Weather or Not: Labor Freedom

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Sep 042015

Chris Burns Weather

Friday, September 4th – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday panned out right on predictions with a couple of good-sized showers in the morning and then sunny skies the rest of the day. Precipitation amounts were under a tenth of an inch, high temps reached the mid-60s and southwest winds blew mainly below 10 mph. Scattered clouds took us through the night with the mercury slipping to about 50F (for the first time this season, temps dipped to freezing on the Cascade highway passes overnight). At daybreak, skies were mixed blue and white with patchy fog, showers lingering offshore and a light east wind.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Rain…
Lincoln City: 65F/51F/0.02”
Depoe Bay: 64F/48F/0.01”
Newport: 63F/46F/0.08”
Waldport: 68F/49F/0.01”
Yachats: 68F/52F/0.01”

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Forecast: On again, off again weather is in the cards for Labor Day weekend. For those getting a jump on freedom from work today and tonight, look for a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms, mostly clear skies and cooler as the thermometer reaches WON PARTLY CLOUDY60F this afternoon and drops to 45-50F overnight. Tomorrow, mostly sunny after morning fog, high 65F and light northwest winds. There’s a fly in the ointment for Sunday as a minor weather disturbance passes through bringing mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of rain. On Labor Day itself, Monday, we should be back to sunshine and warmer with highs of 65-70F. Outlook is for dry and relatively warm as we return for the shortened workweek.

Fire Ban: The Oregon State Parks ban on open flames continues through the holiday weekend; this includes campfires, NoFirescandles and tiki-torches statewide, and all beach fires on the Oregon Coast. Propane stoves and charcoal briquettes for cooking are not covered under the statewide ban, but some parks have more restrictive prohibitions in place that do cover briquettes. Before traveling, you should verify what’s allowed at your destination by calling the specific park, or phoning the Oregon State Parks toll-free information line at 800-551-6949, or looking up the park online here. The restriction will be reviewed again next week.

NOTE: Effective at noon today, September 4th, the Depoe Bay, North Lincoln and Newport Fire Departments will allow recreational burning to resume. This includes outdoor warming, cooking and recreational type fires. Beach fires, open burning of vegetation, burn barrels, and backyard debris burning remain banned until further notice.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Travel: In the Coast Range today, partly sunny, a chance of showers and thunderstorms with 60-65F. Valley destinations are expecting partly sunny conditions, a chance of showers and thunderstorms, and a high of 70F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for partly sunny skies, a chance of showers and thunderstorms, light west winds, temps near 70F. For the Cascades, there’s bare pavement on the highways this morning, temperatures are near freezing at 30-35F; partly sunny, chance of showers and thunderstorms, the snow level is just above the passes at 6,000 feet. Outlook for Labor Day weekend is mainly dry roads in Northwest Oregon all three days, except for possible icy patches and a chance of showers in the Cascades with the snow level around 6,000 feet tonight and tomorrow; the freezing level rises to 9,000 feet by Saturday night.

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Marine: Breeze and seas are down this morning as fishermen head out for the Coho and halibut opening; light and WON MARINE WXvariable winds with swells 5-6 feet at 9 seconds are being reported by the buoys. Look for a chance of thunderstorms early today, and then N winds rise this afternoon into tonight to 10-15 knots gusting 20 and seas drop to 4-5 feet. Tomorrow, NW winds 5-10 knots gusting 15 with 4 foot swells. Outlook is for a sou’wester on Sunday, 10-15 knots, swells 4 feet, then northerlies 10-15 knots Monday and Tuesday with mixed swells/windwaves 4 feet. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Sun and clouds, chance of showers, surf 4 feet (low).
* No beach fires allowed through Labor Day weekend.
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
09/04 Fri 11:03 AM 1.96 L
09/04 Fri 05:29 PM 8.28 H
09/05 Sat 12:11 AM 0.25 L
09/05 Sat 06:41 AM 6.22 H

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In Short: Mixed skies, chance of showers, patchy fog, then clouds and clearing.

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Despite the calendar, Operation Christmas is already underway in Waldport

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Sep 042015
Waldport Ken Gagne photo

Ken Gagne photo

The good folks at the Waldport Assembly of God Church apparently believe that the best way to get Santa Claus to cooperate on Christmas is to hit’im up early. So that’s what they’re doing down there at Cedar and Huckleberry, in northeast Waldport.

They call it Operation Christmas, and it’s an annual effort with them. They’re holding a biiiig spaghetti feed as part of the program on Saturday, September 26th starting at 6pm. Six dollars per person, $20 for a family – it includes spaghetti, garden cole slaw, garlic bread and a beverage.

Then, there’s the silent auction. All kinds of fun things to bid on.

After the fundraiser ends, those leading the program will launch into their “Operation Christmas” mode by using the funds raised to purchase things that children need – education supplies, shoes, socks and other necessities. Then the gifts will be shipped overseas to needy children in third-world countries.

For more information on Operation Christmas, including if you’d like to donate something for the silent auction, call James Wyant at 541-270-0816.

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Once Were Warriors…

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Sep 042015
"Once Were Warriors"  September 17th, 5:30pm OCCC Newport Campus

“Once Were Warriors”
September 17th, 5:30pm
OCCC Newport Campus

A powerful – not for the feint of heart – movie is being screened in Newport Thursday, September 17th, 5:30pm at Oregon Coast Community College.

It’s entitled “Once Were Warriors,” a highly acclaimed and award winning film that tells the story of a south Pacific village family that moves to a large city in New Zealand where their dreams of a better life sinks into a vicious cycle of rage, domestic violence, alcoholism and emotional scarring.

Inter-cultural abrasiveness, over time, marginalizes the family, especially economically. The family’s financial situation deteriorates after the head of the household loses his job – and takes up drinking to block it all out. Verbal abuse and domestic violence soon rise up and consumes the family with anger and despair.

In the end it proves too much for all of them. However, prior to what appears to be the final version of what qualifies as a “new normal” for the family, there are strategic moments of intervention by distant family members, as well as by one of the family sons, that give glimmers of family nurturing, hope and compassion.

Extremely well filmed with acting so vividly honest and mind-wrenching, “Once Were Warriors” is very painful but also uplifting. It graphically portrays how a native Maori family migrates from their native home culture, into a white industrial environment, and then back again, find life’s deeper meaning through family bonds, empathy and understanding.

“Once Were Warriors,” based on a a book by author Alan Duff, will be shown at 5:30pm, Thursday, September 17th at Oregon Coast Community College – Newport Campus – at South Beach.

Following the film, guest speakers will discuss the experiences and behaviors of those in the film and relate it to American families who are tossed and flung about from our recent, yet still current, hard economic times. Also how these families suffer alcohol and/or drug addiction and find that domestic violence has come through their front door with terribly destructive effects on adults, but most severely on children.

The speakers, from My Sisters Place and Crossroads Non-violent Education, will describe how the Maori family became battered and then set adrift in a seemingly never-ending emotional storm, left alone to figure things out for themselves – sometimes successfully, most often not.

The speakers will give insight into how to prevent domestic violence – both physical and emotional and to find a way out of the darkness.

Again, the screening of “Once Were Warriors” is September 17th, 5:30pm at the Newport Campus of Oregon Coast Community College. Refreshments will be served.

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Partial lifting of fire bans on the Central Coast

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Sep 032015
Some fire restrictions are being lifted on the Central Coast.

Some fire restrictions are being lifted on the Central Coast.

From: Chief Joshua L. Williams, Depoe Bay Fire and Rescue, Chief Don Baker, North Lincoln Fire and Rescue, Chief Rob Murphy, Newport Fire and Rescue

RECREATIONAL BURNING TO RESUME (warming,fire pit,cooking, etc)

Effective at noon on Friday, September 4th, the Depoe Bay Fire, North Lincoln Fire, and Newport Fire departments will allow recreational burning to resume. This lift any covers outdoor warming, cooking and recreational type fires.

Open vegetation burning has been banned since July, and remains in effect. Open burning of vegetation, barrels, and backyard debris remains closed until further notice. OREGON STATE PARKS (including beaches) ARE CONTINUING THEIR BAN.

If you have any questions regarding what is allowed to be burned, please contact your local fire agency:

Chief Joshua L. Williams, Depoe Bay, 541-764-2202, EMail:
Chief Robert Murphy Phone: 541-265-9461, EMail:
Chief Don Baker Phone: 541-996-2233 EMail:

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Toledo Labor Day Weekend Art Walk….

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Sep 032015

"Unveiling" Ivan Kelly Studio Gallery Sept. 5,6 & 7, Toledo

Ivan Kelly Studio Gallery
Sept. 5,6 & 7, Toledo

"Inside Passage" Ivan Kelly Ivan Kelly Studio Gallery

“Inside Passage”
Ivan Kelly
Ivan Kelly Studio Gallery

22nd annual Toledo Labor Day Weekend Art Walk – focus on “en plein air”; a specialty of Ivan’s and the foundation for his masterful ability to capture light and shadows in his oil paintings since he began painting over forty years ago. There will be a selection of landscape, marine and plein air oil paintings on view at Ivan Kelly Studio-Gallery during the 22nd annual Toledo Art Walk this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 5,6 & 7, 10-5.

For decades Ivan has painted the landscapes of the Canadian Rockies all the way to the high desert of New Mexico. He loves the way light transforms the landscape, especially in early morning when the air is fresh and the shadows are long and
transparent. “I believe the best way to paint the beautiful subtleties of light is with easel, firmly planted where it’s happening, on a cliff edge, riverbank or sand dune” Ivan remarked.

Long before “en plein air” became fashionable, Ivan did just that when he first began painting in the Rocky Mountains. No matter what it’s called, it’s evident that hundreds of outdoor paintings truly make a difference when it comes to the making of indoor studio paintings.

Painted with energy and confidence, the paintings are alive, each one with a unique mood, light and authentic sense of place.

Ivan’s latest upcoming national exhibit includes “Unveiling,” selected by the 16th Annual National American Impressionist Society Exhibition for its show at the prestigious Trailside Gallery, in Scottsdale AZ. “Unveiling” graces the walls October 1– 29, at Ivan Kelly Studio-Gallery, 207 East Graham St. as well as during the Toledo Labor Day Art Weekend, Sept. 5,6 & 7th, from 10am to 5pm daily.

More information can be found at
or call (541) 336.1124.

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Please keep an eye out for “Echo”

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Sep 032015
Echo is missing.  If you see her, call the Lincoln County Animal Shelter or 541-252-5672

Echo is missing. If you see her, call the Lincoln County Animal Shelter or 541-252-5672

From Jodena:

My therapy dog Echo went missing Thursday, Sept. 3.

Echo is black and brindle. She went missing on highway 20 in Toledo. She’s about 20-25lbs. She’s my therapy dog for my anxiety. She was tied up while I was gone due to the fact she likes to go visit the unfixed male dog in my friends backyard.

Her collar came unclipped while I was at an appointment – I’m not sure how, since it takes a decent amount of force to unclip without pushing in the tabs. I figure she or got picked up. It is unlike for her to go very far or even leave the yard. She’s wary of men but may come to you. Echo is barky but won’t bite. She has all her shots but not fixed. If you say her name she’s more likely to come to you especially if you’re sitting down. She turns 1 year old this month.

If you picked her up please call the Lincoln county shelter or myself 541-252-5672. (I can receive texts as well.) I really need my dog.


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Dressing up Newport’s smile!

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Sep 032015
Newport Keeping the ole gal pretty! Newport Chamber of Commerce!

Keeping her pretty!
Newport Chamber of Commerce!

As part of the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to improve the appearance of the City of Newport, the Chamber’s Beautification Committee is conducting a “highway clean up.” It’s scheduled for September 12th.

Clean-up gear will be distributed at 8:00 AM at the Newport Chamber Office at 555 SW Coast Hwy. Come join the Chamber’s Beautification Committee and other volunteers to help keep our city clean! Be entered to win a gift card to a favorite local restaurant! For more information call Carol at 541-265-8801

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Ayeeee! Thar she swimmmms!

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Sep 032015

A little pleasant diversion for an inter-ocean swimmer! Joyce Grogan

A little pleasant diversion for an inter-ocean swimmer! Yaquina Bay.
Joyce Grogan

Joyce Grogan photo

Joyce Grogan photo

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