Yachats: Community meeting on Dollar General – new store to replace the old 76 station

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Dec 042016
Dollar General - like Walmart but smaller coming to Yachats, Waldport and maybe Newport

Dollar General – like Walmart but smaller coming to Yachats, Waldport and maybe Newport

A nationwide chain featuring low cost versions of everyday shopping items, including food, has it’s eye on building one of their stores where the old 76 gas station is about to be torn down at the north end of Yachats.

It’s called Dollar General stores. Opinions about the mega-retailer vary wildly from town to town. And there are a lot of opinions since there 12,480 stores strung out over 43 states, coast to coast.

Typically the up side is that in the current era of stagnant wages and marginal economic growth for the middle class on down, Dollar General gives the shopper more for their dollar with cheaper versions of just about everything, including groceries. But it’s also common, as apparently as it’s becoming common in Yachats, that many communities see Dollar General as a major nationwide chain that will come in and drive other local businesses out of business. It’s a pattern of course that’s been going on for decades as the big chains come in with lower prices, but also wider varieties of products and services. But again, from what we’re hearing about Dollar General’s plan for Yachats, which we hear also for Waldport and possibly Newport, some residents are unhappy about the chain moving into Yachats.

In a slew of newspaper articles nationwide, this criticism is nothing new to General Dollar owners and operators. But they counter-argue that they help local low-to-moderate income families stretch their family budgets farther which is a good thing because wages still have not come back from their pre-recession levels. And certainly today’s wages aren’t much better than they were in the mid-90s according to just about any economic study you pick up.

Dollar General stores come in various shapes and designs

Dollar General stores come in various shapes and designs

Some residents are also unhappy with Dollar General’s big yellow signs – they don’t like them. Dollar General has, in other areas, softened the impact of their bright yellow signs by reducing their size when it shares building exterior space with another larger MARKET sign with a more pleasant green color tone.

There is also the issues of unloading in the middle of the night or glaring lights from parking lot lighting or traffic tie ups on 101 because of no middle turn lane.

All this and more will likely be on the table when a representative of Dollar General meets with Yachats residents Monday, from 11-2 at the Yachats Commons building off 4th and 101. Everyone is invited to participate in the discussions.

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Newport Lighted Boat Parade photos….

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Dec 042016

Newport Lighted Boat Parade 2016 Kerry Terrel

Newport Lighted Boat Parade 2016
Kerry Terrel

Kerry Terrel

Kerry Terrel

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

Kerry Terrel photo

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Weather or Not: Snow?

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Dec 042016

wxon-cbSunday, Dec. 4th – Lincoln County

Summary: After an unusually soggy November, December’s off to a good start with well over an inch already.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 56F/47F/27mph/0.72”
Depoe Bay: 55F/44F/34mph/0.74”
Newport: 52F/43F/29mph/0.69”
Waldport: 53F/45F/28mph/0.81”
Yachats: 53F/46F/32mph/0.76”

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: scattered @ 500’ & 900’, overcast @ 1,500’
Visibility: 7 miles/Wind: N 6 mph/Pressure: 29.97”

wxonwarning-nws-swsA Special Weather Statement has been issued by the National Weather Service for a decent chance of a Wintry precipitation mix down to low elevations of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon late tonight and Monday. As cooler and somewhat drier air spreads into the area, this sets the stage for precipitation from the next system late tonight and Monday being snow down to low elevations.

When the air is relatively cool and dry like what is expected tonight, as precipitation first begins to fall, evaporation can cause additional cooling and lower the snow level even more. Weather models are now showing indications that this will take place. Warm ground and road surfaces will cause any snow that falls to the valley floors to initially melt and have little or minor impact, but if enough snow falls or if the intensity is enough some may begin to stick. The current idea is that perhaps up to an inch is possible. The best chance of accumulating snow is from about Salem northward, but that delineation is very approximate. A mix of rain and snow is also possible near the coast, but chances of sticking snow are remote at the coast.

In the Cascades, 6 inches or more of snow are possible late tonight and Monday. In the Cascade foothills and the Coast Range, amounts could reach 1-4 inches. Travel through the Cascade and Coast Range passes will probably be difficult as roads will likely become snow covered and slick.

Forecast: So, lots of talk about low elevation snow this week, but it still looks like the Central Coast will only see a few flakes mixed in with the rain. Of course, these events are notoriously hard to predict (i.e., a couple of Winters ago when awxon-rain similar situation ended up dumping 6 inches of snow in our area). Rain this morning, showers midday, rain returning late this afternoon, the mercury falling into the low-40s. Tonight, more rain, low of 40F. The steady rain becomes showers again tomorrow, high around 45F. Outlook is for drying and cooler Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe some morning frost, heavy rain and breezy Thursday, warming a bit, rain likely Friday, then showers on Saturday.

wxon-twitterNOTE: Be sure to follow Weather or Not’s Twitter feed to keep updated on Winter’s active and rapidly changing weather; you’ll get immediate notification of any advisories, watches or warnings. Follow @chrisburnswx.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, there’s wet pavement, rain and 40F in the passes; heavy rain turning to showers today, high temperature 40-45F. Willamette Valley destinations are expecting rain, the thermometer falling to 40F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for rain turning to showers, light west winds, high of 35F. For the Cascades, highways are snow-covered, it’s snowing hard and continuously this morning, temps near 30F, chains or traction tires required. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through 4:00pm this afternoon for an additional 6-10 inches of snow, the snow level is below the passes at 3,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is wet roads tonight at the lower elevations, but snow in the Cascades with another 1-3 inches accumulation. * Motorists should always visit ODOT’s TripCheck before hitting the road.

Marine: NNW winds are blowing 15-20 knots gusting 25 this morning with rough seas 15 feet at 14 seconds. A Small wxon-scaCraft Advisory for hazardous seas is in effect through Tuesday afternoon. A Small Craft Advisory for winds is in effect through this evening. Northerly winds 15-20 knots gusting 25 today, seas 13 feet at 14 seconds. Tonight and tomorrow, W winds 15-20 knots gusting 25 and swells 12 feet at 13 seconds. Outlook is for NE wind easing to 5-15 knots on Tuesday, swells 13 feet at 12 seconds, and then southerlies 20-25 knots with seas 6-12 feet Wednesday and Thursday. * Make sure you check the latest Bar Reports before venturing offshore.

On the Beach… Rain, breezy, surf 10-12 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
12/04 Sun 08:53 AM 4.00 L
12/04 Sun 02:38 PM 7.81 H
12/04 Sun 09:27 PM 0.42 L
12/05 Mon 04:26 AM 7.43 H

In Short: Rain, moderate winds, showers, then unsettled and cool.

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Handel’s Messiah Tonight & Tomorrow at Newport PAC

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Dec 032016


Newport Symphony Presents Handel’s Messiah Saturday and Sunday

For a little musical magic, this time of year there’s no denying the charm and the glory of Handel’s Messiah. Audiences can listen to and enjoy this essential part of the holiday season with two full choirs and select players from the Newport Symphony Orchestra at the Ocean Saturday, Dec. 3 at 7:30pm and Sunday, Dec. 4 at 2pm at Newport’s Performing Arts Center.

Handel’s masterpiece has been an essential part of the Advent season repertory for nearly three centuries and continues to be one of the most popular choral works of all time. With texts drawn from the King James Bible, the Messiah explores the Christmas story through operatic arias and beautiful choral hymns.

The performances will culminate in the world-famous Hallelujah chorus. These familiar and powerful tunes are sure to fill the parking lot after the concerts, just as they are sure to brighten spirits all season long.

The Performing Arts Center stage will be filled to the brim for these special holiday performances with two full choirs. Newport is proud to welcome to the highly-regarded Willamette Master Chorus, led by Paul Klemme, to be joined by Mary Lee Scoville and the Oregon Coast Chorale.

These special concerts, presented by the Newport Symphony Orchestra at the Ocean, are not part of the NSO regular season series and require a seperate ticket purchase.

Tickets are on sale now from the Newport Performing Arts Center box office by phone at (541) 465-ARTS and online at NewportSymphony.org.

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The crab fleet sits idle, waiting for Domoic Acid to subside in crabs

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Dec 032016

Not a pretty sight...crab pots stacked up and nowhere to go!

Not a pretty sight…crab pots stacked up and nowhere to go! Ken Gagne photos

This crew is loaded and hoping for a quick start when the season opens...

This crew is loaded and hoping for a quick start when the season opens…

Sea Lions can't wait to dive in and get some great Dungeness Crab, but they can't!  Domoic Acid.  Bad stuff.

Sea Lions can’t wait to dive in and get some great Dungeness Crab, but they can’t! Domoic Acid. Bad stuff.

Even flying panhandlers like these are anxious to see things movin' again!

Even flying panhandlers like these are anxious to see things movin’ again!

C'mon ODFW!!  We're hungry!  We wanna go crabbin'!

C’mon ODFW!! We’re hungry! We wanna go crabbin’!

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has the Dungeness Crab season chained to the starting gate because of high levels of domoic acid in crab meat taken in for testing. Domoic Acid is pretty nasty stuff which can cause all kinds of horrible symptoms – even death.

Daily updates will be forthcoming from ODFW. Last year, the delay lasted throughout the month of December.

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