Aug 222014

Courtesy Devils Lake Water Improvement District

Courtesy Devils Lake Water Improvement District

devils lake advisory 8-22-14 text

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Aug 222014
Gus Willemin, Author "Sideman"

Gus Willemin, Author

On Saturday, August 23rd a book release party will be held at Café Mundo, 209 NW Coast in Nye Beach, from 3 to 5 pm. This event is open to the public and will present Gus Willemin’s first novel – Sideman – a fictional account of the relationship of two highly unlikely friends. One an emotionally conflicted veteran and the other a locally raised Nye Beach store owner ten years his junior. Read along as these two experience several twists and turns right here on the streets of Newport.

As it unfolds, this compelling story will present situations and emotions that will cause the reader to ponder how they would react under similar circumstances. This story might help the reader better understand the mental and emotional experience of one returned from combat as it contrasts with the American dream.

The author will read a few pages to give indication of style without revealing too much content. Questions and comments are encouraged.

‘Sideman’ has been published by Newport’s own Dancing Moon Press, a full service book production company.

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Aug 222014

Sun is headin' for the other side...Kerry Terrel photos

Sun is headin’ for the other side…Kerry Terrel photos

Droppin' down...

Droppin’ down…

Foamy shore break...

Foamy shore break…

...and the final curtain...

…and the final curtain…

South Beach Afterglow Julie Sacchetti photo

South Beach Afterglow
Julie Sacchetti photo

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Aug 222014

Chris Burns Weather

Friday, August 22nd – Lincoln County

Summary: In the wake of yesterday’s mellow weather with partly cloudy skies, light northwest winds and highs in the 60s, the predicted minor weather front and marine layer moved in before midnight. It was totally overcast with accompanying fog and drizzle by about 2:00am. The mercury remained fairly high as temperatures drifted into the mid-50s, and precipitation amounts were just barely recordable. This morning, it was still a touch misty in spots, there were areas of dense fog, the breeze was light out of the south, and the thermometer had risen a few degrees to the upper-50s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Rain…
Lincoln City: 69F/52F/<0.01”
Depoe Bay: 66F/51F/0/01”
Newport: 64F/50F/0.01”
Waldport: 63F/49F/0.01”
Yachats: 64F/54F/0.01”

Forecast: Before your spirits are seriously dampened, we should see the gray big-top burn off by late morning and the return of the sun this afternoon. Northwest winds are expected to rise today to 10-15 mph gusting to 20, and high temps will be seasonal at 65F or so. Tonight, on your way to see ‘Mary Shelley: Frankenstein Unbound’ at the PAC in Newport, partly cloudy skies, a northerly breeze with gusts to 20 mph or a tad higher, and overnight low temps around 55F. Look for mostly sunny skies tomorrow, lighter winds and highs again of about 65F. Outlook is for mostly sunny days, partly cloudy nights, increasing northwest winds and standard thermometer readings between 55F and 65F next week.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, partly cloudy and 70-80F. Valley destinations will have mostly sunny skies with highs around 80F. For the Cascades, partly cloudy, isolated showers and thunderstorms; the freezing level is at 8,000 feet.

Marine: It’s nearly flat this morning. Winds are calm to southerly 5 knots and seas are running 3 feet at 8 seconds. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. Limited visibility in fog and drizzle should fade as today progresses and we switch back to sunshine and NW winds 10-15 knots gusting 20 by this afternoon; swells 4 feet with a 3 foot chop on top. Tonight and tomorrow, expect patchy fog, northerlies 10-15 knots gusting 20 and lumpy 4 footers. Outlook is for N winds 15-25 knots and choppy 4-5 foot seas Sunday through Tuesday.

Click here to download the Chris Burns book, "Family Voyaging"

On the Beach… Fog early, partly cloudy later, windy, surf 3-4 feet (low).
For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
08/22 Fri 11:52 AM 6.74 H
08/22 Fri 05:08 PM 2.95 L
08/22 Fri 11:07 PM 8.10 H
08/23 Sat 05:52 AM 0.16 L

In Short: Patchy fog, drizzle, then partly cloudy and breezy.

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Aug 212014
Former Mayor Bill Bain Files for City Council

Former Mayor Bill Bain
Files for City Council

Bill Bain, nearly four years gone from the Newport City Council appears to have regained a burning desire to rejoin it. Bain, a former assessor for Lane County, Newport City Councilor and former Mayor of Newport, has filed his candidacy for city council in the upcoming November election. Bain observed that there are three seats open and only two confirmed candidates for those seats, both of them incumbents, David Allen and Mark Saelens. He said there should be more candidates than that for the council. So he filed.

Bain says unfinished business for Newport is to stay on a course at replacing sewer and water distributions systems, promote economic development primarily through the intelligent application of urban renewal and do everything possible to ensure that Oregon State University establishes a four year campus in South Beach, which OSU appears determined to do.

Toward the end of his term as mayor, Bain was questioned about his shredding of personnel evaluations on then City Manager Jim Voetberg and City Attorney Penelope McCarthy. Bain told News Lincoln County this week that he shredded the forms in consultation with then City Councilor Mark McConnell who was involved with the evaluations. Bain said there was, however, an investigation by the State Department of Justice that produced NO report NOR charges against him. Bain said this week that he never believed the forms were public documents, nor did McConnell, nor that they would be subject to public scrutiny.

However in this article in News Lincoln County on March 15th, 2010, Bain sang a different tune:

Early in the chain of events, Mayor Bain said he didn’t know the documents were public documents and that he he didn’t know what they were when they were first handed to him by City Councilor Mark McConnell. However, under pressure, Bain later admitted that he knew what the documents were and that he did, in fact, shred them. Bain said again today that he was sorry for “uttering erroneous statements” and that he apologized to the council for embarrassing them and to the public for lying (Bain’s word). Bain said he “deluded himself” by denying his knowledge of the contents of the documents and that he will “never do such a thing again.” Most city councilors around the table said they accepted Mayor Bain’s apology.

However, City Councilor Patricia Patrick said she did not accept his apology and that she wanted Bain to take out an ad in the Newport News-Times apologizing to the citizens of Newport including a statement that most council members had no knowledge that Bain had shredded the documents and that they do not condone Bain shredding them. Bain said he would take out such an ad in the Newport News-Times.

In a subsequent Voetberg employment evaluation the documents filled out by city councilors were determined to be public documents and thereby were released to the news media. The contents of those evaluations were published by in a December 18, 2012 edition.

Bain was a keen supporter of trying to establish scheduled airline service between Newport and Portland. There was some debate as to whether that service ought to be provided by SeaPort Air, which flew very expensive aircraft versus another small airline that flew smaller aircraft which, in the opinion of some, had the best chance of making the service self-supporting without state subsidies. SeaPort Air got the contract. But as soon as the state subsidies ran out, so did Seaport Air.

Be all that as it may, Mr. Bain is a colorful character and always seems to make things interesting. We’ll see whether the voters of Newport want him back on the council for another four years.

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Aug 212014


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Aug 212014
 Homemade pie social and fundraiser, August 30th, 11-3 at the Yachats Ladies Club

Homemade pie social and fundraiser, August 30th, 11-3 at the Yachats Ladies Club

The Annual Labor Day Weekend Pie Social at the Yachats Ladies Clubhouse, is set for Saturday, August 31st, at 286 W 3rd Street. An array of flavorful pies will be served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until they’re all gone. Proceeds from this event will go to the Friends of the Yachats Commons for the new stove/oven project updating the Commons kitchen.

There is nothing like homemade pie. At least 50 fruit and cream pies made by club members or auxiliary will be featured at this event. The selection of pies include apple, berry, peach and cherry. There will be but a few of the specialty pies including chocolate truffle, lemon meringue, tollhouse, pumpkin, banana Cream, coconut custard, Cherry Cream Cheese and Chess pie. So if you want a sample one of those, come early!

Slices are a generous 6th of a pie and are $3.50 each. Huge brownies are $2. Add ice cream for just 50 cents. Coffee and tea will be served.

This is a great time to welcome visitors to Yachats and to connect with friends and neighbors.

The Yachats Ladies Club features 3 pie socials per summer season. The next one will be held at the Yachats Ladies Club and will coincide with the 87th Annual Christmas Bazaar December 6 and 7.

The Yachats Ladies Club is an active service club for women of the South County who enjoy creating community events that raise funds for community nonprofit groups. For more information about joining the fun and becoming a member, please call Sandy Dunn, President at 541-547-3205.

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Aug 212014

Traffic crash at 3001 NW Port Drive in Lincoln City. Reports say a van has slammed into a wall at the Puerto Villarta Restaurant. Lady driver is out of the vehicle complaining of chest pain.

Reports now say a second vehicle is involved.

Dust settles. Woman driver enters restaurant parking lot, hits a car there, then speeds forward into an embankment. Woman complains of chest pain. She’s transported to North Lincoln Hospital.

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Aug 212014
Newport Library Computer Class Courtesy photol

Newport Library Computer Class
Courtesy photol

Newport Library NW Nye and W. 3rd

Newport Library
NW Nye and W. 3rd


The Newport Public Library will offer the following free classes during the month of September.

· Introduction to Pinterest will be taught on September 5 at 9:00 a.m. This goes over how to create a Pinterest account, create boards, and pin images from your computer or a website. Introduction to Facebook will be taught at 10:00 a.m. This class teaches the basic features of Facebook, with an emphasis on privacy settings.
· On Friday, September 12 at 9:00 a.m., Introduction to Evernote will be taught. This class shows how to get organized by keeping track of lists, notes, websites, and more.
· Beginning Excel will be taught on Saturday, September 13 at 1:00 p.m. This class teaches the basics of creating a spreadsheet and adding rows and columns.
· Intermediate Excel will be offered at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 16. This class teaches how to balance a checkbook, use multiple worksheets, and create charts.
· An Overview of Library Databases will be taught on Friday, September 19 at 9:00 a.m. The Newport Public Library subscribes to dozens of databases that are available remotely to all Newport Library cardholders.
· Beginning Word (2007) will be taught on Friday, September 26 at 9:00 a.m. This class introduces people to the basic commands to create a word processing document. Intermediate Word will be taught at 10:00 a.m. This class builds on the previous one, and teaches how to insert photographs, create lists using bullets and numbers, and set margins, tabs, and line spacing.

All classes are free and last one hour. Registration is required. For more information, please call (541) 265-2153 or check the library website,

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Aug 212014

family promise logo

Family Promise of Lincoln County is looking to the community to help with its growing pains. “We have sheltered five families since June, and are preparing to get busier as school begins and the weather gets colder,” explains Hanna Connett, President of Family Promise.

The space in the Taft area that houses both the Day Center and Thrift Store is just not enough room for both. Even though some remodeling has been done to accommodate the Family Promise program, there still is not enough space for the Thrift Store to run efficiently.

“The Thrift Store has been making money and is well received in the community but it is hard on the volunteers to work around the space used by our families and still have room to process and store all the donations of items for the Thrift Store,” states Linda Roy, Interim Director of Family Promise. “The solution would be to move our Day Center to another location.” For an effective Day Center, the non-profit organization needs a building with office space, a living area, a bathroom with a shower/tub, a washer and dryer hook-up and a kitchen.

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Family Promise is hoping someone knows of a building they can use to facilitate the Day Center component of the program. During the day families work on getting jobs, finding housing and receiving training and counselling. With a non-profit using the building, the owner would have a possibility of writing off some of the taxes in exchange for its use.

Anyone with a building that might fit these needs, please contact Hanna Connett at 541-996-4878 or

Family Promise of Lincoln County is a non-profit organization that mobilizes communities, local groups, congregations and social service agencies to provide shelter, meals and help toward stable, long-term housing for families with children. The program model is unique, has proven tremendously successful and is part of a nationwide network.

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