Sep 302014

Bigger surf... Ken Gagne

Bigger surf…
Ken Gagne

Cooler temperatures... Kerry Terrel

Cooler temperatures…
Kerry Terrel

...and dodging the fog... Dan Wollin...

…and dodging the fog…
Dan Wollin…

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Sep 302014
Oil railcar Oregonian photo

Oil railcar
Oregonian photo

Although recently passed new rules require that the specific movements of large trains of flammable liquids and oil be divulged to local fire and police departments along their routes, Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley have been joined by other Senators in demanding that even smaller shipments of volatile liquids be telegraphed to those departments along the rail lines. They’re saying that even smaller shipments still pose major dangers to the communities that the trains pass through

More on the story from The Oregonian. Click here.

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Sep 302014



LINCOLN CITY — The Lincoln City Cultural Center is pleased to present the work of ceramic artists Ben and Caroline Brooks, Oct. 10 through Nov. 10 in the Chessman Gallery. The opening reception for the artists will be held on Friday, Oct. 10 from 5-7 pm.

Ben transforms common functional objects including mugs, pitchers and teapots into metaphors for social interactions. Caroline’s figurative sculptures combine elements of history and nature to create fable-like tableaus. Together, “Outside Looking In” borrows ingredients from domesticity and wildness that explore fundamental emotions, dreams and visions in a Through the Looking Glass style lens.

Ben creates both functional and sculptural work in clay. With an interest in science, he enjoys the alchemy of the medium. The endless combinations of clay bodies and glaze ingredients along with firing techniques produce sometimes surprising results. He wheel-throws most of his forms and adds hand-formed elements and alterations. His functional works include nested bowls, service sets, platters and other household wares. His sculpture is drawn from clay’s functional history and the kinesthetic and psychological experience of sharing a meal.

Caroline has a background in sculpture and drawing and began working with clay in 2009. Her work has always incorporated wildlife and elements from nature as a symbolic and playful tool to explore human traits. Her recent figurative work expands on her earlier ideas and is also inspired by her Austrian heritage with the inclusion of historical and fable-like motifs.

Check out more of Ben and Caroline’s work at
For more information, call 541-994-9994, head to, or become a friend on Facebook.

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Sep 302014
Marijuana File photo

File photo

If recreation marijuana is approved at the polls this fall, what will that do to the status and profitability of medical marijuana dispesaries.

The question appears in today’s Oregonian. Click here.

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Sep 302014

Travis Elias Heroin, Meth Delivery

Travis Elias
Heroin, Meth Delivery
LCJ photo

Sarah Diehl Heroin, Meth Delivery

Sarah Diehl
Heroin, Meth Delivery

From Toledo Police

A fairly long narcotics investigation culminated in a search warrant on the home of Toledo residents Sarah Diehl and Travis Elias, at 1123 NW A Street. And both were arrested on drug charges.

The Toledo Police Department with the assistance of the Lincoln Inter-Agency Narcotics Team, the Newport Police Department and the Lincoln County Sheriffs located numerous pieces of evidence inside the residence related to the possession and delivery of narcotics.

As a result of the investigation Diehl and Elias were lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for charges related to the delivery of methamphetamine and heroin with a bail of $300,000. Both Diehl and Elias had active felony warrants for their arrests at the time of the search warrant for previous drug related charges.

The Toledo Police Department encourages citizens to report suspicious drug activity at 541-336-5555.

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Sep 302014
Coastal Critters members proudly display their ribbons from the Happy Hoppers Small Animal Show. From left to right: Kya Purvis, Shelbie Purvis, Hope Erickson, Rachel Rogers

Coastal Critters members proudly display their ribbons from the Happy Hoppers Small Animal Show. From left to right: Kya Purvis, Shelbie Purvis, Hope Erickson, Rachel Rogers

Critter Fun and Much More with 4-H

Come check out cute critters, participate in fun activities, enjoy some refreshments and find out more about the 4-H Coastal Critters Club on Sunday, October 5. The Club is holding an Open House from 1 to 3pm (come and go as you please) in the Harney Building of the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

Open to kindergarten through 12rd grade, Coastal Critters offers a wide variety of project possibilities, from raising small animals to arts and crafts, photography, food preservation, horticulture and cooking. The Open House event offers school age youth and parents from anywhere in the county the opportunity to speak with current club members and Leader Cheryl Erickson about what they did last year and their exciting plans for this year.

The 4-H Youth Development Program aims to bring youth and adults together to explore new and fun activities that not only teach new skills but also allow them to contribute positively to their community and acquire new capabilities far beyond those needed to complete the project. Youth in grades K-3 participate as Cloverbuds, focusing on exploration rather than competition. All youth may participate in the County Fair, with older youth eligible to receive ribbons and awards as well as qualify to participate in the 4-H State Fair.

For more information about this event, please contact Leader Cheryl Erickson at or contact 4-H Program Coordinator Todd Williver at 541-574-6534,

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Sep 302014
Ohhhmmmmmm....let my breakfast come to meeeeeeeee.....

Ohhhmmmmmm….let my breakfast come to meeeeeeeee….
Tammy Gagne photo

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Sep 302014
Siletz Bay Wildlife Refuge USFW opening it to hunting waterfowl.

Siletz Bay Wildlife Refuge
USFW opening it to hunting waterfowl.

From U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USFW sent out a corrected set of dates

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is providing an opportunity for hunters to harvest waterfowl on a portion of Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge). “Waterfowl hunting has been not been offered on any part of Siletz Bay Refuge since it was established in 1991, but now we are opening 199 acres to this wildlife-dependent opportunity which helps fulfill refuge objectives developed as part of the Siletz Bay Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan,” stated Roy Lowe, Project Leader for the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

Specifically, the Service will begin allowing hunting of ducks, geese and coots October seven days per week on refuge-owned lands that are west of Highway 101. These lands consist of 80 acres of salt marsh where the Siletz River empties into the bay. All waterfowl hunting will follow state seasons, with duck and coot season beginning October 11 and goose hunting on October 18. A previous version of the news release stated an incorrect opening date for waterfowl hunting seasons. Waterfowl hunting has occurred on the state-owned tidelands of Siletz Bay west of U.S Highway 101 for many decades. The tidelands are managed by the Oregon Division of State Lands and are legally open to hunting so long as the hunter remains 200 yards or more from the shoreline/road. The Service has established a 100-yard safety zone to prohibit hunting on refuge property that extends westward from the refuge property line on the west side of the housing development of Siletz Keys.

The Service will allow the hunting of waterfowl three days per week on 119 acres of refuge lands that are east of Highway 101 and south of Millport Slough. Specifically, hunters will be allowed to hunt ducks, geese, and coots on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hunters accessing lands east of U.S. Highway 101 and south of Millport Slough will access the site by using a small parking area and trail located on South Millport Slough Road or by boat. In the future, the existing parking area and trail will be improved by the Service to support waterfowl hunting. To minimize potential conflict between refuge users and reduce associated safety issues, lands south of Millport Slough that are open to waterfowl hunting will remain closed to wildlife observation, photography, and interpretation. Hunters accessing lands west of U.S. Highway 101 via foot will be directed to use caution since no parking or official access point will be provided by the Refuge.

State hunting license requirements apply to waterfowl and coot hunting on the Refuge. Refuge regulations prohibit the construction of permanent blinds on any portion of the Refuge; however, hunters may use portable blinds or build temporary blinds from on-site dead vegetation or driftwood. Temporary blinds and decoys must be removed from the Refuge following each day’s hunt, and only federally approved non-toxic shot may be transported and used on the Refuge. Hunters can access refuge lands two hours before sunrise and up to one hour after sunset. The 2014-2015 Oregon Game Bird Regulations can be reviewed at For more information or to view a map of the areas open to hunting visit the Siletz Bay Refuge website ( or call the Refuge Manager at (541) 867-4550.

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Sep 302014

A life-jacket is bobbing in the water just offshore at Boiler Bay. They don’t know if there’s anyone in the water with it. The Coast Guard and Depoe Bay Fire Rescue is enroute to the area.

Appears to be floating crab pot or debris.

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Sep 302014
Julie Sacchetti photo

Julie Sacchetti photo

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