graduate from college shackled with crushing debt, are moving back into their old bedrooms back home with mom and dad. A lot of what used to be well-paying jobs have been shipped overseas leaving low paying unskilled jobs here at home. People are simply not able to make the kind of money that is needed to pay for high mortgages and sky-high rents that have a choke hold on everyone who isn’t already well off.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to completely re-invent housing through innovation – to design homes that are “green” – that will outlast any wood frame home by at least fifty-years. Steel frame homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars less that stand up to earthquakes, hurricanes, fire and termites. And get this – we’re talking homes that start at $39,500 and top out at around $189,900. These homes are available now at SUNSHINE Network. These are NOT cheaply built mobile or manufactured homes. These are strong, long lasting dwellings that require only a fraction of the maintenance that other kinds of housing require.

All homes come with washers and dryers, full kitchens, refrigerators, heating and air conditioning including secure over the internet apps that control indoor and outdoor lighting and heat/a-c controls. When you leave work, you can dial up the porch light, crank up the heat and have it all warm and toasty (or cool) by the time you get home.

This isn’t pie in the sky. It’s here today. This technology is well known to state, city and county planning and building departments who acknowledge that steel built homes meet ALL state and local building codes. And Sunshine Network will deliver a home to your homesite AT COST Plus 15%.

If you would like to learn more about this REAL LIFE ALTERNATIVE to expensive last century home construction just give William Sagona a call at 541-497-3585 or contact him by email at Bill@SunshineNetwork.US

If you would like look over the home models on our website, go to SunshineNetwork.US or just click here.


William A. Sagona
Managing Director
Bend Oregon USA

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Rollover Accident on Hwy 18, 18 miles east of 101

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Oct 242016

1:20pm – Rollover accident on Highway 18, nearly 20 miles east of Highway 101. Driver is out and appears to be okay, but the wreck is blocking one lane of travel.

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Surviving is a good thing – Surviving well is even better

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Oct 242016

Sponsored Content
From Bill Sagona, SunshineNetwork.US
Building Earthquake Proof Shelters – Land Lifeboats

I’m writing this article to remind everyone of a very real threat that many of you already heard about. But rather than scare people we want everyone to stay calm and remain clear about what can be done to successfully deal with the looming Cascadia earthquake

The Cascadia Subduction Zone, 250 miles off the Oregon Coast, is where two of the world’s twelve continental shelves are bumping heads. These two slabs of the Earth’s surface are not slipping past each other – they’re stuck – locked together, as they have been for hundreds of years. And when that tension is released, it will trigger yet another in a long series of mega earthquakes in the 9+ richter category.

Recent scientific studies by Oregon State University and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) clearly show that this mega-fault zone breaches, on average, every 250 to 350 years. The last such earthquake occurred on January 26, 1700 which sent a tsunami clear across the Pacific Ocean and battered the Japanese coast – all recorded in Japanese historical documents.

The year 1700 to the year 2016 is 316 years which is at the outer edge of the documented intervals between these earthquakes that go well back beyond 10,000 years.

Our company, Sunshine Network, has come to grips with this real and looming threat. It has prompted us to design a brand new post-earthquake shelter we are calling the Land Life Boat or (LLB)™  And it’s very affordable. (See drawings below)

Land Life Boat 8' x 40' SunshineNetwork.US

Land Life Boat
8′ x 40′

Sleeps 12 SunshineNetwork.com

Sleeps 12

Floor plan SunshineNetwork.US

Floor plan

Unlike average homes, stores or office buildings, the LLB™ can survive any earthquake. The LLB™ starts out as a large steel container, but when completed it has windows, two doors, a utility kitchen including a propane stove and oven, sleeping area that sleeps 12, bathroom and plenty of freeze dried food and routine medical supplies. It also has propane for cooking and heating. On top of the LLB™ are two 1,100 gallon water tanks that gravity feeds a water purification system and then to water faucets in the living area below. It also includes a high capacity compost toilet plus many more amenities. With such a large capacity to house people, entire neighborhoods can come together and group-purchase a number of these LLB’s™ as a source of REAL post-earthquake life insurance. And they are only 8’ x 40′ – something that can easily fit within many back yards. And they contain NO formaldehyde.

After the Cascade quake it may take weeks for rescue workers to organize and get to you – many months more to rebuild roads – even longer to rebuild communities. Hopefully you, your loved ones and neighbors will not need immediate emergency treatment. But you WILL will need a safe, warm and secure place with food and room to sleep before help, in any form, can arrive from the outside world. With such a large capacity to house people, entire neighborhoods can come together and group-purchase a number of these LLB’s™ as a source of REAL post-earthquake life insurance.

Sunshine Network is prepared to build these LLB’s™ in large quantities and at considerable discounts. We offer to anyone interested to acquire the LLB™ at a deeply discounted price. And we will donate 15% of remaining profits to the American Red Cross for disaster relief.

Please visit our website: SunshineNetwork.US (click here) where you can get further details on this intelligent and cost effective approach to overcoming the challenges that the Cascade earthquake poses.

Bill Sagona
Managing Director
Bend Oregon USA

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North Lincoln Hospital Fall Book Sale

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Oct 242016
NLH Fall Book Sale

NLH Fall Book Sale

‘Patchwork: The Fabric of a Life’ to be featured at Fall Book Sale

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital Auxiliary will hold its Fall Book Sale, in cooperation with Bob’s Beach Books, on Wednesday, Nov. 2, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the hospital cafeteria. Lincoln City resident Rebecca Edwards Yasenchak will be the featured guest author.

Christmas books, Oregon authors, new releases and gift items will be available for sale. If a book or gift item you want is not in stock the day of the sale a special order can be placed. In addition, the guest author will be available to sell and sign copies of her novel, “Patchwork: The Fabric of a Life.”

After a career with the Internal Revenue Service during which she wrote “scores of technically accurate and extremely boring position papers, decision documents and training manuals,” Yasenchak switched to creative writing. First came a family memoir, then a cookbook and now this historical fiction novel based on the life of Euphemia Minor (1844 –1925). In 1876, Minor was thrust into the role of a single parent when her abusive, alcoholic husband of 14 years abandoned her and their four young boys. Alone in an isolated cabin she had to find a way to not only survive, but thrive.

The SNLH Auxiliary hosts the fundraising book sale twice a year. Proceeds from this sale will go toward the purchase of new furniture for the surgery department’s two waiting areas.

For more information, call the SNLH Auxiliary at 541-996-7132.

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