Waldport Fireworks!!

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Jul 042015

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Glen Weaver photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

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Lost Pooch Alert!!!

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Jul 032015
Eeloe Missing from Nye Beach

Missing from Nye Beach

I live on NW Nye in Newport and about an hour ago our little yorkie/poodle mix got out of the backyard. I’m afraid he may have gone up to someone walking past our house since it’s a busy street. His name is Eeloe.

Eeloe has a black rolled leather collar with his name and my number. His hair is longer now than in the picture but not much. My cell is (541) 270-9549
Thank you!

Wendy Marie Henriksen

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Depoe Bay – Highway 101 is partially blocked. T-Bone type accident on 101 in town

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Jul 032015

Just north of Rocky Creek Wayside, Thursday afternoon

Just north of Rocky Creek Wayside, Thursday afternoon
Erica photos

rocky creek crash 7.3.15 red pickuprocky creek crash 7.3.15 pickup

Report of a serious T-Bone accident near Rocky Creek State Park. No word yet on injuries. Watch for emergency vehicles and possible traffic flaggers.
Debris field is scattered over a 300 foot stretch of highway.

First on scene say at least four people are injured. There are victims trapped inside the wreckage. Asking for back-up ambulances.

Three victims require ambulances to the hospital. There may be more. At least two other victims are still trapped in vehicles.

REACH medical helicopter ordered to land at Rocky Creek State Park and wait for patients to arrive.

Traffic is being allowed through the crash area. Moving very slowly.

Another ambulance has arrived on scene.

One victim has now been cut out of vehicle number three. One more to go in vehicle four.

REACH medical helicopter is 12 minutes out. Landing at Rocky Creek Wayside Park. Fourth victim still being extricated from vehicle four.

REACH medical helicopter has arrived on scene. Landed at Rocky Creek State Park.

Fourth and final trapped victim has been cut out vehicle wreckage.

Patients loaded in ambulance and REACH and not long after Highway 101 was reopened. No word yet on what caused the multi-vehicle crash.

Call for Citizen Photos. Be discreet and maintain a respectful distance.

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Weather or Not: Let the Fireworks Begin

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Jul 032015

Chris Burns Weather

Friday, July 3rd – Lincoln County

Summary: While the mercury couldn’t quite reach 70F locally, it was sweltering in the Valley where Eugene set a new record high of 101F, besting 98F in 1942. The cool coast began the day under low clouds and fog which lasted until nearly noon, longer on the beaches and headlands. As the Sun broke out at lunchtime, the sea breeze, apparently eager to take the stage, appeared simultaneously. Peak gusts were ‘normal’ during the afternoon at about 30 mph. High temps ranged through the 60s. Haze bothered the beaches most of the day and into the evening, but the low marine overcast didn’t return until about 2:00am; low temps were in the 50s. At dawn, it was calm with cloudy skies.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust…
Lincoln City: 69F/54F/29mph
Depoe Bay: 65F/53F/24mph
Newport: 63F/50F/32mph
Waldport: 61F/52F/20mph
Yachats: 63F/53F/32mph

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Forecast: The long holiday weekend begins for a lot of folks today. With a mixed sky and cool temperatures predicted for the Central Coast, we can expect a plethora of visitors crossing the Coast Range to escape the heat wave inland. They’ll have to WON PCLOUDY-SUN-WINDhang on to their hats, though, as the sea breeze ramps up to 30 mph or higher this afternoon, and high temps end up around 60-65F. For the first Independence Day fireworks shows tonight at Devils Lake and Waldport, there’s a chance of some patchy fog, overcast forming (which should provide some reflective background color for the pyrotechnics), and it could also still be quite windy. For barbecue day tomorrow, partly sunny after morning fog and low clouds with highs in the low-60s and a light sea breeze. Outlook is for mostly sunny with light winds on Sunday, followed by a mix of clouds and clearing through Thursday; seasonal temperatures are projected throughout the period.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Travel: A Heat Advisory remains in effect until 6:00pm Sunday for the Coast Range, Willamette Valley, Columbia River Gorge and Cascade foothills. High temperatures generally in the 90s are expected and lows near 60F, though urban areas may not fall below 70F at night.

In the Coast Range today, mostly sunny with 85-95F. Valley destinations are expecting sunshine and highs of 95-100F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for sunny skies, light west winds, temps around 95F. For the Cascades, there’s bare pavement on the highways this morning, temperatures are right at 60F; sunny, the free air freezing level is 16,000 feet. Outlook for holiday weekend travelers is dry road and hot weather through Sunday.

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Marine: Seas are choppy this morning, 6-7 feet at 8 seconds offshore with N winds 10-20 knots. A Small Craft WON SCAAdvisory for winds is in effect through this evening. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas is also in effect 10-60 miles from shore. Northerlies 15-20 knots gusting 25 today and tonight with swells 6 feet and windwaves 3 feet nearshore but 5-6 feet out past 10 miles. Tomorrow, N winds 5-15 knots, swells holding at 6 feet. Outlook is for light NW wind 5 knots on Sunday, and then SW winds 5-10 knots Monday and Tuesday with swells 4-6 feet. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Patchy fog, some sun, very breezy, surf 6 feet (low).
* Inland residents coming to the Central Coast to escape the current heat wave should remember that the ocean is extremely cold; swimming in it can quickly lead to hypothermia and drowning.
* Tides
07/03 Fri 07:59 AM -1.69 L
07/03 Fri 02:42 PM 7.41 H
07/03 Fri 07:53 PM 2.58 L
07/04 Sat 01:50 AM 9.11 H


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In Short: Partial clearing, quite windy, then partly cloudy and lighter breezes.

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Fireworks July 3 and 4 – Lincoln City to Yachats

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Jul 022015
Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

The Fourth of July in Lincoln County is always busy time for locals and tourists. Devils Lake and Waldport, of course, always like to jump the gun on the 3rd, which is Friday. Both fireworks displays on Devils Lake and on Waldport’s Bayshore begin at dusk and can be seen throughout their respective areas.

Then for those who hold more true to the July 4th tradition when it comes to fireworks, you can start out their day early with a big Gleneden Beach Community Bash with a pancake feed and a craft fair. The food starts at 8am at the Gleneden Beach Community Club. Then more of the same at Eden Hall from 9 to 3. The annual Gleneden Beach 4th of July Parade starts at 1pm…and it’s a long one so bring some sunscreen if we get lucky with clear skies.

Lincoln City/Siletz Bay Fireworks will shoot off into the sky at around 10pm – easily viewed all over Siletz Bay and the south end of Lincoln City. Shuttle buses will be making runs with pickups at Taft High and at OCCC Lincoln City. Runs 6pm to midnight.

Then Newport gets into the act with their big fireworks display. Starts at 9pm, but that might be a bit early. But at least be ready for it. The fireworks will be launched from a barge in Yaquina Bay, giving everyone ring side seats.

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Gleneden Beach 4th of July Parade coming down the loop road…

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Jul 022015


A pancake breakfast at the Community hall will kick off activities on Saturday in Gleneden Beach. From 8am until 11am, scrambled eggs, sausage or ham, and pancakes will be served by community volunteers. The cost is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children 4-10.

The 21st annual Gleneden Beach 4th of July parade, (we’re told the oldest and biggest on the Coast), will begin at 1:00 on the Loop Road. This now famous old fashioned parade features families, children, community groups, floats and much more.

35 vendors with everything from delicious food items to handmade crafts, artwork and authors with their books will be at the center of activities on the Loop Road from 9am until 3pm.

The Gleneden beach community welcomes everyone to a day of fun and excitement as we celebrate our country’s birthday.

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Burning out bees causes fire that requires fire truck…

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Jul 022015

Before 7pm, Newport Fire responded to report of a fire ignited by a resident off SE 130th who was trying to burn out a bee hive on her property. No word yet if the firefighters managed to get things back under control.

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Don’t take a drone to a wildfire!!!!!!

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Jul 022015

Wildland firefighters are reminding the public that flying drones, especially with video cameras on them, are ILLEGAL to fly near or inside wildfires except when given expressed written permission from wildfire firefighting commanders.

Drones are fully capable of fatally damaging air tankers and helicopter bucket attack aircraft. Penalties for violating these rules can be monstrous. The FAA and firefighters are serious. In addition, if they detect a drone inside their firefighting airspace, they cancel all aircraft and they’re ordered to leave the area out of an abundance of safety for those in the air and on the ground fighting the fire.

Here’s more in a video just produced on the subject.

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Grace MacDougall Update –

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Jul 022015

grace macdougall (1)

Update on kidney for Grace fundraisers.

Grace flies in this 4th of July weekend. Beginning Monday July 6th she can be seen around town. Her Doctor has her on a 1 month long visit only and she will be required to be on a strict diet and exercise program where she can be seen daily doing 2 hour workouts at the Newport Rec Center.

Her 1st fundraiser is the Newport Cafe 24 hour dine in on Tuesday July 14th. She will be there around noon with dad and her other 4 sisters and her Grandma to meet and greet and hopefully eat if there is room.

The Newport American Legion Spaghetti feed and auction is Saturday July 25th from 12 noon to 5pm. We still need auction items to be donated from local businesses. We have a few but need more. Grace will be there to meet and greet the whole time as well as myself and her other 4 sisters. We need a few volunteer servers to show up around 11:30am for the spaghetti feed.

Last but not least is the Waldport Moose Lodge Dinner, cakewalk and Karaoke on Friday July 31st from 5-10pm. The public is invited. Kids can come too. Staffing is provided but a few volunteers would be nice and we need as many people as possible to bring a store bought cake to the event for the cakewalk. Again Grace myself and her sisters will be there. Grace is very kind and friendly and will be meeting and greeting whoever would like to talk to her at each event and learn more about her situation. You can also donate by going to her gofundme account at http://de.gofund.me/kidneyforgrace or visiting a change jar at Newport Shell Gas, Oscars Mexican food in Newport and Lincoln City, Figaros Pizza Newport or American Legion Newport.

Grace’s family has set up a Go Fund Me account. To contribute whatever you can, just click here.

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