Jul 262014

north lincoln fire rescue.ds

12:40am Saturday. The Kernville Steakhouse is fully engulfed in flames. The restaurant is located at 186 Siletz Highway. North Lincoln Fire and Rescue is enroute. Depoe Bay Fire Rescue is also being notified.

12:42am The fire has gone to a third alarm.


The Kernville Steak and Seafood House has been destroyed barely two months after being re-opened by Michael and Theresa Thompson. The couple, surrounded by consoling friends, sat stunned and shocked as they watched their big life investment go up in smoke .

Early reports indicated that the fire started in the kitchen area. An investigation will be launched as soon as the get the fire out.


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Jul 252014


Off Newport: Going…



Gone...night-night! Dave Morgan photos

Dave Morgan photos

Siletz Bay Steve Power

Siletz Bay
Steve Power

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Jul 252014
American Kestrel Frank Stout, woodcarver

American Kestrel
Frank Stout, woodcarver

The Coastal Arts Guild (CAG) welcomes award winning wildlife figurine carver Frank Stout to their luncheon Thursday, August 7 at 11:30 AM in the second-floor meeting room of the Visual Arts Center.

Frank Stout began carving simple birds with hand tools in the 1980s and before long he elevated his abilities and began winning awards. In the first competition he entered—the Pacific Flyway Decoy Wildfowl Art Show, held in Santa Rosa, CA—he received a first-place ribbon and three Best of Show awards in the novice class, and later went on to win two Best of Show awards in the intermediate class. Stout later won the Best of Species award at San Diego’s California Open competition.

Although Stout primarily carves ducks, he also produces birds of prey, shore birds, and other wildlife. He is a wood burner and decorates gourds.

CAG holds a luncheon on the first Thursday of each month (with the exception of holidays) for members and guests from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Newport Visual Arts Center. CAG invites those interested in the arts to attend. For additional information and an invitation to attend CAG’s luncheon, call member Linda Anderson at 541-265-5228 or Bobby Flewellyn at 541-563-8548.

To learn more about the Coastal Arts Guild, a volunteer program to staff the Newport Visual Arts Center and serve the art community of Lincoln County, call Carol Deslippe at 541-265-2624, or Mary Peterson at 541-574-8221. The Coastal Arts Guild welcomes new members.

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Jul 252014

Everybody gets in on the act of family boat building!

Everybody gets in on the act of family boat building!

You'll get all the help and expertise you need!

You’ll get all the help and expertise you need!

It's fun building a family boat!

It’s fun building a family boat!

Ta-DA!   Das Boot!

Das Boat!

Register now as space is limited to build your own kayak in 3 days at the Port of Toledo’s Wooden Boat Show, August 15-17. This is a family activity, so bring your kids, parents and grandkids or invite a few friends to build your own Yaquina 15 Sea Kayak. This is a great opportunity to build your own beautiful custom kayak for a reasonable cost, and at the same time create memories for your family that will last a life time.

Under the guidance of the Port of Toledo Boatyard’s Manager Leo Newberg and local boat builders Rick Johnson and Michael Bogoger families will build the ‘Yaquina 15’, a 15 foot touring sea kayak designed by Leo Newberg. These kayaks are an excellent platform for exploring the unique and diverse waterways of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The ‘Yaquina 15’ is a capable, stable and easy to paddle boat that is great for all ages and skill levels.

The cost is $400.00, which includes all materials and instruction. Recommended group size is 2 -5 people per boat, with at least one adult. All ages, beginning at 8 years old, can work together on this project. All skill levels are welcome. The boat building begins on Friday, August 15th at 9 AM. Two full days and one half day on Sunday will culminate in an afternoon launch ceremony before you take your boat home.

For more information about the Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show and to register for Family Boat Building, visit portoftoledo.org or call 541-336-5207.

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Jul 252014
David Hawker announces retirement - effective at the end of the year - maybe.

David Hawker announces retirement – effective at the end of the year – maybe.

Lincoln City City Manager David Hawker has announced he’s retiring at the end of the year – depending on the deal he can work out with the city council to allow the council to find a good replacement for him. But he’s willing to stick around another year or maybe a little longer if the search for his replacement takes longer than expected.

In a contract agreement scheduled to go before the city council on Monday, Hawker announces that he intends to retire effective December 31, 2014. But he adds that he would be willing to remain in place for another 18 months depending on how long it takes to recruit his replacement and then assist in his or her transition into the position.

One paragraph in the agreement clearly states that Mr. Hawker’s departure from the city in no way stems from any disagreement with the council or from any discipline aimed at Mr. Hawker. He’s simply retiring and trying to ensure that whoever the council chooses as his replacement will get the full measure of his expertise and knowledge of the city, its people, history and future challenges and opportunities.

Mayor Dick Anderson said that Hawker has done a very professional job for the citizens of Lincoln City and has shown very effective leadership in addressing challenges and suggesting strategies. Mayor Anderson said that Mr. Hawker has helped Lincoln City tackle the very important yet extremely expensive job of replacing and upgrading major sections of the town’s water and sewer system. And there is still much left to do in that area. He also praised Mr. Hawker’s courage, skill and vision in acquiring The Villages to ensure orderly development of those properties at a time when the development community did not have the resources to get the job done themselves. And that Mr. Hawker has successfully navigated the many viewpoints coming to bear on the town’s Vacation Rental Dwelling issue – an issue that is hopefully in the final stages of a long term resolution. The idea is to adopt land use and other regulations that preserves the economic value of VRDs with less of the often mentioned liabilities to the neighborhoods they are a part of.

Mayor Anderson said that he hopes that Mr. Hawker will still find a residual role as a learned advisor and policy resource for Lincoln City – that 15 successful years at the helm as city manager should never be allowed to completely out the door. Former Lincoln City Finance Director Ron Tierney is also one of those valuable contributors to what Lincoln City is and can become because of his continued generosity of his expertise and guidance dealing with complicated financial options that face any vibrant and growing community.

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Jul 252014
Highway 20 at 229, Toledo Friday.

Highway 20 at 229, Toledo Friday.

Couple eastbound when they were suddenly they were looking at the underside of a semi.

Couple eastbound when they were suddenly they were looking at the underside of a semi.

Driver trapped for a time in the driver's seat.

Driver trapped for a time in the driver’s seat.

Miraculously, everybody got out okay, including the dog.

Miraculously, everybody got out okay, including the dog.

The truck's trailer rode up over the top of them.

The truck’s trailer rode up over the top of them.

For the trucker from Myrtle Creek, it's like to be an expensive ticket.

For the trucker from Myrtle Creek, it’s likely to be an expensive ticket.

Full service Sheriff and Fire Departments, helping the couple get their belongings out of the car and into Sheriff's patrol pickup.

Full service Sheriff and Toledo Fire Departments, helping the couple get their belongings out of the car and into Sheriff’s patrol pickup.

A Portland couple returning home from a camping trip to Yachats didn’t get too far down the road Friday before their return trip was crunched – by a semi bound for Toledo.

Witnesses say the couple’s car, with their dog in the back, was headed eastbound on Highway 20. They passed the first turn off to Toledo and was approaching the second road that connects to Highway 229 when something went terribly wrong

The driver of the car told officers that she saw the semi ahead of her swing over to the north as if to turn onto the Siletz Highway going north. So she continued in her right lane. But suddenly the semi’s cab swung back to the right in what was obviously an attempt by the driver to make a very sharp right turn. The driver got boxed in real quick and her car was partially run over by the truck.

The driver’s companion and their dog both got out of the wreck okay, but the driver needed some extra help to get out of the driver’s seat which was damaged by the impact. But once everyone was out it was determined that no one was seriously hurt. The driver of the truck was uninjured.

When an Oregon State Police trooper arrived he made a quick assessment of the situation and ruled that the truck driver attempted to make what was an impossible right turn off of Highway 20 onto 229 south along the east side of the Dairy Queen. And for that he was cited. The driver was from Myrtle Creek so he may not have been familiar with that stretch of Highway 20.

Truck drivers often go by what their “on the road” GPS systems tell them. Another common GPS “Ooops” area is in Toledo at First and Butler Bridge Road. Truckers will go straight across the tracks and get caught in the downtown with no way out except by tow truck.

The good news is that the couple in the car was not injured. Either was their dog. Witnesses, Toledo Firefighters and Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies helped the couple transfer their stuff from their car into the back of a Sheriff’s pickup. The deputy gave them a courtesy ride to a rental car agency in Newport to finish their journey home. The trucker’s insurance company will no doubt be covering that expense. And of course the couple probably get another car from the trucker’s insurance company as well.

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Jul 252014
"Arrow and Dart Alert!" A very cruel person is shooting seagulls!!  If you see him call 9-1-1 and give location!

“Arrow and Dart Alert!”
A very cruel person is shooting seagulls!! If you see him call 9-1-1 and give location!

A note from a reader:

There is somebody in Waldport who is shooting seagulls with darts or arrows. I’m not sure what we need to do about this or who is responsible but it is very sad to see a seagull flying by with a large dart in his side. I have had friends who have seen this and was just made aware of several other cases of this abuse.

As with any discovery of animal abuse, call 9-1-1.

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Jul 252014

8:47am Depoe Bay Fire-Rescue is enroute to a report of a smoke alarm going off in room 25 of the Cavalier Beachfront Condos at 325 Lancer Street.

8:50am Burned food in the room. NO FIRE.

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Jul 252014
Shangri-la of Oregon

Shangri-La of Oregon

​Roadrunner Vintique, a second hand store in Yachats, will be holding huge a garage sale this Saturday from 8am to 6pm with live music to benefit Shangri-La services in Lincoln County.

They have amazing, fun, eclectic items at unbelievably low prices. Check out all the details on Shangri-La’s or Roadrunner Vintique’s Facebook page.

All proceeds from the sale will go to support the Newport Donation Center serving all of Lincoln County.

Roadrunner Vintique is located at 2334 Highway 101 N. in Yachats.

Please pass this information on to your friends and family. Thanks and we hope to see you there!!

From over 100 locations in 9 Oregon counties, Shangri-La employees touch the lives of hundreds of individuals every year.

Whether assisting those with intellectual, developmental disabilities, mental illness, or other special needs, we offer a variety of positions helping people to have safe, affordable housing, gainful employment and the supports they need for self-sufficiency.

Jeanne Bower
Home and Community Based Services Manager
Call 541-574-0086 Fax 541-574-0149
Cell 541-272-9726
Email Jeanne.bower@shangrilacorp.org


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Jul 252014

Chris Burns Weather

Friday, July 25th – Lincoln County

Summary: The sun, with the capable assistance of strengthening high pressure, mopped up the tail end of the wet weather system yesterday and put us on the road to recovery. High temps stayed in the 65-70F range and precipitation was light, all of it recorded before noon. Clearing arrived from the northwest with Lincoln City getting the first rays of sunshine, and Yachats the last to lose the clouds. Northerly winds came up late in the afternoon at 10-15 mph gusting to around 20 but died out after sunset. Skies were clear overnight and the wind was calm. At daybreak, blue sky, a light northeast breeze and lows in the low-50s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Rain…
Lincoln City: 70F/57F/0.05”
Depoe Bay: 64F/51F/0.06”
Newport: 64F/50F/0.01”
Waldport: 66F/52F/0.03”
Yachats: 69F/53F/0.06”

Forecast: Hang up your raincoat and get the lawn chairs back out; Summer has returned. We’re in for a stretch of conventional July weather beginning today with lotsa sunshine, highs of 65-70F and those naughty northwest winds start rebuilding, 10-15 mph gusting to 20 or higher. Mostly clear tonight, low around 55F and patchy fog on the beach. Tomorrow, it looks like the northwest breeze will be reinvigorated with gusts of 25-30 mph expected by afternoon. The mercury again rises to seasonal highs of 65-70F, and the sun will rule the sky. Outlook is for little change through next week with sunny days, partly cloudy nights, patchy fog, highs of 65-70F, lows of 55F, and strong northwest winds in the afternoons and evenings.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, mostly sunny and 70-80F. Valley destinations will have sunshine with highs of 80-85F. For the Cascades, sunny; the freezing level is at 12,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is for warming temperatures, sunny days, clear nights, and dry pavement.

Marine: Let’s go fishin’ – winds and seas are down this morning. The breeze is N at 10 knots and the swell is 4 feet at 8 seconds. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. Today we return to a normal weather configuration for this time of year with northerlies building this afternoon to 10-15 knots gusting to 20 or better and a 3 foot chop. Ditto for tonight. Tomorrow, the pattern strengthens as N winds rise to 15-20 knots gusting 25 by afternoon creating lumpy short-period seas of 5 feet. Outlook is for a northerly breeze 20-25 knots with higher gusts in the afternoons and evenings along with windwaves 5-7 feet, Sunday through at least Tuesday.

Click here to download the Chris Burns book, "Family Voyaging"

On the Beach… Sunny, windy this afternoon, surf 2-4 feet (low).
* Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department proposed rules that would restrict smoking of tobacco products on ocean shore recreation areas will be open for public comment through August 29th, 2014. Comments can be sent to the department through regular mail (OPRD Beach Smoking, 725 Summer St NE, Suite C, Salem OR 97301), by email (oprd.publiccomment@oregon.gov), or in person at public hearings scheduled next month including one on the Central Coast, August 21st, 7:00pm, at Central Lincoln PUD, 2129 N Coast Highway, in Newport.
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
07/25 Fri 01:00 PM 6.79 H
07/25 Fri 06:04 PM 3.05 L
07/26 Sat 12:01 AM 8.51 H
07/26 Sat 06:54 AM -0.50 L

In Short: Mostly clear, breezy, then repeat.

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