Dean Sawyer seeking re-election to Newport City Council

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Oct 222016
Dean Sawyer Seeking re-election to Newport City Council

Dean Sawyer
Seeking re-election to Newport City Council

I have lived and worked in Newport since 1977 and find it to be the best town anywhere. I have been on the Council for 6 years and would like to continue to serve the residents of Newport.

I would like to increase residents participation by establishing social media and twitter for residents to get current information and to give feedback to the city. To work with the Marine Science Center, the Community College, OSU, OMSI, NOAA and the local school district to bring marine science professionals to our local schools. To encourage and support the School District’s Ocean Literacy Initiative. To move forward on the under grounding of overhead power lines for beautification in the north Highway 101 and Highway 20 corridors.

To continue to work on the South Beach Urban Renewal area to find suitable businesses for that area. To continue to work on the Cascades West Area Commission on Transportation to get the proposed sidewalk from NE 25th up to NE 36th street funded and built. To continue to work with the Destinations Tourism group to encourage tourism to Newport.

I believe that my experience in over 30 years as a police supervisor with the city gives me an understanding of the work that can be accomplished by the city’s great staff. Serving on the council the past six years has given me the knowledge to handle the more complicated and sometimes politically tough decisions. I have also worked hard at building consensus when dealing with complex issues to find the best solution for everyone. I will not be seeking any endorsements from any special interest groups for my campaign.

I would greatly appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.

Dean Sawyer
Candidate for Newport City Council

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Between fishing trips and seasons – Ken Gagne at Port of Newport

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Oct 222016

Newport Fishing Fleet Between seasons Ken Gagne

Newport Fishing Fleet
Between seasons
Ken Gagne

Enjoying the peace and quiet of port.  Storms enough beyond the big bridge. Ken Gagne

Enjoying the peace and quiet of port. Storms enough beyond the big bridge.
Ken Gagne

Old timer resting up at the dock. Ken Gagne

Old timer resting up at the dock.
Ken Gagne

Fancy new fish stalker Can't wait to get back out there. Ken Gagne

Fancy new fish stalker
Can’t wait to get back out there.
Ken Gagne

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Weather or Not: A Honey Do List Day

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Oct 222016

wxon-cbSaturday, Oct. 22nd – Lincoln County

Summary: The fog lifted before noon yesterday and filtered sunshine carried the midday period. A few light rain showers and southerly winds 15-20 mph swept through the area late in the afternoon with the thermometer rising to 60F. Broken overcast was the rule throughout the evening and much of the overnight period until skies cleared around 5:00am allowing a brilliant Third Quarter Moon to provide almost enough illumination to read by; low temps were mainly in the upper-40s. At dawn, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and winds were negligible out of the east.

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: unlimited
Visibility: 10 miles/Wind: E 9 mph/Pressure: 29.80”

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Rain…
Lincoln City: 60F/49F/0.11”
Depoe Bay: 57F/47F/0.12”
Newport: 61F/45F/0.13”
Waldport: 60F/49F/0.23”
Yachats: 58F/49F/0.11”

Forecast: If you still have a few chores left on your Autumn honey do list, this is the day to get them done. It looks like the weather and calendar will be perfectly aligned for outdoor projects — a dry Saturday is expected with light winds, wxon-sunbreakssunshine early, increasing clouds as the day progresses and high temps near 60F. But you better get everything finished by dark because the next wave of wet is headed for the Central Coast this evening. Rain tonight, low 50F and southerly winds 10-15 mph gusting 25. There’ll still be a 50-50 chance of rain tomorrow, southeast winds around 10 mph and a high of 55-60F. Outlook is for rainy and breezy Monday, showers Tuesday, rain again Wednesday, and then a chance for rain or showers Thursday and Friday. The mercury stays seasonal as highs hit 55-60F and lows dip to about 50F.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, there’s dry pavement, patchy fog and 45F in the passes; fog early, partly cloudy later today, temperatures 55-60F. Willamette Valley destinations are expecting areas of fog, mostly cloudy skies, the thermometer rising to 65F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for areas of fog, then partly sunny, light east winds, highs of 55-60F. For the Cascades, highways are wet this morning, temps near 35F; partly sunny today, the free air freezing level is well above the passes at 7,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is rain/showers tonight through tomorrow night, the Cascades snow level at 6,000 feet and should not affect the highways. * Motorists should always visit ODOT’s TripCheck website before hitting the road.

Marine: SSE winds are blowing 10-15 knots offshore this morning and seas have rebuilt to 13 feet at 14 seconds. A wxon-scaSmall Craft Advisory for hazardous seas remains in effect through late tonight. A Small Craft Advisory for winds is in effect from this evening through late tonight. A Gale Watch is in effect from Sunday evening through Monday morning. SE winds 10-15 knots today with swells subsiding to 10 feet at 13 seconds. Tonight, S winds rising to 20-25 knots gusting 30, choppy seas 8 feet at 12 seconds with 6 foot windwaves. Conditions settle down somewhat tomorrow as winds fall back to SE 10-15 knots and swells drop to around 7 feet at 11 seconds. Outlook is for a storm system to impact local waters tomorrow night through Monday night packing southerlies 20-25 knots gusting 30 or higher with combined seas building into the teens, then S winds 15-25 knots Tuesday and Wednesday, swells 10-12 feet. * Make sure you check the latest Bar Reports before venturing offshore.

On the Beach… Mainly sunny, light winds, surf 8-10 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
10/22 Sat 11:59 AM 3.42 L
10/22 Sat 05:59 PM 7.58 H
10/23 Sun 12:47 AM 0.38 L
10/23 Sun 07:43 AM 7.07 H

In Short: Dry with sunshine, then rainy and breezy.

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Pesticide tainted marijuana sold to the public in McMinnville

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Oct 222016

Marijuana sold from this store near McMinnville was tained with pesticides.

Marijuana sold from this store near McMinnville was tained with pesticides.

OHA issues health alert for pesticide-tainted marijuana

The Oregon Health Authority is issuing a health alert regarding marijuana products that may have been tainted with high levels of a pesticide and sold to about 130 people in the McMinnville area.

The alert is concerning dried flower marijuana that New Leaf, a medical marijuana dispensary located at 3325 NE Riverside Drive in McMinnville, sold under the strain names Dr. Jack, batch number G6J0051-02, and Marion Berry, batch number G6J0051-01.

The products were sold to about 130 recreational and medical marijuana customers between Oct. 17 and Oct. 19 and came from batches that failed a pesticide test because they contained high levels of a chemical known as spinosad.

Anyone who visited the dispensary during this time frame should check the label of the product they purchased and immediately return any of the tainted product to the dispensary, or dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner.

The OHA “action level” for spinosad is .2 parts per million (ppm). The batches of Dr. Jack and Marion Berry contained 42 and 22 ppm, respectively.

Effects of smoking marijuana containing spinosad are not known. Those concerned about exposure to spinosad or experiencing health problems after using affected marijuana strains should contact the Oregon Poison Center at 800-222-1222.

“There is no level of spinosad that has been shown to be safe in cannabis that is smoked,” says David Farrer, Ph.D., a public health toxicologist with OHA. “Our action levels serve as a pre-market screen, but should not be considered ‘safe levels.’ ”

EPA has established health-based levels of spinosad that are allowed on food products ( However, these “tolerances,” as they are called, have not been developed for cannabis and assume that the product will be swallowed as opposed to smoked.

The tainted batches were transferred to the dispensary by a McMinnville grower that had the marijuana tested by an accredited and licensed cannabis testing laboratory. The affected strains came from just the one grower and were transferred only to New Leaf. Strains with similar names sold at other dispensaries are not believed to have been affected.

OHA is not naming the grower because that information is confidential under Oregon law.

OHA officials are investigating why the batches were transferred from the grower to the dispensary, and then sold by the dispensary to customers, as the products were transferred with failed test results.

If a marijuana item fails a pesticide test and a re-test, the batch from which samples were taken must be destroyed. More information about cannabis testing can be found at

OHA offers the following tips to consumers considering purchasing marijuana products:

Read marijuana product labels. All labels must have the producer’s business or trade name and licensee or registrant number; the business or trade name of licensee or registrant that packaged or distributed the product, if different from the producer; the name of the strain; and the universal symbol.
Request a copy of the pesticide test results from the dispensary.
People choosing to smoke marijuana should consider the negative effects that smoking may have on their health.
According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) at Oregon State University, spinosad is a natural substance made by a soil bacterium that can be toxic to insects. It is used to control such pests as thrips, leaf miners, spider mites, mosquitoes, ants and fruit flies. NPIC also notes that spinosad is low in toxicity to people and other mammals, but it can cause irritation and redness if it gets on your skin or in your eyes. The effects of smoking a product contaminated with spinosad are unknown.

For more information on spinosad, contact NPIC at 800-858-7378 or visit its web page on the chemical at

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Loren Goddard for Depoe Bay City Council

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Oct 212016
Loren Goddard Running for Depoe Bay City Council

Loren Goddard
Running for Depoe Bay City Council

I’m Loren Goddard and I am a candidate for Depoe Bay City Council.

I’m an Oregon native and Depoe Bay resident for nearly 2 decades. I’m one of the owners of Dockside Charters and own and operate a charter boat as well. My civic involvement has been extensive and varied over the years, I have served or am presently serving on:

Depoe Bay NSAT (Near Shore Action Team), chair from 2006-present
Depoe Bay Harbor Commission 2005-2016
Depoe Bay Representative (alternate) to OCZMA (Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association)
OCZMA representative to OPAC (Ocean Policy Advisory Council, a gubernatorial appointment )
Charter Fishing Industry representative to OSMB (Oregon State Marine Board)
Lincoln County Budget Committee

Priorities for the city from my perspective need to be: Infrastructure; repairing and replacing aging water and sewer systems, repairing city streets and the Harbor facilities. Fiscal responsibility, particularly regarding the use of urban renewal funds. Build strong relationships with county and state agencies as well as neighboring municipalities. Helping build bridges between the council, city staff and community volunteers.

Given my background and present involvement with local governance I feel I can bring experiential knowledge, common sense and a strong set of ethics to the city council.

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Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials

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Oct 212016

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Duane J. Silbernagel Financial Advisor Waddell & Reed

Duane J. Silbernagel
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed

Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials
Provided By: Duane J. Silbernagel
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Many differences exist among baby boomers, Generation Xers, and millennials. But one thing that brings all three generations together is a concern about their financial situations.

According to an April 2016 employee financial wellness survey, 38% of boomers, 46% of Gen Xers, and 51% of millennials said that financial matters are the top cause of stress in their lives. In fact, baby boomers (50%), Gen Xers (56%), and millennials (60%) share the same top financial concern about not having enough emergency savings for unexpected expenses. Following are additional financial concerns for each group and some tips on how to address them.

Baby boomers

Baby boomers cite retirement as a top concern, with 45% of the group saying they worry about not being able to retire when they want to. Although 79% of the baby boomers said they are currently saving for retirement, 52% of the same group believe they will have to delay retirement. Health issues (30%) and health-care costs (38%) are some of the biggest retirement concerns cited by baby boomers. As a result, many baby boomers (23%) are delaying retirement in order to retain their current health-care benefits.

Other reasons reported by baby boomers for delaying retirement include not having enough money saved to retire (48%), not wanting to retire (27%), and having too much debt (23%).

Generation X

While baby boomers are concerned about retiring when they want to, Gen Xers are more specifically worried about running out of money in retirement, with 50% of the surveyed group citing this as a top concern. More Gen Xers (26%) than baby boomers (25%) or millennials (21%) have already withdrawn money held in their retirement plans to pay for expenses other than retirement.

Besides worrying about retirement, 25% of Gen Xers are concerned about meeting monthly expenses. Forty-four percent find it difficult to meet household expenses on time each month, and 53% consistently carry balances on their credit cards.

Being laid off from work is another financial worry among Gen Xers, cited by 22% of those surveyed–more than cited by baby boomers or millennials.

Gen Xers (26%) report that better job security would help them achieve future financial goals, which may help explain their worry about both future (retirement) and current (living) expenses.


Unlike baby boomers and Gen Xers who worry about future financial needs, millennials seem to be more concerned about meeting current expenses. This concern has grown substantially for millennials, from 23% in the same survey conducted in 2015 to 35% in
2016. Millennials are also finding it increasingly difficult to pay their household expenses on time each month, with the number jumping from 35% in 2015 to 46% in 2016.

Considering the amount of debt that millennials owe, it’s probably not surprising that they worry about making ends meet. Specifically, 42% of the millennials surveyed have a student loan(s), with 79% saying their student loans have a moderate or significant impact on their ability to meet other financial goals.

In an attempt to make ends meet, 30% of millennials say they use credit cards to pay for monthly necessities because they can’t afford them otherwise. But 40% of those who
consistently carry balances find it difficult to make their minimum credit-card payments on time each month.

How each generation can address their concerns

Focusing on some basics may help baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials address their financial concerns. Creating and sticking to a budget can make it easier to understand exactly how much money is needed for fixed/discretionary expenses as well as help keep track of debt. A budget may also be a useful tool for learning how to prioritize and save for financial goals, including adding to an emergency savings account and retirement.

At any age, trying to meet the competing demands of both short- and long-term financial goals can be frustrating. Fortunately, there is still time for all three generations to develop healthy money management habits and improve their finances.

I hope you found this beneficial and informational. For more information about me and my services, visit my website:
Thank you for your interest.

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